33 Crochet Facts: This Will Really Blow Your Mind!

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Here, in this article, you will find all the important crochet facts that every crochet enthusiast should know

Crochet is a fascinating craft that has been around for centuries.

Crochet is a great way to relax and unwind, and it's also a very versatile craft that can be used to create all sorts of different items. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced crocheter, we guarantee you'll learn something new from this article!

Modern Practice And Culture

In this section, we will discuss the cultural background of crochet and how it is used in modern times.

The renowned artist Nathan Vincent once said that he wanted to change the masculine aspect in which we see certain objects around us. For that, he knitted an entire locker room, including urinals, taxidermy busts, tools, and guns.

Knots of Love, a non-profit company, donates blankets to babies and crocheted hats to people who have gone bald due to chemotherapy.

During the period when Ireland was suffering from the famous potato famine called the Irish Potato Famine of 1845, some Ursuline nuns taught crocheting (knitting and making handcraft) to the local women. It became very popular as 'Irish Crochet' and also became the primary source of income for thousands of people.

Looking back at the history of crochet, we see that the first crochet patterns appeared in 'Penélopé', a Dutch magazine, in 1824. These patterns were for purses made of silk thread. Interestingly, the word 'crochet' stemmed from the Old French word 'croche' (its German equivalent is 'croc'), which means a 'small hook'.

'Knitting, Crochet and Netting' was published by Eleonore Riego de la Branchadiere in 1846. It is also proven that this act of knitting has numerous health benefits. For example, it fights insomnia, anxiety, and stress.

When it comes to the longest granny square crochet pattern, Stephen Duneier holds the record. The first crochet pattern of this kind was published by the Weldon Company in London in 1897.

When it comes to the cultural importance of crochet, it was very popular in the '60s and '70s, mainly among hippies. There is also a form of street art called Yarn Bombing, where people cover numerous objects situated in the public environment in various forms of yarn (crochet, cross-stitch, knit, amigurumi, and simple wrapping).

Apart from knitting clothes, crochet hooks are also used in certain hairstyles (mainly braids). There is also information on the history of crochet written by Ruthie Marks and published by The Crochet Guild of America.

Lisa Gentry, an American crocheter, is known for being the fastest crocheter in the country. She has a record of crocheting 5,118 stitches within only 30 minutes.

Materials Used In Crochet

In this section of the article, we will talk about various materials that are used in crochet.

The first one on this list is yarn. When it comes to crocheting, yarn is also the most used material. The second essential component of crochet is the hooks. There are also various kinds of hooks available in the market.

Some are ergonomic hooks, plastic hooks, aluminum hooks, and handcrafted hooks. Another important material on this list is the tapestry needle. It is similar to the swing needle, except that a tapestry needle has a soft tip.

It is said that when this weaving technique was first invented, people generally used wires, bones, and brass to make crochet hooks. Even though the instrument looks simple, the price of a wooden crochet hook can be expensive. The largest crochet hook was made by Clare and Broa Sams.

Did you know that crochet saved numerous lives in Ireland during the Irish Potato Famine? Read the article to know more about this practice

Methods Of Crocheting

This section of the article will be dedicated to the discussion of various methods of crocheting.

Did you know that the method of holding a crochet hook has several names? These are the chopstick hold, the pinky fly hold, the knife grip, and the pencil hold. One of the most popular crocheting methods in the world is known as Tunisian crochet or Afghan crochet.

For its unique style, it is said to be a mixture of crocheting and knitting. Another popular method is known as double-ended crochet. As suggested in the name, this method of crocheting requires a double-ended crochet hook.

The next one is called broomstick lace. It is one kind of crochet technique where you need to use an object with a large diameter along with a standard hook to create beautiful lace stitches.

It is also called peacock lace or jiffy lace. If you are looking for a technique that does not require any special tool, yet produces outstanding crochet patterns, then pineapple lace is perfect for you. However, it requires a lot of concentration and dedication to create pineapple shapes using traveling chain stitches.

The last method on this list is called hairpin lace. This method uses an adjustable hairpin lace loom with a pair of standard hooks. You can create some beautiful pieces using this method.

Types Of Stitches Used In Crochet

In this section, we will see some of the most famous crochet stitches.

The first one on this list is called single crochet stitch. It is the simplest one and also the easiest one to learn. The next one is double crotches stitch. It is also a simple method, which is essential for making patterns.

The treble crochet stick is a comparatively taller one. It consists of four chains and requires a little bit of repetition. However, it is very effective when trying to make some crochet patterns quickly.

The next one is called slip stitch crochet. Even though it has been traditionally used as a joining stitch, you can easily make an Afghan blanket or a bun using this technique.

The next one on this list is called the moss stitch or granite stitch. It is known for producing textured crochet that comes when you mix the chain stitch and the simple stitch.

According to the Guinness Book of World Records, India's largest crochet blanket was made. The size of the blanket was around 120,001.5 sq ft (11148.5 sq m), and it took 1000 crocheters to complete the project. The entire blanket was made of hundreds of 40×40 in (101.6×101.6 cm) sections.

The names of basic crochet stitches can vary based on where the crochet pattern was made. For example, the stitches used in an American pattern will have different names than those used in a British pattern.

One can also watch some YouTube videos or take crochet lessons to learn to read crochet patterns and make a sweater, magic crochet ring, triangle, and more!

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