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70 Amazing Astrology And Zodiac Facts

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Believe in it or not, astrology has been used for thousands of years and remains a popular and fun way to look into the future today.

While it's not an exact science, astrology can be a fun and interesting way to gain a greater appreciation of the amazing celestial movements going on around us and the link these might have on our daily lives. Whether you religiously read about horoscope signs or like to have fun applying the zodiac sign predictions to your life, there are so many fun and interesting facts about astrology and about the signs of zodiac.

We're sure you'll be keen to find out more about your zodiac sign and horoscope after reading this list of amazing astrology and zodiac sign facts. Read our Gemini facts and Scorpio facts for more zodiac fun.

Facts About Astrology

Astrology has been used for thousands of years by civilisations who noticed the way the stars influenced their lives.  This list is all about the zodiac signs and their astrology. Every fact about zodiac signs on this list will get you more and more interested in finding out your own.

1. Astrology is the study of the way cosmic objects, such as planets and stars, influence human lives.

2. The first people to identify stars and star constellations were the ancient Egyptians.

3. Astrology says that the position of cosmic objects at the time of a child's birth will shape various aspects of their life.

4. Babylonians were the first people shown to have used astrology.

5. The first documents showing records of the Babylonian astrology system come from the first dynasty of Mesopotamia in the seventh century BC.

6. There is some evidence that shows astrology may have been practised during the third millennium BC but the current evidence for comes from the second millennium BC.

7. The 'tropical' zodiac signs are the signs most westerners know and this version of the zodiac dates back to the ancient Greeks.

8. The word zodiac comes from a Greek phrase that means "animal figures sculpted".

9. Personality, economic future, relationships and many other areas of life are said to be determined by the positions of cosmic objects.

10. There is a large number of different methods and philosophies used to understand astrology.

11. Ptolemy's book, 'Tetrabiblos', was responsible for much of the popularity of astrology in the ancient world.

12. Natal astrology is used to predict things based on the date and time someone was born and is what most people are thinking of when talking about astrology.

13. Predictions about global events and large scale affairs such as wars and the economy use mundane astrology.

14. You need to know the exact time of your birth to be able to create an accurate astrology chart.

15. Because the body is made of mostly water, some astrologers think the moon might have a similar effect on humans as it does on the ocean. Some studies have shown behaviour changes around full moons.

16. Women are more likely to believe in astrology than men.

17. Mercury retrograde doesn't mean exactly what you think. A few times a year, Mercury seems to stop and reverse, however, this isn't actually the case and it is more of an optical illusion.

18. People think of Mercury retrograde as an unstable period and often blame it for problems with electronics and plans falling through.

19. In the past astrology and astronomy have been closely linked however recently, they were clearly distinguished with astronomy being given the approval of an exact science.

20. In the past, famous astronomers such as Galileo Galilei and Johannes Kepler were also astrologers.

21. Up until the 18th century, people believed so fully in the stars that medical courses had astrology classes in the curriculum.

22. During this time, there was a science called medical astrology that looked at the relationships between astrological patterns and disease.

23. It is widely believed that the three Kings who delivered gifts to baby Jesus were astrologers.

24. Sumerians laid the foundations for astrologers to study the zodiac. They were the first to identify force and war with planet Mars and to see Venus as the planet of fertility and femininity.

25. The astrology community recently rejected a request by the Minnesota Planetarium Society to move the zodiac a month forward as a result of a change in the earth's spinning axis.

26. In Japan, blood types are used to determine people's personality types instead of zodiac signs.

27. Cave paintings that featured the changing positions of planets and stars in the sky have been found from around 15,000 BC.

Ancient Egyptians were the first people to identify constellations.

Fun Facts About Zodiac Signs

Each zodiac sign is named after a constellation of the zodiac and whether you're an Aquarius, Pisces, Aries, Gemini or another sign, your sign is said to predict your personality.  An interesting fact about astrological signs is that each one can have a bunch of positive and negative traits. See which zodiac sign facts sound like you!

28. The word zodiac has Greek origins and means "circle of little animals".

29. There are twelve star constellations that make up the zodiac and these are used to describe the sun's movements throughout the year.

30. The Babylonians are responsible for the list of zodiac signs. From Aquarius to Taurus, Aries, Pisces, Gemini and everything in between, there are 12 signs of the zodiac.

31. Your zodiac sign is determined by your birth date and the sun's position when you're born.

32. People use zodiac signs for birthdays but many people may not know that there are several signs that make up your chart including a sun and moon sign and many more.

33. The most important signs when reading someone's personality are the sun sign, the moon sign and the rising sign.

34. The rising sign is said to reflect your personality and determine the type of person you present yourself as in public.

35. Your sun sign is said to determine your goals and ego, motivating you to work towards your dreams.

36. Emotional habits and changes are represented by your moon sign.

37. The astrological wheel contains twelve astronomy signs that are divided into elements of water, air, earth and fire signs.

38. The Greeks were responsible for the addition of elements to the zodiac wheel.

39. The water signs are made up of Scorpio, Cancer and Pisces.

40. Taurus, Capricorn and Virgo are the signs that fall into the earth group.

41. The air signs are the signs of Gemini, Libra and Aquarius.

42. The fire signs are the signs of Aries, Sagittarius and Leo.

43. Geminis are often known for their split personalities and are considered the craziest star sign.

44. Astrologer Paula Bueno Brandao said the first sign on the calendar when zodiacs were created was Taurus. This has changed over time and these days Aries is first.

45. Astrologers say that many Aries have a scar, often on their head, that is a result of being brave from an early age.

46. Taurus is known by astrologers as being patient, practical, devoted and responsible. Taurus is often considered the most powerful zodiac sign.

47. A kind and fair nature is often associated by astrologers with Libras.

48. Even though babies might be born on the same day, their signs can differ based on the exact time they were born.

49. The zodiac was actually originally used as an agricultural calendar so that farmers could keep track of the best times to harvest crops and plant seeds based on the movements of constellations. Later on, the name was used for star signs.

50. The most common sign in the world is Scorpio. More than 25% of the population are Scorpios and they are ruled by the planet Mars.

According to astrology, our rising sun reflects how you present your personality in public.

Facts About Horoscopes

Horoscopes use astrological dates to predict the future based on the behaviour of a number of celestial objects at the time of the reading. Whether you're Pisces, Taurus, Gemini, Aries, Sagittarius or Scorpio, all horoscopes signs can have their future read. The horoscope facts below will have you wanting your own chart read immediately.

51. Your star sign isn't a good way to predict the success of a relationship. Scientists studied the success rates of relationships based on their sign compatibility and found that the sign had no impact on the success of the relationship.

52. The word horoscope is made up of the Greek words 'hora' and 'scopos' which directly translates to "time" and "observer".

53. An astrologer needs to apply the principles of Euclidean geometry, developed by the Greek mathematician Euclid, to be able to produce an accurate horoscope about the signs of the zodiac.

54. Nostradamus, a French astrologer, is said to have predicted many important world events, including the French Revolution. He is known as one of the great future tellers.

55. The oldest piece of evidence to show the zodiac being used to make predictions is an Akkadian book, 'The Day Of Bel', that is almost 5000 years old.

56. After analysing Forbes' list of the world's richest people, it is clear that most of the world's billionaires are Aries.

57. The worst drivers on the zodiac chart are Leos. An Australian study has shown that Leos are the sign that most commonly receive speeding fines.

58. There are more than 2000 horoscopes in the world. Most people only know about Western and Chinese horoscopes however the world has many more different horoscopes.

59. Archaeologists discovered around 70 tablets from the second millennium BC that feature more than 7000 celestial predictions.

60. Around this time, astrologers were focused on current events occurring in the sky rather than future predictions.

61. During the fourth century BC, astrologers were finally able to create a reliable system to predict future celestial movements and their influence on earthly events.

Fun Facts About Celebrity Astrology

Many celebrities were all about astrology signs and used their horoscopes and the zodiac symbols to guide their career and future success. We're sure you'll love these fun celebrity astrology facts.

62. The most common star sign among celebrities is Sagittarius.

63. A number of American Presidents were known astrology fans including Theodore Roosevelt, Ronald Reagan and Franklin D Roosevelt.

64. President Reagan's wife often used astrological situations to plan events.

65. The United Astrology conference predicted Obama's presidential victories in both 2008 and 2012.

66. JP Morgan attributes much of his success to his in house astrologer. He was once quoted saying, "Millionaires don't use astrology, billionaires do".

67. Angelina Jolie is said to use all the zodiac signs to decide movie premiere dates and what movies she'll star in.

68. Albert Einstein wasn't just a maths and science expert, he was also a big fan of astrology and claimed it brought a great amount of knowledge to his life.

69. Hippocrates, the father of medicine, also used astrology to study the human body.

70. Benjamin Franklin, responsible for inventing many useful products, was very interested in astrology, in particular, planetary eclipses.

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of interesting family-friendly facts for everyone to enjoy! If you liked our suggestions for astrology and zodiac facts then why not take a look at Cancer zodiac facts, or love facts?

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