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43 Twi'lek Names With Meanings For Your Characters

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Twi'leks, depicted in the movie Star Wars', are tall human-like creatures known for their colorful skin inhabiting the planet of Ryloth.

The 1983 'Star Wars' film introduced the Twi'leks for the first time. Since then, their culture and roots were thoroughly explored in the first season of the 'Star Wars: The Clone Wars' animated series.

The Star Wars movies introduced some of the most magnificent and complex characters ever written in cinematic history. Twi'leks were one such character, and they have piqued the interest of many movie buffs. One such mystery about the Twi'leks revolves around their names. These names have two components: their name and their clan name. A whole Twi'lek name is a sign of belonging. Breaking the names apart with apostrophes signifies the distance between that person and their people. Here is a list of names for Twi'leks that you can use to name your fictional characters.

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Twi'lek Names For Girls

The women of the Twi'lek species were great fighters. Aayla Secura, during the Clone Wars, Twi'lek female Jedi Master served as a Jedi General of the Grand Army of the Republic. They were courageous yet exhumed a delicate aura of femininity, beauty, and grace. Here are a few Twi'lek girls' names you can choose.

1. Aayla means 'mist' or 'smoke' in the Twi'leki language. It is a regular name more commonly given to Twi'lek females.

2. Alema, a unique name, means 'protector' in the Twi'leki language.

3. Ann, in the Twi'leki language, means 'moon'. A name was usually given to a beautiful female

4. Aola means 'flower' in the Twi'leki language.

5. Ayy, in the Twi'leki language, means 'star.'

6. Daesha means 'queen' in the Twi'leki language.

7. Dia is a standard name given to Twi'lek females and means 'ice' within the Twi'leki language.

8. Gida means 'female warrior' in the Twi'leki language.

9. Hirani name means 'very beautiful' in the Twi'leki language

10. Jiljoo is a standard name given to Twi'lek females and means 'gem' within the Twi'leki language.

11. Koyi is a female Twi'leki name that means 'snake.'

12. Mala referred to the mythical figure Mala, who was the mother of Nolaa.

13. Nabrina, a beautiful name, means 'beast of burden' within the Twi'leki language.

14. Nima means 'gift' in the Twi'leki language.

15. Numa means 'sister' in the Twi'leki language.

16. Oola, a popular name, means 'water' in the Twi'leki language.

17. Pampy means 'jewel' in the Twi'leki language. Usually, a name is reserved for royalty.

18. Poy means 'wing' in the Twi'leki language.

19. Seela, one of the common clan names given to Twi'lek females, means 'Twi'lek dancer' in the Twi'leki language.

Popular Names For Twi'lek Boys

Here are some boys' Twi lek names you can choose for your characters.

A Twi'lek name is a great option for your character as they are unique and carry meaning.

20. Anoon, a beautiful name, means 'commander' or 'warrior chief' in the Twi'lek language.

21. Boc means 'stalagmite' or 'rock column' in the Twi'lek language.

22. Bril, a popular name, refers to 'wind' in the Twi'lek language.

23. Byt refers to a 'hammer that would be used as a weapon'.

24. Cazne means a 'fortress' or 'castle' in the Twi'lek language of Star Wars.

25. Chee, a popular name, refers to 'war' or 'warrior'. It is a common name for the Twi'leks.

26. Chom is a famous Twi'lek name. It means a 'drum'.

27. Cotan refers to a 'tower' in the Twi'lek language.

28. Darap, in the Twi'lek language, means 'stone'.

29. Dinek refers to a 'male ruler' or 'king'. A name usually reserved for royalty.

30. Elav, in the Twi'lek language, refers to 'scholar'.

31. Firith, in the Twi'lek language, means 'defender'.

32. Glie means 'axe' in the Twi'lek language.

33. Haly refers to a 'visitor'. This name is usually given to a traveler.

Gender Neutral Names For Twi'lek Characters

Here are a few unisex names you can choose as well.

34. Ivaadi, a unisex name that refers to an 'orchid'.

35. Ovasu is a gender-neutral Twi’lek name that means 'emptiness'.

36. Rol, a popular name, refers to the 'sun'.

37. Siolo means 'poet' and is a gender-neutral name.

Twi'lek Names From The Movies

Twi’leks are revered and well-known for their beauty, all thanks to the color of their skin and lithe, slender figures. Twi’leks are known to live for an average of 80 years and are compatible with the human species. Here are a few well-known members of the Twi'lek clans, including the Twi'lek Jedi.

38. Inun was a blind young mythological character who crossed the light side of Ryloth.

39. Kaasha Bateen was a female Rutian Twi'lek. She contributed highly to the Free Ryloth movement.

40. Lunae Minx was a beautiful purple Twi'lek.

41. Nowk Asil was a famous female Twi'lek racer.

42. Ryloth Jedi was a great warrior and a Twi' lek Jedi.

43. Tae Boon was a famous male commander for the Twi'Lek.

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