Top 100 Soaring Names That Mean Wind, Sky, And Air

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Originally Published on Aug 17, 2020
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Why Soaring Names That Mean Wind, Sky, And Air?

 A name that means wind could reflect a dynamic, determined personality and make its presence known, all excellent qualities. Air is calming and cool, which can be attributes you aspire towards.

The sky is full of possibility and wonder. Sky names could encourage your baby always to aim high, striving to achieve their best and realize their hopes and dreams. The name you choose will always be a unique story between you and your child.

Nature-related names can be a great conversation starter. These names could help the child feel one with nature, calm, confident, and grounded.

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Girl Names That Mean Air, Sky, and Wind

1. Aella (Greek Origin) - meaning "storm wind or whirlwind".

2. Alizee (French Origin) - meaning "trade wind".

3. Alizeh (Persian Origin) - meaning "the wind".

4. Alya (Arabic, Russian and Turkish Origin) - meaning "sky, heavenly".

5. Amaterasu (Japanese Origin) - meaning "heaven and sky".

6. Amihan (Filipino Origin) - meaning "north wind, winter storm".

7. Anemone (Greek Origin) - meaning "daughter of the wind, a breath of wind".

8. Anila (Sanskrit Origin) - meaning "child of the wind".

9. Araceli (Spanish Origin) - meaning "altar of the sky".

10. Aria (Latin Origin) - from the word "aer" meaning air. This name has recently entered the top 100, probably thanks to Game of Thrones and Pretty Little Liars.

11. Audrone (Lithuanian Origin) - meaning "storm".

12. Aura (Latin, Greek, Middle English Origin) - means "wind, breeze or breath" in Latin and Ancient Greek. In Middle English, it means "gentle breeze".

13. Amun (Egyptian Origin) - Amun is the Egyptian goddess of wind and creation.

14. Auretta (Italian Origin) - meaning "light wind".

15. Breeze (English Origin) - meaning "a light, gentle wind".

16. Brisa (Spanish Origin) - meaning "breeze".

17. Celeste (Italian Origin) - meaning "of the sky, heavenly".

18. Era (Albanian Origin) - means "wind".

19. Esen (Turkish Origin) - meaning "the wind".

20. Eteri (Georgian Origin) - meaning "ether, air".

21. Szélanya (Hungarian Origin) - Hungarian goddess of the wind.

22. Ilma (Scandinavian Origin) - meaning "the air".

23. Makani (Hawaiian Origin) - meaning "wind".

24. Meltem (Turkish Origin), meaning "sea wind".

25. Miku (Japanese Origin) - meaning "beautiful sky".

26. Mystral (French Origin) - meaning "cold, dry, northerly wind". Le Mistral is the cold wind over the alps, which leads to the Mediterranean sea.

27. Nasima (Arabic Origin) - meaning "breeze, fresh air".

28. Scirocco (Italian Origin) - meaning "warm wind". Scirocco is one of the names of the winds around the world. It is a hot and humid wind from the Sahara that crosses North Africa and Southern Europe.

29. Sefarina (Spanish Origin) - meaning "west wind".

30. Tadita (Native American Origin) - meaning "to the wind".

31. Tsisana (Georgian Origin) - meaning "of the sky".

32. Tuuli (Finnish Origin) - meaning "wind".

33. Tuulikki (Finnish Origin) - means "little wind".

34. Wind (American Origin) - meaning "moving air".

35. Zephyrine (Greek Origin) - meaning "west wind".

36. Lulani (Hawaiian Origin) - means' sky', 'highest heaven'.

37. Zerua (Basque Origin) - meaning 'sky'; variation of 'Zeru'.

38. Ahana (Japanese Origin) - means' sky flower'; a Hindu name means 'born during the day'.

39. Anga (Swahili Origin) - means ‘sky’ and ‘weather’.

Boy Names That Mean Air, Sky And Wind

40. Bhuvas (Indian Origin) - means "Air, Atmosphere, Heaven".

41. Aeolus (Greek Origin) - meaning "wind". Aeolus was the Greek God of wind, considered King of the winds.

42. Aither (Greek Origin) - meaning "spirit of the air".

43. Akash (Indian Origin) - meaning "open space, sky".

44. Anil (Sanskrit Origin) - meaning "the air and the wind". Anil is the God of the wind in Indian mythology.

45. Anvindr (Nordic Origin) - meaning "against the wind".

46. Ayaz (Turkish Origin) - meaning "dry and cold air".

47. Bayu (Indonesian Origin) - meaning "the wind".

48. Boreas (Greek Origin) - meaning "north wind".

49. Caelestis (Late Roman Origin) - meaning "of the sky, heavenly".

50. Ermir (Albian Origin) - meaning "good wind".

51. Eyvindr (Nordic Origin) - meaning "island wind".

52. Enlil (Sumerian Origin) - means "lord of the wind".

53. Erjon (Albanian Origin) - means "our wind".

54. Esen (Turkish Origin) - means "the wind".

55. Fujin (Japanese Origin) - meaning "air, wind".

56. Govad (Persian Origin) - meaning "good wind".

57. Guthrie (Scottish Origin) - meaning "windy spot".

58. Hayate (Japanese Origin) - meaning "sudden sound of the wind".

59. Ilmari (Scandinavian Origin) - meaning "the air". Ilmari is the short version of Ilmarinen. He is an immortal character in Finnish mythology and is the creator of the sky.

60. Keyne (Celtic Origin) - meaning "man of the eastern sky".

61. Mahpiya (Native American Origin) - meaning "cloud sky".

62. Naseem (Arabic Origin) - meaning "breeze or soft air". This name can also be spelt Nasim.

63. Ouranos (Greek Origin) - meaning "sky, heaven". Ouranos was the Greek God of the sky.

64. Poyraz (Turkish Origin) - meaning "north wind".

65. Rabi (Arabic Origin) - meaning "gentle wind".

66. Rai (Japanese Origin) - meaning "storm".

67. Samir (Hindi Origin) - meaning "wind, air".

68. Soma (Japanese Origin) - meaning "sudden sound of the wind".

69. Sota (Japanese Origin) - meaning "sudden sound of the wind".

70. Typhoon (Chinese Origin) - meaning "great wind".

71. Vayu (Hindi Origin) - meaning "God of the wind and the air".

72. Wayra (Native American Origin) - meaning "wind".

73. Wyndham (English Origin) - meaning "from the windy village".

74. Zeferino (Portuguese Origin) - meaning "west wind".

75. Zephyr (Greek Origin) - meaning "the wind".

76. Zeru (Basque Origin) - meaning "sky".

77. Zeus (Greek Origin) - meaning "sky". In Greek mythology, Zeus is the highest of the Gods.

Non Binary Names That Mean Air, Sky and Wind

78. Azure (English Origin) - meaning "sky blue".

79. Ciel (French Origin), meaning "sky". This name can be pronounced as 'Seel' or 'Shell'.

80. Coro (Native American Origin) - meaning "wind".

81. Fei (Chinese Origin) - meaning "to dance in the air".

82. Haneul (Korean Origin) - meaning "heaven, sky".

83. Gale (English Origin) - meaning "pleasant, merry". Gale is one of the names of wind, meaning a very strong wind.

84. Kalani (Hawaiian Origin) - meaning "sky, the heavens".

85. Lani (Hawaiian Origin) - meaning "heaven, sky".

86. Sky (English Origin) - means "sky".

87. Skye (Scottish Origin) - meaning "from the Isle of Skye".

88. Sora (Japanese Origin) - meaning "sky".

89. Stormy (American Origin) - meaning "impetuous nature".

90. Tempest (English Origin) - meaning "stormy".

91. Kehlani (Hawaii Origin) - meaning "sea and sky".

92. Zeferino (Portuguese Origin) - means "west wind".

93. Zenith (English Origin) - means "the highest point in the heavens; the very top; the point in the sky directly overhead".

94. Arashi (Japanese and Indian Origin) - a Japanese boy's name meaning 'storm' and an Indian girl's meaning 'beautified by God'.

95. Saar (Hebrew Origin) - means' storm'.

96. Storm (Old English Origin) - means' storm'.

97. Tufani (African Origin) - means' storm'.

98. Moe (Burmese Origin) - means' sky'.

99. Rakia (Hebrew Origin) - means 'sky' or 'heaven'.

100. Bonaria (Spanish Origin) - means "fair winds".

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