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Top 100 Welsh Girl Names For Your Baby

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Girls are like angels to the family, and parents want to give their angelic daughter the right title.

Many new parents who have a baby girl wants to give her the world. So, why not choose a great culturally-rich name for your daughter?

Wales and Welsh culture is very diverse, friendly, and proud as well. It is a spectacular and rich country with lovely people and is steeped in history. Welsh names are not only popular amongst the locals but are widely used by people all around the world. Welsh names are modern yet traditional, and that makes rare welsh names so interesting and unique. Wales is a fascinating country with larges castles and beautiful coastlines; just like the poetic coastlines, welsh girl baby names are poetic with soulful meanings. Naturally, Wales has a great collection of baby girl names. The Welsh culture has been influenced by the English a lot, but they still hold their roots in culture and Welsh names.

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Welsh Version Of Baby Names

Cardiff Castle in Wales

Some of the popular Welsh baby names used widely in Wales have their origin in different parts of the world. These are the version of the welsh baby names from diverse sources:

1.Adara- (Greek origin), meaning "beauty."

2.Ariana- (Latin origin), meaning "most holy." The popular singer, Ariana Grande, has the same name.

3.Lola- (Greek origin), meaning "violet and dawn." Greek god Hercules loved Iola, a character in Greek mythology.

4.Irvette- (Irish originate), meaning "attractive."

5.Isolda- (German origin), meaning "rule of ice.". Isolda Dychauk is a German actress.

6.Jenifer- (Celtic origin), meaning "white wave." The all-time favorite sitcom 'F.R.I.E.N.D.S.' actress called Rachel's real name is Jenifer Anniston.

7.Kailey- (English origin), meaning "keeper of the keys." This name is similar to Kaley Cuoco, an American actress, famous for her role as Penny in the sitcom, The Big Bang Theory.

8.Lynette-(English origin), meaning " waterfall."

9.Mercia- (English origin), meaning "compassion and forbearance." Fun fact related to this is that it was one of the Heptarchy's Anglo-Saxon kingdoms.

10.Neued- she was Kyvwich 's iconic daughter."

11.Treasa- (English origin), meaning "fair town." One of the widely used Welsh baby names.

12.Tulia- Greek origin), meaning "gracious gift." Tulia is also a city in Texas.

13.Winnifred- (Teutonic origin), meaning "peaceful." Winifred Gallagher is a popular behavioral science writer.

14.Winona- (German origin), meaning "peaceful friend." This name also belongs to a famous American actress, Winona Ryder.

15.Yalgonata- (English origin), meaning "from the fertile hill." It can be related to Ivy league Yale University.

Popular Welsh Girls Names


The people of Wales have a rich heritage, and naming their Welsh baby makes her stand out. Welsh names for girls have a lovely accent and pronunciation to them.

16.Aberfa- meaning "from the mouth of the river."

17.Addiena- meaning "beautiful."

18.Aryana- meaning "silver." The famous actress Aryana Engineer has this name.

19.Alys- (Greek origin), meaning "of the nobility." This Welsh name derives from "Alice."

20.Angharad- meaning "much loved." Medieval folklore of Wales mentioned it.

21.Carys, meaning "love." Carys Zeta Douglas is the name of the daughter of Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones.

22.Catrine- (German and Latin origin), meaning "pure." This popular Welsh girl's name derives from Katherine.

23.Eirianwen- meaning "bright and pure." This name derives from two words- Gwen, meaning pure, and Eirian, meaning bright.

24.Elin- (Greek origin), meaning "very bright." It derives from Elen.

25.Glenda-meaning "Fair and good." This name is linked with Glenda May Jackson C.B.E., who is a British actress and politician

26.Guinevere- (Celtic origin), meaning "white and smooth." She was king Arthur's beautiful wife. Guinevere Turner is also a famous director and screenwriter, who wrote for films like the American Psycho.

27.Gwen-meaning "fair and good." Celebrity Tammy Wynette has named her daughter Gwen.

28.Gweneth- (Celtic origin), meaning "blessed." Gwyneth Paltrow is an American actress, businesswoman, and author.

29.Gwenhwyvar- meaning "white."

30.Gwyndolen- meaning " white-browed." Gwendolyn Elizabeth Brooks was an American poet, author, and teacher.

31.Hâf- meaning "summer." It's a beautiful Welsh name and chosen by parents of Wales to stick to the Welsh roots for naming their girls.

32.Lowri- (English origin), meaning "laurel."

33.Lynelle- (English origin), meaning "pretty woman." It is also the Welsh version and is one of the popular Welsh girl names.

34.Mali- meaning "hard-working." This name also belongs to the famous actress Mali Harries.

35.Marged- meaning "pearl."

36.Mari- (Finnish origin), but there's also the welsh version, meaning " of the sea."

37.Meagan- meaning "pearl." Most of the names in Welsh have the shared meaning "pearl." It is one of the most popular Welsh girls names.

38.Meredith- (Celtic origin), the welsh meaning is " protector.". This name can be linked with Meredith Grey, a famous character in the TV series, Grey's Anatomy.

39.Owena - meaning "Nobel born, young fighter."

40.Rhianna- meaning "devive queen." Rihanna is a popular singer and actress.

41.Sara- (Hebrew origin), meaning "lady or princess." It is one of the most beautiful baby girl names and can be used as a baby name for your baby girl.

42.Tegan- meaning "beautiful and lovely." This Welsh name is linked with Steffanie Rhiannon Newell, who is a Welsh professional wrestler.

43.Trina- (Irish origin), the Celtic meaning is "wise and prudent." Trina Braxton is an American singer and a reality show star.

44.Trilby- (English origin), meaning "fair town."

45.Valdis- meaning "chosen." This name is linked with Valdis Dombrovskis, who is a Latvian politician serving as Executive Vice President of the European Commission

Rare Welsh Girls Names With Welsh Origin

Welsh culture provides us with popular and beautiful Welsh baby names, but there is a hidden treasure of Welsh titles. They sound wonderful when they are attached to Welsh names. Welsh baby girl names can be quite rare. It is also true that the Welsh girls' names can be a bit tricky to pronounce, but they are interesting.

46.Addfwyn- meaning "gentle."

47.Alaw- meaning "melody."

48.Awel- meaning "a gentle breeze."

49.Blodwen- meaning " white flower."

50.Bronwen- meaning "fair." Bronwen Weber is a famous Canadian pastry chef.

51.Briallen- meaning "Primrose."

52.Ceinwen- meaning "blessed and fair." A unique Welsh girls' name.

53.Ceri- meaning "to love." This name can be linked to a similar-sounding name, Ciri, a major character in the game, Witcher 3.

54.Deryn- meaning "bird." This is one of the most common Welsh girl's names that parents use.

55.Difyr- meaning "amusing."

56.Druantia- meaning " a Celtic goddess." Druantia is the everlasting mother's archetype of the endless green branches. Derived from the Celtic term for 'oak trees'.

57.Dwyn- meaning "pleasant and holy."

58.Dylis- meaning "sincere."

59.Eira- meaning " snow." Eira, the ancient Scandinavian curing lord.

60.Eirlys- meaning "snowdrop."

61.Enfys- meaning "rainbow."

62.Ffion- meaning "foxgloves."

63.Fflur- meaning "flora." The Welsh singer-songwriter, film, and radio debut, Elin Fflur Llewelyn Harvey, known professionally as Elin Fflur.

64.Gwawr- meaning "dawn."

65.Gwenllian - meaning " white flaxen.". This name derives from 2 words, Gwen, meaning white, and Illian, meaning flaxen.

66.Heddwen- meaning "peace."

67.Heulwen- meaning "Sunshine."

68.Rhian- meaning " maiden." Rhian Sugden, a famous English model, has this name.

69.Rhianwen- meaning "fair maiden."

70.Rhiannon- meaning " fertility." In the Mabinogi, the medieval Welsh tale series, Rhiannon is a significant character.

71.Sian-  meaning "God is gracious."

72.Seren- meaning "star." This name can be associated with the famous American tennis player, Serena Williams.

73.Siriol- meaning " cheerful and pleasant."

74.Talar- meaning "from the headland in the field."

75.Trixy- meaning "a knight."

Common And Ancient Welsh Baby Names

Beach Coast in Wales

The most common Welsh baby girl names that go around households in Wales are easy on your tongues. These Welsh names can have an ancient origin rooted in Welsh culture, but they are also very sweet. Here are a few baby names that'll help new parents a lot finding girls' names:

76.Aderyn- meaning "bird."

77.Aerowen- meaning "fair."

78.Anwen- meaning "very beautiful."

79.Aniera- meaning "snow."

80.Arial- meaning "vigorous." The famous Disney mermaid princess, the one and only Arial, carries this name. It's a pretty Welsh baby name.

81.Brenda- (Irish origin), meaning" the name taken from an Irish saint called Brendan."

82.Carryl- meaning "love."

83.Ceridwen- meaning "blessed song." Ceridwen is a goddess of transformation, renaissance, and redemption and symbolizes creativity and wisdom.

84.Efa- meaning "life."

85..Elenydd- meaning "Elan land borders." Elenydd is a hill upland in the West Wales Cambrian Mountains.

86.Enid- meaning "purity." Enid is a fictitious figure in The Walking Dead T.V. series.

87.Esyllt- meaning "fair, young woman." There is also a popular British artistic writer who carries this lovely name - Esyllt Sears. She's one of the funniest stand-up comedians.

88.Gladys- meaning "bearing the meaning of royalty." This name is linked with Dame Gladys Constance Cooper, D.B.E.

89.Glain- meaning "jewel."

90.Glynis- meaning "little valley."

91.Lilliwen- meaning "white Lilly."This name is associated with Lillian Diana Gish, a pioneering American actress of the screen and stage, and a director and writer.

92.Madlen- (Hebrew Biblical origin), meaning "magdala." This Welsh name holds significance in biblical writings.

93.Mairwen- meaning "beloved fair one."

94.Medi- meaning "September."

95.Meinir- meaning "tall and slender." Meinir Elin Gwilym is a pop and folk singer who speaks and sings in Welsh.

96.Morgan- (Celtic origin), meaning "Bright and near the sea." The famous actress Sharon Morgan holds this name. It is one of the more well-known Welsh girls names.

97.Rhoswen- meaning "white rose."

98.Tanwen- meaning "fair or blessed." Hughes Tanwen works on T.V. She worked on See No Evil and Mock the Week.

99.Tirion- meaning "gentle and happy." Tirion Fordring was one of Archbishop Alonsus Faol's first five Silver Hand Chevaliers and one of the Second War's heroes.

100.Vala-  (German origin), meaning "the chosen one."

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