50 Unusual Ruth Nicknames

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Why Ruth Nicknames?

If your character’s name is Ruth, you need a nickname to match! Ruth is predominantly a girl name of Hebrew origin, meaning “friend,” “friendship,” or “compassionate friend.” It is derived from the Hebrew word ‘re'ut’, which means “friend.” Ruth is the main heroine in The Book Of Ruth of the Old Testament, ironically among the only two books said to have been named after a woman. For a character named Ruth, a nickname is a must, as it is a term of endearment indicative of a deeper bond. You can add a backstory to the nickname and develop the character or the bond they share with their friend. Here are a few nicknames you can use! 

Interesting Ruth Nicknames

1. Ruthelle - (English origin) - a variation of the name.

2. Ruthellen 

3. Ruthetta

4. Ruthi/ Ruthie

5. Ruthina

6. Ruthine - someone who adheres to routine.

7. Raisa (Arabic origin) - princess, is perfect for a friend. 

8. Ruthann

9. Rufa (Russian origin) - a variation of the name.

10. Rut (Multiple origins) - a variation of the name.

11. Rute (Portuguese origin) -  a variation of the name. 

12. Ruthia 

13. Hirut (Amharic origin) - a variation of the name.

14. Luka (Hawaiian origin) - a variation of the name.

15. Ruthven (Scots origin) -a variation of the name.

Cute Ruth Nicknames

16. Rhys - Popularized because of Rhynera, a character in the show ‘Dance of  Dragons’.

17. Roo

18. Ruti (Hebrew origin) - a variation of the name.

19. Ruther

20. Uthey

21. Rudie

22. Typhoon Ruth - a name of several tropical cyclones worldwide.

23. Ru - Lu

24. Ru - Ru

25. Rooti - fruity

26. Ruth -a-Truth  - For a character who is always honest.

27. Riri - A popular nickname for Rihanna.

28. Rare - For a sweet and rare friend.

29. Rothy 

30. Ruth The Dragonrider -  Ruth is also a dragon in Anne McCaffrey’s novel, Dragonriders of Pern.

31. Rusie 

32. Ruthli

33. Eth 

34. Rutna 

35. Raisy - a combination of ruth and the flower ‘daisy.’

36. Ruhi 

Ruth Nicknames that mean Compassionate Friend

37. Ruth-Boo 

38. Ruthie-Amor  - perfect for a loving best friend.

39. Perruth - a combination of the word ‘perra’, meaning friend and ruth. 

40. Ru-Pal - a combination of pal and ruth.

41. Ruddy - a combination of ruth and buddy.

42. Dost - means friend in Hindi Language.

43. Ramiga - a combination of Ruth and ‘amiga’ meaning friend. 

Famous People named Ruth

44. Ruth Moschner (1976), a well-known German TV personality and writer.

45. Ruth Bader Ginsburg (1933 -2020), Associate Justice of the Supreme Court.

46. Ruth Pointer (1946), American R&B singer-songwriter and the eldest of the Pointer Sisters.

47. Ruth Wilson (1982), An English actress best known for her performance in the movie Jane Eyre.

48. Ruth Handler (1916 -2002), American businesswoman and inventor of the Barbie doll. 

46. Ruth Terry (1920–2016), American singer and actress.

50. Ruth Madeley is a British actress popular for her role in Years and Years and The Rook

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