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21 Mick Jagger Facts: This Artist Will Blow Your Mind!

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For over four decades now, Mick Jagger, lead singer of the band 'Rolling Stones', has been a legend.

Every time we hearrRock n' roll, it is practically impossible not to think about Rolling Stones. And as it goes without saying, Mick Jagger has had a considerable role to play.

But what makes Mick Jagger such a massive legend in the music history of rock n roll? The answer to that is a staggering life story of the journey of a lifetime. The man is a singer, actor, songwriter, producer, but the benchmark that rose his fame was the Rolling Stones. And one of the most interesting parts of his story in Jagger's career is his friendship and the history of partnership in songwriting with Keith Richards.

Since the early seventies, Jagger continued to be the front person of this genre due to his boisterous performances and charming demeanor, making him so loved by the audience and ordinary people. A key observation about Mick Jagger is that he had found success with Rolling Stones for band projects, even for solo album singles of the band, then in his solo career. For his immense contribution in music and being an inspiration to rock bands to date, Jagger has been awarded several tokens of recognition and prestige worldwide. It is also believed that Elvis Presley was a significant inspiration, especially regarding portraying the magnetic charisma and stage presence.

Jagger has been voraciously described as both 'feminine and masculine, beautiful and ugly .' With that, he has been described as a phenomenon in himself. One of the key secrets of the longevity of Rolling Stones and one of the most underrated Mick Jagger facts is that he had throughout harbored a brutally honest yet genuine approach towards his stalwart principles and ideologies. He was a man of no diplomatic words laced with stardom, and he was a glamorous man of facts. The only thing that he wanted throughout was for the public to know him as a great performer for his popular music and the best rock album.

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The Early Life Of Mick Jagger

Born on July 26th in 1943, this Dartford born has been charming hearts since his debut album. With his gripping stage presence and mind-blowing talent, Michael Philip Jagger has pulled up Rolling Stones to a massive shot.

He was the son of a teacher and a homemaker and had perpetually been popular in his school. As a kid, from the age of fourteen, he had found his knack for only rock and roll music. He began recording with the Blue boys from that age onwards as a solo artist. In the year 1960, he had been accepted at the London School of Economics, where he commuted to attend his lectures and classes. Alongside academics, he was actively associated with his music and rehearsals.

Although he hailed from England, his significant rise in his career graph climbed up in New York City. It was early in high school when he had met Keith Richards but lost contact with him after some years when he was in London school. In 2006, when Jagger was on a Rolling Stones trip, his father died of pneumonia. Even though he was on tour, he had flown to Britain to meet his father and again get back to his concert on that very day in Las Vegas. The show was carried on just like his father Basil Jagger would wish for, and it was a huge hit even when Jagger was informed of his father's death in the afternoon. He had termed his father to be his 'greatest inspiration throughout his life.'

In the early days of Rolling Stones, Jagger and his bandmates gave out a free concert or, more often, as they were a relatively new band with fundamental equipment to perform with. They inhabited Edith Grove, a rather humble apartment with shady windows and shabby corners; back then, it was just a cheap, affordable, messy rent place.

His Acting And Film Career

It is no secret that Mick Jagger is famous all around the world as 'Rolling Stones Jagger,' but the Rolling Stones lead singer has had a different angle to his career.

He had his first film 'Performance ' released in 1969, and ever since he had performed in Ned Kelly, composed a soundtrack for Invocation of My Demon Brother, appeared as who he is in All you need is cash. Still, due to reasons, only his footage was aired in a documentary named Burden of Dreams and My Best Fiend, then he proceeded to feature in Freejack, Bent, The man from Elysian fields in the 90s. In 1995, Mick Jagger founded Jagged films alongside Victoria Pearman with 'Enigma' as the first release starring Kate Winslet. Aside from films, Jagger has appeared in several documentaries like Gimme Shelter, Sympathy for the devil, Shine a light, and comedy shows like The Knight of Prosperity and co-produced Get on Up, Vinyl, and of course, thrillers like 'The Burnt Orange Heresy.' Jagger was also approached for Pirates of the Caribbean: On strange tides, too, but due to unavoidable issues, that remained unsuccessful.

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The Personal Life Of Mick Jagger

As already known, Mick Jagger of Rolling Stones had been married and divorced once but indulged in a string of affairs. He began dating singer Marianne Faithfull with whom he had composed 'Sister Morphine.' Even when she was married, he had an affair with Marsha Hunt but soon ended with her pregnancy. The baby: Karis Hunt Jagger has been an inspiration for a song from Sticky Fingers.

In 1971, Mick tied the knot with Bianca Jagger, but after the birth of their child, in 1978, she had filed a divorce owing to his extramarital affair with Bebe Buell. In 1977, he married Jerry Hall in secret, unofficial wedding ceremony.

With Jerry Hall, he had four children, but in 1999, the marriage was declared null and void by the Court of England. Later he was involved with Sophie Dahl, then L'Wren Scott, who in 2014 had committed suicide, leaving her whole estate with him, which he used to set up a scholarship at Central Saint Martin's College. Later in 2016, Melannie Hamrick had borne a child from their relationship and gave birth when Mick Jagger was 73 years old.

His Association With Keith Richards

After losing touch with each other, perhaps out of sheer luck, one day, Michael Philip Jagger bumped into Richards on a train line and discovered each other's passion for the boy blue genre and rock n roll. That's how Jagger and Richards formed the iconic band with Jagger on harmonica and as the lead singer, Richards on guitar, Charlie Watts on drums, Bill Wayman on bass.

In 1964, the first album was released, and Jagger and Richards got their major shot with 'The Last time.' And in 1970, Jagger released his first solo. After 'Sympathy for the devil,' Brian Jones had committed suicide for which Keith and Mick were blamed but mainly Richards. But later on, the controversy calmed down when Mick Taylor replaced the guitarist, and the band sat on its hall of fame again. The trio began going for a free concert or two, too, amidst all the live performances and award recognition in prestigious places like Rock and Roll hall and UK Music Hall. In 1984, when Jaggers continued with his solo projects, Richards did not approve of them.

Later, Jaggers had realized that it was through the band itself through which he had received the pinnacle of success. In 1989, the duo rewrote and revamped some songs to get back on the field. In 1992, Bill Wayman had announced his decision to depart from the band, and although it was a sad moment for the other members nevertheless, it was accepted. But amidst all this, by the '70s itself, the companionship between Mick and Keith was starting to dry out. There were several bouts of angst and tension between the two, although they had been the band alive since 1962, being the two pillars of it. A specific documentary film featuring the duo is said to be very evident in respect of the rift brewing between the two. But despite all the tension and jabs thrown at each other, they did not entirely fail to sit down together to deliver the desired product that could elevate Rolling Stones as a band and for their music to reach the hall of fame.

With all the struggle and conspiracies, Jagger of Rolling Stones today proves to be one of the most celebrated artists with David Bowie, Michael Jackson, and more.

As a band, during the early days, Rolling Stones might have had passed their days in a dilapidated apartment. Still, today Edith has gained momentous popularity owing to them. In 2016, it was recreated for an exhibition titled 'Exhibitionism.' Even after being in existence for such a long time, to this day, kids sing songs of the phenomenal Rolling Stones.

Even though Jaggers has had a life full of hindrances and unstable phases, today, he has prestigious awards like Golden Globe and Emmy Awards up his shelves, making him one of the most influential vocalists in a span of 50 years. Jagger's net worth now is a whopping $360 million, one of the richest rock stars in the world.

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