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'Warhammer' is a one-of-its-kind tabletop miniature game that is extremely popular all over the world.

Literally, Warhammer refers to a weapon that was capable of breaking armor and was extensively used in medieval times. From its name itself, we can get an idea of the background that the game's fantasy world is based on.

In the fictional world of 'Warhammer', there are numerous races, characters and nations, such as the Elves, Humans, Dwarves, Lizardmen, and so on. Each clan has its own weaponry, specialty, and unique characteristics. One of the most prominent armies which are also integrally associated with the establishment of this world is the Dwarfs. They are particularly known for their excellent craftsmanship and skills. However, some of their brethren, the Chaos Dwarfs, split from them under the influence of the barbaric warlords of Chaos. No matter whose side you are on, we bring to you a list of cool Dwarf names for you to select from with a brief description for each one of them.

Most 'Warhammer' names are the translated terms of the word “warrior”. Thus, the names justify their role in the game as most of them belong to the warrior class. We also find that the Dwarven community is mainly categorized into engineers, warriors, kings, business people, and slayers. Another interesting thing is that these dwarven have fascinating last names that give us a glimpse of their special qualities. For instance: Alaric the Mad, Snorri Whitebeard, Durzak Dragonback, and so forth.

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Names Of Famous Characters

Here are some of the best names based on the most legendary characters of one of the most loved games in the world.

1. Alaric (German Origin) meaning “everyone’s ruler”. Alaric the Mad is the obsessive, secretive, and flawed genius. He is credited with the creation of some of the greatest weapons ever used in battles. This is an all-time favorite.

2. Alrik (Scandinavian Origin) meaning “noble ruler”. This character is the great King of Karak Hirn. He is also popular as the Hornhold.

3. Brok (Dutch Origin) meaning “chunk”. This character is a mighty warrior known for his strategic tactics in the War of the Beard.

4. Dorin (Greek Origin) meaning “gift”. Dorin Heldour is one of the most famous and ferocious dwarf heroes in the history of the game.

5. Josef (German Origin) meaning “God will add”. Josef is the greatest brewer, which is a very high position among the dwarves as ale is dear to the dwarven community.

6. Katalin (Greek Origin), meaning “pure”. He is one of the greatest heroes in the game. He is one of many well known dwarfs.

7. Kazador (Spanish Origin), meaning “hunter”. He is a legendary Dwarf King known for his mighty strength.

8. Kragg (Danish Origin), meaning “a nobleman”. He is the oldest and most popular Runesmith.

9. Kurgan (Russian Origin) meaning “a prehistoric burial mound”. Kurgan is a Dwarf High King.

10. Sven (Nordic Origin), meaning "young man" or "young warrior”. This character is a marvelous engineer. Another one of the many well known dwarfs.

11. Thorgrim (Nordic Origin), meaning “brother of Onund Bild (a Swedish King)”. Thorgrim Grudgebearer is the High King of Dwarves and the keeper of the Great Book of Grudges. It's cool to name a character after a high king.

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Names Of Slayers

Slayers are the most ferocious living dwarf warriors in the 'Warhammer' world. Here are some of them with their origin and meaning.

12. Gunnar (Nordic Origin), meaning “warrior”. The character was a former jewel smith turned Slayer.

13. Malakai (Hebrew Origin), meaning “messenger of God”. He is one of the greatest engineers and most famous slayers.

14. Snorri (Nordic Origin) meaning “onslaught”. Another all time favorite.

15. Bragi (Nordic Origin), meaning “God of poetry”. Bragi was a warrior who turned Slayer after he lost his family in a war.

16. Dreng (English Origin), this dwarf name means “warrior”.

Dwarf Names For Girls

Warhammer is not all about boys, there are famous dwarf women characters as well! Here’s a list of some of them.

17. Balarika (Indian Origin), meaning “the rising sun”. Balarika is known for her smartness in terms of using her soft skills to her advantage.

18. Brunna (Italian Origin), meaning “dark haired”. She is the High Priestess and an intimidating dwarf woman.

19. Elamina (German Origin), this name means “determined protector”.

20. Katanya (Jewish Origin) meaning “God’s little one”.

21. Karstin (Latin Origin) meaning “follower of Christ”. Karstin Largsdottir is a famous business dwarf.

22. Tarni (Aboriginal Origin) meaning “salty water”. A half-dwarf and half-human character.

23. Zargona (Urdu Origin), meaning “the gold colored”. An exceptional female dwarf warrior.

Other Popular Dwarf Names

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Apart from legendary heroes, slayers, and women dwarves, there are other popular dwarves belonging to various categories.

24. Olif (English Origin), meaning “olive tree”. He is a famous adventure loving dwarf warlord.

25. Durggan (English Origin) the name means “an undersized person”. Durggan Stourbelly is the Master Engineer of the 'Warhammer' world.

26. Garik (Russian Origin), meaning “warrior archer”. Garik Svitzher is an old but experienced and powerful dwarf.

27. Gregor (Greek Origin), meaning “vigilant”. He was the last Supreme Patriarch and a famous wizard.

28. Harlok (English Origin), meaning “lock of gray hair”. He is the crime lord of the dwarf clan, popular for his dark activities. One of the most well known dwarfs of the clan.

29. Nori (Japanese Origin) meaning “belief”. He was also known as a bear because of his immense physical strength.

30. Rhupesh (Indian Origin), meaning “handsome”. He was a highly respected ancient ruler.

Unique Dwarf Names

The following are not associated with any language but are unique to the game itself.

31. Arkat is the most popular business dwarf known for his shrewdness and honest dealing with customers.

32. Balkrag is a famous Slayer dwarf. He wields a two handed axe.

33. Thorek is the greatest living Runelord at present. He is a worthy role model.

34. Tordrek was a famous dwarf engineer who lost respect among the dwarves because of his bitterness, jealousy, and competitive attitude.

35. Ulther is a crown prince in exile.

36. Ungrim is the last of the 'Warhammer' Slayer Kings. In the game, his name means "oath bound," which explains his protective duties towards his kingdom and its people.

37. Vala is a great Dwarven beauty and the Queen of King Belegar.

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