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35 Amazing Aquarius Facts For February Babies

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Humans have used the stars as guides ever since the ancient Phoenicians realized they could use them to work out which way their ship was pointing, while ancient Egyptian farmers used the star Sirius to predict the future, telling them when the Nile would flood.

Technological advances may mean may we've started putting our own satellites into space and using those to navigate instead of the stars, but many of us still like to check our horoscope to see what's coming. Even more of us like to use the stars as guides to ourselves: we all know plenty of people who will proudly remark that their good luck is totally down to their Sagittarius qualities, or their Pisces characteristics.

If you want to know how your Aquarius horoscope might be influencing your life or just want to understand what the zodiac signs of February really are, keep reading. We've gathered all the most interesting airy facts about  Aquarius star signs.

Just a quick note before we get to the fun stuff: astrology's not science and this blog is purely for entertainment. These 'facts' about Aquarius are just for fun.

Facts About The Astrology Of Aquarius

These fascinating facts about the zodiac sign Aquarius will make you feel like your cup(-bearer) is running over with knowledge.

1. Aquarius is the eleventh zodiac sign, sitting between Capricorn and Pisces.  Its constellation also sits between these two in the night sky.

2. The dates of Aquarius are 20 January to 19 February, meaning you're an Aquarius star sign if you were born between those times.

3. There are two February zodiac signs: Aquarius, which covers up until 19 February, and Pisces, which covers the last part of the month.

4. The 'Aqua-' beginning may make it sound watery, but Aquarius, like Gemini and Libra, is an air sign. Air signs are known for their curious and intelligent natures.

5. Aquarius is a fixed modality sign like Taurus, Leo and Scorpio. This gives it qualities of stability and determination. Fixed signs are said to sustain things.

6. The name Aquarius means water-bearer in Latin, and this is the sign's symbol in the zodiac.

7. The most famous legend around the constellation Aquarius says that the name comes from a Trojan boy called Ganymede, who was snatched up by the Greek god Zeus to be the gods' cup-bearer on Mount Olympus.

8. Ganymede may be the most famous story, but there are plenty of others. The Babylonians thought the constellation symbolized a water god, while the Ancient Egyptians associated it with the god of the Nile. Arabic myth, in classic Aquarian style, has gone down a completely different path and believes it's not a person at all but a bucket.

Aquarians follow the beat of their own drum.

Facts About Aquarius Stars

The stars that make up the constellation of Aquarius may be faint, but they hold lots of interesting secrets.

9. The area of the sky around the constellation Aquarius was known as 'The Sea' in ancient cultures because it contained so many constellations named after water or aquatic animals. They include the Fish (Pisces), the Whale (Cetus), the Southern Fish (Pisces Austrinus) and the River (Eridanus).

10. The term 'Age of Aquarius' isn't just something made up by '60s hippies. The phrase refers to the constellation the sun rises in front of during the spring equinox. We're currently in the age of Pisces, meaning the sun rises in front of Pisces on the morning of the equinox, while Aquarius will be the next astrological age.

11. No less than four annual meteor showers take place in the constellation. During the most spectacular one, the Delta Aquarid shower from 14 July to 18 August, there can be as many as 20 meteors falling per hour.  

12. You'll need a dark sky and a good eye to spot Aquarius without a telescope, as many of its stars are quite faint.

13. Aquarius' ruling planet is Uranus, which is associated with new inventions, surprises and freedom. It's no surprise anyone born under this sign tends to be a free spirit!

14. In the past, Aquarius was also ruled by Saturn, planet of tradition, restrictions and discipline. This is why you might hear people say Aquarians are full of contradictions.

15. The planet Uranus is often said to be the strangest planet in the solar system because its moons spin backwards and its North Pole faces the sun. There's a reason Aquarians are famous for their eccentricity, then.

Positive Personality Traits Of An Aquarius

Interesting facts about Aquarius horoscope readers. What Aquarius values and how their minds work, demystified for anyone with an important Aquarius in their life.

16. Aquarians are open-minded forward-thinkers. People born under the sign of Aquarius are often seen as visionaries because of their progressive viewpoints and willingness to embrace new ideas.

17. Learning is like air to an Aquarius. People with this sign are intellectually curious and are deep thinkers. They love to learn and won't accept something as fact until they've had a really good look into it.

18. People with an Aquarius sign approach big decisions rationally and logically. They prefer taking their time to think things through carefully and take everything into account before they make a choice.

19. The Aquarius personality has a passion for justice and creating a better world. If there's a march, protest or grassroots movement for community development going on, there will be an Aquarius there. Expect them to give their all to the causes close to their heart.

20. Aquarius is known for its eccentricity and free-thinking ways. This zodiac sign thinks outside the box and individuality is a big part of many Aquarians' identity.

21. People born under the sign of Aquarius are super creative. Whether it's painting, music or starting a craft business, if there's a chance to be creative, Aquarius is there with cymbals on. Because, come on, it's Aquarius. Bells wouldn't be original enough.

22. One of the best-known personality traits for Aquarius is that, like most air signs, they're free-spirited and intensely independent. They need their freedom and don't like anything to tie them down.

23. People with an Aquarius star sign tend to be at one end of the spectrum or the other when it comes to socialising. They're either introverted and self-sufficient, or hugely energetic extroverts. Overall, they tend to have many acquaintances and a few close friends.

24. Aquarius has one of the best senses of humor in the zodiac. They're very sarcastic and dry though, so they get on best with people who get their unique wit.

This air sign is known for being forward-thinking and creative.

Aquarius Characteristics To Watch Out For

All stars have their shadows, and Aquarius is no different. In this section, we tell you the truth about Aquarius that the average Aquarian might prefer us to keep to ourselves.

25. Although Aquarians can be sociable and get along well when they want to, they also often struggle with opening up to people. They have a tendency to keep people at a distance until they really get to know them.

26. People with an Aquarius sign are renowned for their unpredictable and spontaneous natures. This can be a positive when it means there's never a dull moment around them, but isn't so great when they keep flaking out on plans.

27. People born under this sign can be prone to emotional explosions, especially if they've been bottling things up. This is the flip side of Aquarians' intensity and passion.

28. Their tendency to think things through can get out of hand at times and turns them into over-thinkers. If an Aquarius gets too far down the over-thinking rabbit hole, it can take a lot to dig them back out.

29. Aquarians can be really critical. This is great when it means critically assessing a news article or an academic paper, but can make them hard to get along with when they apply it to other people.

Famous Aquariuses

Intriguing facts about famous Aquarius personalities. (Please note that all these facts are based on the celebrities' public personas. We don't actually know these people.)

30. Whether it's expressing his individuality by refusing to coordinate his outfits with the other members of One Direction or him showcasing his creativity through a career in music, Harry Styles' obvious Aquarian traits shine out.

31. Alicia Keys not only embodies the Aquarius traits of creativity and intelligence, she's also well known for her philanthropy and commitment to the causes she supports. Definitely an Aquarius personality.

32. TikTok star Kevin Perry not only has a typically Aquarian sense of humor which he's used to gain social media fame, but he's also creative enough to be creating music and starting film school all at the same time. He clearly follows his own path in life. Sounds like an Aquarius to us.

33. MMA fighter and wrestler Ronda Rousey showcases the fierce side of Aquarius with her fighting talent. She also broke down barriers in classic unconventional Aquarius style by becoming the first-ever female MMA fighter to be inducted into the UFC Hall of Fame.

34. The Weeknd is an Aquarius and it shows - his music is always a little bit unexpected and contains some surprising artistic choices. Not that unusual from someone ruled by the planet of surprise.

35. Actress Yara Shahidi not only exercises her Aquarian creativity with a career in Hollywood, but spends huge amounts of time and energy fighting for humanitarian causes close to her heart. Sounds like all the best sides of an Aquarius to us.

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of interesting family-friendly facts for everyone to enjoy! If you liked our suggestions for Amazing Aquarius Facts For February Babies then why not take a look at Zodiac facts, or Taurus Facts?

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