70 Lightforged Draenei Names For Game Character Buffs

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No need to look for a link to a random WOW name generator for 'Lightforged Draenei' funny names, as here are some of the best names for weapons of the Lightforged as well as Lightforged Draenei Paladin names.

WOW Lightforged Draenei names enjoy great popularity with the players who want interesting names for WOW Draenei, Dranei, or Draenai. There are many choices for you to make when it comes to selecting the best names 'Lightforged Draenei'.

It will not take you long to make a change to wrong names for WOW Draenei, Lightforged Draenei shaman, female Draenei/Draeni, Lightforged Draenei male characters.

Read on for some of the best WOW 'Lightforged Draenei' names saints before you start your 'Lightforged Draenei' classes.

Lightforged Draenei Warrior Names

Here are some 'Lightforged Draenei' warrior names for your little warriors and game buffs. You will find all kinds of WOW 'Lightforged Draenei' names.

  • Alexis (Roman Origin) means 'defender and helper'. This name became very popular due to Saint Alexius of Rome. A new name that you can select for different character categories.
  • Cuhda (Russian Origin) means 'miracle'.
  • Dumos (French Origin), meaning 'someone who lived in an isolated dwelling in the country', is a good name for a gaming character.
  • Edih (English Origin), meaning 'rich or blessed', is a very common name in many languages, including English, German, Scandinavian and Dutch.
  • Genie (Greek and Hebrew Origin), meaning 'noble aristocrat', is a popular character name from the fantasy story 'Aladdin' and children love it.
  • Jahre (German Origin), meaning 'young', is a perfect name for all those young gaming buffs. One of the random male 'WOW Lightforged Draenei' names.
  • Jise (Korean Origin), meaning 'unknown', is a sweet-sounding name. One of the rare 'WOW Lightforged Draenei' names.
  • Liran (Hebrew Origin), meaning 'my joy'. This name would completely explain your joy.
  • Mevren (English and Hebrew Origin), meaning 'the one who understands', is a very sweet name for your character and inspiration for the game player.
  • Mirraas (Italian Origin), meaning 'peace'. This can be regarded as one of the best Dranei names in World of Warcraft.
  • Myconid (unknown), meaning 'dungeons and dragons'. It is a popular character name, especially for dragons.
  • Nahoan (Arabic Origin), meaning 'courageous, brave', is a perfect name for a brave character. A new name you can select for different character categories.
  • Ogre (French Origin), meaning 'lord of the underworld', is a creepy name for all your gaming buffs. One of the random 'WOW Lightforged Draenei' names.
  • Pixie (Celtic Origin), meaning 'fairy'. This name is perfect and amongst the most prominent Dranei names in World of Warcraft
  • Rosera (unknown), meaning 'tactfulness', is a beautiful new name that can be taken for a female player in World of Warcraft.
  • Treant (unknown), meaning 'dungeons and dragons'. It is a popular character name, especially for dragons. A random first name for the 'Lightforged Draenei' race.
  • Troglodyte (Greek origin), meaning 'mouse hole', is a new name that can be taken by any gamer.
  • Vellac (Italian origin), meaning 'variant of bella'. It refers to beautiful, and thus this name can be reserved for a female player in World of Warcraft.
  • Vonuse (Persian Origin), meaning 'Violet in Mazanderani'. It is an easy, simple name for your character in World of Warcraft. One of the interesting male 'WOW Lightforged Draenei' names.
  • Zoral (English Origin), meaning 'heavenly and delicate', is a pretty and delicate name reserved for cool player in World of Warcraft.

Lightforged Draenei Mage Names

Draenei has always been adept at using magic. As a result, the Draenei are among the most powerful wizards in the known cosmos, having inherited so much knowledge and living such long lives to put it into practice.

It would be exciting to have a Draenei mage name for your child.

  • Aivi (Finnish Origin), meaning 'pure and divine', is a very sweet and beautiful name for your little girl.
  • Ayla (Turkish origin), meaning 'halo of light around the moon or the sun', is a pretty name for your little gaming character. You can never go wrong with this random name full of light.
  • Doral (unknown) means 'Dores and Alfred'. This is the name of a place in America.
  • Eanon (Irish Origin), meaning 'rich protector', is a good name for a gaming character that protects.
  • Farina (Italian origin), meaning 'wheat flour', is a metonymic occupational name for a miller or flour merchant.
  • Goraa (Polish Origin) means 'mountain'. If you live in mountainous regions, this can be a great name for your next adventure.
  • Kalemos (unknown) means 'power'. This is a great name for a powerful gaming character.
  • Kuti (Hebrew Origin), meaning 'god will feed', is another random name for your little male gaming character.
  • Muleen (Irish Origin), meaning 'devotee', is a widespread Gaelic name for your next adventure.
  • Muzi (African Origin) means 'nation'. This last name can belong to an African person who loves his nation a lot.
  • Novara (Latin Origin), meaning 'fresh or new youth', is a young and beautiful girl's name that can surely be reserved for a female player in the World of Warcraft.
  • Shanu (Hindi Origin), meaning 'fire', is a cute and very popular name in India.
  • Tavo (Spanish Origin), meaning 'staff of the Goths', is a random name full of light that will suit your gaming character.
  • Theus (German Origin) means 'god'. Versions of this name were very popular in the Middle Ages throughout Christian Europe.
  • Yana (Hebrew Origin), meaning 'he answers', is quite a common last name in many places and origins.
  • Zalidar (Hindi Origin) means 'position based title of the landlord'. It can be given to a gaming character.
Colorful dice from dungeons and dragons board game

Lightforged Draenei Priest Names

Here are some 'Lightforged Draenei' priest names and Lightforged Draenei names Saint for you to select from: -

  • Aadhaar (Hindi Origin), meaning 'brilliant like the sun'. It is a popular name in the Hindu community as this name is meaningful yet attractive.
  • Admiral (Arabic Origin), meaning 'commander of the seas'. It can be a very beautiful name for a sea character.
  • Canam (Anglo - Saxon Origin), meaning 'place near Lisieux'. The name may have also originated from the French word Canonne, a personal name.
  • Dekan (German Origin), meaning 'the head'. This can be the name of a leader or ahead of a team.
  • Drang (German Origin), meaning 'storm and stress'. This can be the name of a dragon or any such specific creature.
  • Forneus (Latin Origin), meaning 'fearless'. This name is for a fearless gamer.
  • GlowingGoat (English Origin), meaning 'shining goat'. This is for the one who always suffers.
  • Kyurem (unknown), meaning 'dragon/ice type member'. It is said that it is a Pokemon name, but you can use it for your game.
  • Lightbright (English Origin), meaning 'bright light', is a shining name for any gamer.
  • Mahil (Arabic Origin) means 'kindness'. It is one of the sweet WoW Lightforged Draenei names.
  • Maraal (Hindi Origin) means 'swan'. As you know, the swan is a beautiful bird hence, this name can be given to any player.
  • Ockin (unknown), meaning 'warrior', can be a very random name full of light for a warrior character in your 'Lightforged Draenei'.
  • Ormos (Hungarian Origin) means 'from the cliff'. It is a rare and unusual character name
  • Saral (Indian Origin) means 'more than one root'. It is a very popular and common name of Indian origin.
  • TheShining (English Origin), meaning 'shine', is a bright and beautiful name you can use for the game.
  • Zophar (Biblical Origin), meaning 'rising early'. This name can be used for a young character.

Lightforged Draenei Female Names

Just like the female names are beautiful and pretty, they also resemble bravery and courage. Some of the female Draenei names are as follows.

  • Archimonde (French Origin), meaning 'intense world', is an ancient and bold name for your WOW character.
  • Argus (Greek origin), meaning 'watchful garden'. In mythology, a creature with a hundred eyes, making it a better name for a character.
  • Azeroth (French Origin), meaning 'the dagger of Justice', is a unique name for your gaming character.
  • Blade Master (English Origin) means 'a Beyblade character name'. It is a very good gamer name for a Beyblade fan or a Beyblade game.
  • Burning Crusade (English Origin) means 'each of a series of medieval military expeditions'.
  • Burning throne (English Origin), meaning 'a throne burning', is an energetic and lightning name for your game.
  • Codebreaker (English Origin) means 'one who is very good at breaking codes'. One who loves solving mysteries, codes, and puzzles can be given this name.
  • Elya (Slavic Origin), meaning  'the Lord Almighty is my God', is a very beautiful name for your child.
  • Emirrin (American Origin) means 'unknown'. It is one of the rare Draenei names.
  • Enaraa (Arabic Origin) means 'illumination'. It is a great choice for a Dranei name.
  • Erma (German Origin), meaning 'complete or universal', is a complete Dranei name.
  • Fareeya (Arabic Origin) means 'happy, joyful'. This name can be given to a happy and joyful character.
  • Khaela (German Origin) means 'beautiful'. This name gives you an idealistic, gentle, and romantic nature. You live much within your own thoughts and find companionship in literature.
  • Khamir (Arabic Origin), meaning 'god's son', is the best name for a powerful player.
  • Lara (Greek or Russian Origin) means 'desire to understand'. This name refers to an attractive and courageous personality.
  • Luret (French Origin) means 'king'. This is a name for a very bold character.
  • Seema (Hindi Origin) means 'a beautiful face'. This name can be given to a very beautiful girl.
  • Wrynn (Irish Origin), meaning 'anciently the western half of the kingdom of Breifne', is an ancient name if you love ancient aesthetics.

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