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A Complete Guide Of Things To Do In Delaware With Kids!

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Delaware is one of the country's smaller states bordering the Atlantic Ocean, offering a diverse choice of kids' activities.

Wilmington is the state's largest city, while Dover, the state capital, is the state's second-largest city. Interestingly, six separate income tax bands exist in Delaware.

Consumers are not subject to sales tax in the state. In contrast to many other states, Delaware's educational system is centralized with local school boards maintaining responsibility only for taxes and some curriculum decisions. Delaware hosts several festivals, fairs, events, and other fun things.

The Riverfest in Seaford, the World Championship Punkin Chunkin, the Bethany Beach Jazz Funeral to mark the end of summer, the Rehoboth Beach Chocolate Festival, and the Apple-Scrapple Festival in Bridgeville are some of this state's most notable festivals. 

There is a little bit of everything for everyone, from charming beaches to historical cities, from breathtaking scenery to the Delaware Museum.

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Fun Things To Do In Delaware With Kids

Delaware is a small state, but it has a lot of family-friendly attractions and fun places. We have unearthed all of the top Delaware family activities, from museums in the Brandywine valley to beaches.

Visitors to the Ryves Holt House in Lewes can learn about the earliest Dutch immigrants who came to Delaware's coastal area, preventing Maryland from claiming it. Swedish settlers and William Penn first stepped foot on American land in this small town by strolling through the streets of the historic New Castle along the Delaware River. Delaware was a part of Pennsylvania for years after Penn's arrival until it adopted and signed the declaration of Independence in 1776 as its own province. 

Families can visit The Green in Dover, the present state capital, where delegates from all across Delaware assembled on December 7, 1787 to ratify the United States Constitution, making Delaware the first state to do so. Delaware has a lot of rich history for such a little state.

A free, family-friendly museum shows some of the US Air Force's largest retired aircraft at Dover Air Force Base, located outside the state capital of Delaware. Visitors can walk around these large airplanes and admire them from practically every angle. This makes the Air Mobility Command Museum a popular choice with families. Volunteer Air Force veterans give free tours to the public. The Air Mobility Command Museum, once a World War II military installation, currently houses 30 antique aircraft.

On Pea Patch Island located in the Delaware Bay, Fort Delaware offers a family-friendly Civil War history experience. Visitors arrive on the island after a short boat ride. After that, they take a tram to the fort, located across the marsh. Kids can learn about life at the fort in 1864 from the resident blacksmith, laundress, storekeepers, and soldiers. During the Civil War, this fort was a fully functional village with a schoolteacher for the 20 officers' children who lived on the island. 

East of Dover, Pickering Beach is an excellent option. Horseshoe crabs can be found here. Horseshoe crabs come ashore in enormous numbers in late spring, and they cover the beach.

More than any other event or individual in Delaware's history, the Du Pont family's legacy has impacted the state. There are several spots in Wilmington where you can observe the Du Pont family's wealth. It is a premiere center for studying American decorative arts, including numerous George Washington paintings on display. 

Families can take a walk along the Brandywine River's banks to learn how the river's power was used to produce black powder.

The Marshall Steam Museum offers steam-powered automobiles, and small steam-powered train rides that transport visitors back to the early 1900s. The world's largest collection of Stanley steam cars, all of which are working, is displayed at this museum.

Creative Things To Do In Delaware With Kids

Let's find out!

Rehoboth Beach and Boardwalk is definitely the place to go for a family beach day out. Jungle Jim's Water Park and Jungle Jim's Adventure World and other theme parks are great options for a day away from the beach.

Families can take a stroll around the picturesque city in the evenings to browse the shops or grab a bite to eat. Delaware Seashore State Park or the famous Bethany Beach, just south of Rehoboth, are great locations if you are looking for a relaxing Delaware beach. Either can also be used as a picnic area.

Discoversea Shipwreck Museum is one of the many fun places for kids who enjoy stories about maritime adventures and pirates. Discoversea contains cannons, gold bars, gold coins, a real treasure chest, ordinary objects from the past, and many other shipwreck treasures among its 10,000 artifacts discovered from wrecked ships dating back to as far as 1622.

The Delaware Children's Museum, the state's only children's museum, is also located in the city. After you've finished at the museum, you can visit the Stratosphere Trampoline Park, which is another exciting location to go to.

From beaches to museums, there's a lot you can do with kids in Delaware.

Cool Things To Do In Delaware With Kids

There are many cool activities to choose from!

The Thunder Lagoon Water Park is a family-friendly destination with various exciting activities for visitors of all ages. It contains a huge activity pool where kids can splash around and have a good time, as well as a significantly-sized kiddie pool where kids can have endless fun.

A visit to the Delaware Agricultural Museum and Village in Dover will transport the whole family back to the 1890s. A trip through Loockerman Community, a re-creation of a turn-of-the-century rural Delaware village, will provide insight into the state's and the Delmarva peninsula's agricultural legacy. 

Touch of History is a hands-on display where kids can milk cows and drill holes in the ground.

One of Delaware's original state parks is Fort Delaware - State Park. It has a number of amazing historic sites featured on the National Register of Historic Places.

The excellent sandy beaches of Lewes, another popular tourist destination, are close to the famous Rehoboth Beach. Many attractions, such as public parks, restaurants, shops, and family resorts, can be found on Lewes' main street.

To beat the heat of Delaware summers, take your kids to the state's largest waterpark. A wave pool, lazy river, enormous waterslides, a kiddie pool, a 'sprayground,' and other watery activities can be found at Jungle Jim's River Safari at Rehoboth Beach. 

Take your kids for a go-kart ride, batting practice in the batting cages, or a round of mini-golf when they need to dry off.

If you're seeking the most fun things to do in Delaware with kids, this is the place to go, particularly for a family-friendly night out. At Family Fun Galaxy, you may enjoy a day of laser tag, arcade games, bumper cars, and there is an indoor playground. Family Fun Galaxy is a venue in Middletown that offers a nighttime entertainment center for children. This amusement center is for children aged five and up.

The Brandywine Zoo is open all year and allows visitors to get a taste of life in the animal world. The zoo, which is in Wilmington, is home to 150 friendly animals. Winter Day Camp, 'art in the park', and 'zoo kids' are just a few kid-friendly classes available. While there, see Zhanna the Amur tiger and the adorable two-toed sloths. There are vast areas to explore, as well as many dedicated staff members who will enrich your visit with their expertise and love of the creatures they care for.

Spend the day at the Winterthur Museum and country estate, where your kids may search for woodland fairies and wander through a labyrinth. Winterthur, located in Wilmington, offers a variety of family-friendly activities and programs, including the enchanted woods, a children's garden with a tulip tree house and fairy cottage, as well as a children's vegetable gardening course. A touch-it room with show-and-tell objects is also available at the estate.

Amazing Things To Do In Delaware With Kids

The Fenwick Island lighthouse has been a long-time landmark along the Delaware shore, built in the early 1800s. A trip to Fenwick Island with the whole family is a calm and pleasant way to spend a day with the entire family in the tiny village that has grown around the historical monument.

Like most museums, the Delaware Art Museum has both permanent and temporary art collections. At least once a month, the museum hosts a family program, and there is a separate area in the basement reserved exclusively for families. 

The state's only permanent dinosaur exhibit is located at the Delaware Museum of Natural History. The shell gallery of the museum houses one of the best shell collections in the country. The museum's scavenger hunt and nature nook will appeal to older kids and young children.

Swimming at serene guarded beaches, biking, hiking, kayaking, and exploring historic Fort Miles in Cape Henlopen State Park are all excellent ways to spend a day or weekend. Stop by the kid-friendly Seaside Nature Center if your children are more interested in the natural world.

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