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Ultimate List Of Warrior Cat Names (Plus 100+ Name Ideas)

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'Warriors' is a novel series based on the adventurous stories of several clans of wild feral cats.

Published by HarperCollins, the series is co-written by the writers, Kate Cary, Cherith Baldry, and Tui T. Sutherland, who go under the collective pseudonym of Erin Hunter. There are currently seven sub-series, containing six books with the seventh sub-series in progress.

The first novel of the series was first published from 2003 to 2004 and details the adventures of a housecat, Rusty, who joins one of the Clans of the warrior cat called ThunderClan. The series then further continues to chronicle the journey of the Clans to a new home, continuing with a prophecy regarding three cats with supernatural powers. The story arc continues with the same story in other sub-series, with the seventh being a work in progress. The novels in the series have been translated into various languages as well. The 'Warriors' also have an app called 'Warrior Cats Hub' that lets you explore the Warrior Cats' world.

The novel has a plethora of feline characters with unique names. The name is formed in a special pattern. When a kit is born, their parents usually give them their prefix names. In a Clan, a new kit is named with the suffix -kit at the end. A kit who is an apprentice usually is named with the suffix "paw." However, a warrior kit has a different suffix, usually related to their personality, description, or significance. In many cases, a character has earned their name because of an accomplishment, an important discovery, or their valor in battle. A leader, takes on the suffix "star" as the final part of their name, for their connection to StarClan and also their rank as the leader.

Here is a list of the names of the main cat characters from the 'Warriors' series along with a list of cat name ideas with warrior cats prefixes and suffixes along with warrior cats clans names based on the naming conventions in the series for fans and also if you want to know what is your warrior cat name.

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Main Character Names For Warriors


Gray kitten and a festive cupcake

Here are the names of warrior cat's lead characters in the 'Warriors' universe book series. Check out this warrior cat name list!

1. Ashfur: A pale gray robust tomcat with dark blue eyes who was a warrior.

2. Berrynose: A cream-colored tomcat who is the son of Daisy and Smoky.

3. Birchfall: A light brown tabby who is a warrior.

4. Blackstar: A large white amber-eyed tomcat with black paws and black ears who was ShadowClan's deputy,

5. Blossomfall: A tortoiseshell female cat who is the daughter of Greystripe and Millie.

6. Bone: A huge, robust, black-and-white tom with green eyes and battle scars who serves as the unofficial deputy of the BloodClan,

7. Boulder: A thin silver tabby tomcat with a ragged ear and bright eyes who is a former member of BloodClan and a present member of Shadow Clan.

8. Brackenfur: A golden-brown tabby who is a warrior and the son of Frostfur.

9. Bramblestar: First introduced as Bramblekit, he is a huge, robust tabby tom with amber eyes.

10. Breezepelt: A black amber-eyed tomcat who is the son of Crowfeather and Nightcloud and a headstrong warrior cat.

11. Briarlight: A brown she-cat who is the daughter of Greystripe and Millie

12. Brick: A russet-colored tomcat who is a friend of Bone and Scourge.

13. Brightheart: A white female cat with ginger patches. She has one missing eye and a disfigured ear and is a warrior

14. Brokenstar: A huge dark brown amber-eyed tabby tom with torn ears who was the former leader of ShadowClan before Nightstar. He is depicted as the primary antagonist.

15. Brook: A sleek, brown grey-eyed tabby female cat who is a prey-hunter within the Tribe.

16. Bumblestripe: A pale grey tom who is the son of Greystripe and Millie.

17. Cherryfall: A ginger she-cat who is the daughter of Berrynose and Poppyfrost.

18. Cinderheart: A grey tabby with blue eyes who is a warrior.

19. Clawface: A warrior cat from ShadowClan.

20. Cloudtail: A long-furred snow-white tomcat with blue eyes. She is a warrior.

21. Clovertail: A light brown green-eyed female cat with a white belly and legs who was formerly a loner named Clover.

22. Crookedstar: A green-eyed huge, light brown tabby tomcat with a twisted jaw who was a RiverClan leader in the forest territories

23. Crowfeather: A bulky smoky grey tom with blue eyes.

24. Daisy: A beautiful cream-colored she-cat with ice blue eyes who used to live at the horse place with two other cats called Smoky and Floss.

25. Darkstripe: A slender black and grey tabby who is an antagonist and a warrior.

26. Dawnpelt: The only daughter of Rowanclaw and Tawnypelt.

27. Deadfoot: A black cat who has a crooked front paw who was a former deputy of the Wind Clan under Tallstar.

28. Dovewing: A fluffy pale grey female cat with changing eye color. She is the daughter of Whitewing and Birchfall.

29. Dustpelt: A dark brown amber-eyed tabby who is a warrior.

30. Echosong: A green-eyed silver-grey tabby cat with dark paws and a white chest and a fluffy tail who was a former kittypet named Echo.

31. Featherwhisker: A pale silver furred tomcat with amber eyes, plumy tail, and long whiskers. He is the apprentice of Goosefeather when Bluekit is born and later becomes Spottedleaf's mentor.

32. Ferncloud: A gray female cat with pale green eyes who is mentored by Darkstripe as an apprentice.

33. Firestar: A handsome green-eyed and flame-colored tomcat who is the most important 'Warriors' cat characters from the original series. He was initially a kittypet named Rusty who had joined the after encountering Graypaw.

34. Flametail: A green-eyed ginger cat who is the second son of Tawnypelt and Rowanclaw.

35. Foxleap: A reddish tabby who was first introduced as a kit named Foxkit.

36. Fury: A long-furred, tabby female cat with one eye who becomes the leader of BloodClan after Scourge dies.

37. Goosefeather: A speckled grey tomcat with pale blue eyes. He is the brother of Moonflower.

38. Graystripe: A yellow-eyed and long-haired gray tomcat with a dark gray stripe running along his back who becomes Firestar's first and best friend.

39. Gremlin: A patchy black-and-white green-eyed she-cat.

40. Hawkheart: A mottled brown tomcat with yellow eyes who was once a fierce warrior cat.

41. Hazeltail: A small female cat who is the daughter of Daisy and Smoky.

42. Heatherstar: A pinkish-gray female cat with blue eyes who was the leader of the  WindClan.

43. Heathertail: A pretty light brown tabby she-cat with heather-colored eyes and a close friend of Lionblaze.

44. Hollyleaf: A green-eyed black female cat who is a warrior.

45. Honeyfern: A light brown blue-eyed female cat who is the daughter of Brackenfur and Sorreltail.

46. Ice: One of the brothers of Barley who joins the BloodClan to become one of Scourge's followers.

47. Icecloud: A white blue-eyed female cat, first introduced as a kit who is the daughter of Ferncloud and Dustpelt.

48. Ivypool: A silver tabby-and-white female cat who has dark blue eyes and is the daughter of Whitewing and Birchfall.

49. Jayfeather: A blue-eyed blind tabby tomcat who is a medicine cat.

50. Leafpool: A slender brown female tabby who is a medicine cat and the daughter of Firestar and Sandstorm,

51. Leafstar: A brown and cream tabby cat with amber eyes who was a former rogue named Leaf before she joined the SkyClan.

52. Leopardfoot: A sleek black-tabby queen with green eyes. She is the mate of Pinestar and the mother of Tigerkit who is later known as Tigerstar.

53. Lilyheart: The daughter of Brackenfur and Sorreltail.

54. Lionblaze: A robust golden-brown tomcat with amber eyes who is a warrior.

55. Longtail: A pale yellow tabby with black stripes who is a warrior.

56. Mapleshade: A large amber-eyed tortoiseshell-and-white she-cat with amber eyes who is a warrior of the Dark Forest.

57. Millie: A silver tabby female cat who was a former kittypet.

58. Molewhisker: The son of Berrynose and Poppyfrost.

59. Moonflower: A tabby queen with silver-grey fur and pale yellow eyes. She is the mother of Bluestar and Snowfur.

60. Mosskit: A pale-gray-and-white female cat with blue eyes who is the sister of Mistystar and Stonefur. She is the kit of Oakheart and Bluestar.

61. Mousefur: A small dusky brown female cat who is a fierce and respected warrior.

62. Mousewhisker: A grey-and-white tom who is the son of Daisy and Smoky.

63. Mudclaw: A dark brown tomcat who is a warrior cat.

64. Needletail: The daughter of Berryheart and Sparrowtail.

65. Nightcloud: A black female cat who is the mate of Crowfeather.

66. Nightstar: A thin and frail, black tomcat with amber eyes who was the leader of ShadowClan before Tigerstar.

67. Onestar: A small, brown amber-eyed tabby tom who becomes the leader of WindClan.

68. Patchfoot: A green-eyed black-and-white tomcat who was formerly a rogue named Patch.

69. Petalnose: A pale grey blue-eyed female cat who was a former kittypet named Petal.

70. Pinestar: A reddish-brown and green-eyed tomcat who becomes the leader of ThunderClan after Bluestar is born.

71. Poppyfrost: A tortoiseshell and white female cat who is the daughter of Brackenfur and Sorreltail.

72. Rainwhisker: A dark grey blue-eyed tomcat who is a warrior.

73. Ravenpaw: A sleek green-eyed tom who was first introduced as an apprentice.

74. Rootspring: A yellow blue or green-eyed tomcat who is a SkyClan warrior and was born as Rootkit to Violetshine and Tree. He was  Rootpaw when he became the apprentice of Dewspring.

75. Rosepetal: A cream female cat first who is the daughter of Daisy and Spiderleg.

76. Sandstorm: A pale ginger female cat with green eyes who was an apprentice when Firestar had first joined the Clan. She is one of the important warrior cat characters.

77. Scourge: A small black blue-eyed tom with a single white paw who rules the BloodClan.

78. Scraps: A black-and-white tortoiseshell tomcat who is Gremlin's brother and is later killed in a battle with ThunderClan.

79. Seedpaw: Daughter of Brackenfur and Sorreltail.

80. Sharpclaw: A dark ginger tabby tom with broad shoulders and green eyes, was first a rogue named Scratch.

81. Snake: One of Barley's brothers who joined the BloodClan.

82. Snipe: A green-eyed black tom with orange patches on his fur who is a member of BloodClan.

83. Snowfur: A tabby queen with snowy white fur, blue eyes, and black ear tips. She is Bluestar's sister.

84. Sootfur: A light grey amber-eyed tom who is a warrior and the son of Willowpelt and Whitestorm.

85. Sorreltail: A tortoiseshell and white female cat who is a warrior and the only daughter of Whitestorm and Willowpelt.

86. Sparrowpelt: A yellow-eyed dark brown tabby tomcat who was formerly a kittypet named Boris.

87. Spiderleg: Originally introduced as Spiderkit, he is a black tomcat amber-eyed with a brown underbelly.

88. Spottedleaf: A beautiful tortoiseshell female cat, with amber eyes who serves as a spiritual guide to the main characters and considered to be the most prominent member of StarClan.

89. Squirrelflight: A green-eyed ginger she-cat who is the daughter of Firestar and Sandstorm.

90. Stormfur: A dark gray amber-eyed tomcat who was formerly a RiverClan cat but presently lives in the Tribe of Rushing Water.

91. Sunstar: A bright ginger furred tomcat with green eyes and yellow stripes whois the leader of ThunderClan before Bluestar. Sunfall is his warrior name.

92. Swiftbreeze: A white tabby queen with yellow eyes who is the mate of Adderfang.

93. Tall Shadow: A black female cat with green eyes.

94. Tallstar: A black and white tomcat with amber eye who was the leader of WindClan before Onestar.

95. Tawnypelt: The daughter of Goldenflower and Tigerstar.

96. Thistleclaw: A large, grey-and-white patched tomcat with amber-colored eyes.

97. Thornclaw: A golden brown tabby, who first appears as a young apprentice named Thornpaw.

98. Thrushpelt: A green-eyed tomcat with sandy-grey fur and a white flash on his chest. He was newly appointed as a warrior when Bluestar was a kit.

99. Tigerheart: A handsome, dark brown tabby with amber eyes who is the grandson of Tigerstar.

100. Tigerstar: A large and muscular dark brown tabby tomcat with amber eyes and long front claws. He is the main antagonist of the original series.

101. Toadstep: A black-and-white tomcat who is the son of Daisy and Spiderleg.

102. Whitestorm: A large white yellow-eyed tomcat who was a senior warrior.

103. Whitewing: A white green-eyed female cat who was first introduced as a kit and is one of two daughters of Brightheart and  Cloudtail.

104. Yellowfang: A dark grey female cat with bright eyes who is a medicine cat.

Ideas For Warrior Cat Names

Scared hissing tabby kitten

Are you wondering what is your warrior cat name? Here is a warrior cat names list with both warrior cat prefixes and warrior cat suffixes to name your warrior cat. Check out these ideas for names of warrior cats.

104. Amberstar: A beautiful name for a deceased warrior cat who now belongs to the StarClan.

105. Angryfern: A great warrior name for fierce warrior cats.

106. Antpaw: Another great name for a warrior cat who is fiesty yet hardworking like ants.

107. Applecreek: A beautiful warrior cat name for a loving cat.

108. Batwhisper: A great warrior cat name for a black tabby.

109. Beaverstar: One of the good warrior cats names for a deceased warrior cat belonging to the StarClan.

110. Bravewave: One of the best warrior cat names to give a warrior cat with great valor and hails from the RiverClan.

111. Breezekit: A great warrior cats' name for an apprentice from the WindClan.

112. Dustdust: A great warrior cat name for a tabby cat with dusty fur or brown colored fur.

113. Fishbelly: A great warrior cat name in the literal sense.

114. Jaggedcloud: One of the best warrior cats name ideas for a grey tabby cat.

115. Lionwish: One of the greatest warrior cat names ideas for a valiant and fierce warrior cat.

116. Mosskit: Another great warrior cat name for a new kittypet who has a great affinity with nature.

117. Risingbranch: One of the best cat names for a cat who primarily loves trees and has a lofty personality.

118. Sageface: A great name for wise warrior clan cats.

119. Skunkspeck: A great name for a black and white warrior cat.

120. Skunkspots: One of the best cat names for a black cat with white-spotted fur.

121. Springpaw: One of the great cat warrior names for an agile warrior cat with a quick spring in its paws.

122. Twistedblossom: A great name for a female tabby queen who is sharp-witted but beautiful as well just like a blossoming flower.

123. Vinetalon: A great warrior cats' name for a cat close to nature.

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