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'Adventure Time' facts reveal insight on this Cartoon Network show favorites, like the Ice King.
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'Adventure Time' follows the adventures of a weird-looking human with his dog.

Will you watch this show? Well, based on hundreds of reviews, you should give it a try!

When Pendleton Ward created 'Adventure Time', he would have never have imagined the level of success and attention it would garner. As a result, Finn the Human and Jake the Dog ended up having countless quirky adventures in the Land of Ooo. It is one of Cartoon Network's most popular shows running for 10 whole seasons. In each episode, Finn and Jake, along with countless side characters, go on several treasure or monster-hunting adventures.

Although the series was created for children, Adventure Time's weird and complex plotlines have grabbed the attention of cartoon-loving adults. Here you will discover why each episode is unique, what life lessons are to be learned, how many awards the show has garnered, and other 'Adventure Time' facts.

Continue reading for unique and interesting 'Adventure Time' facts.

Success Of The Show

The success of 'Adventure Time' begins with the well-fleshed-out characters and, of course, the complex plotline. This is visible in each episode of every season, so you will never be disappointed with the cartoon show.

It is strange and weird. Every episode was filled with a strange world filled with even stranger characters.

The story had weird-looking animals and humans, Gods, and so on.

The best part was that the writers maintained a balance between bizarre and humor, allowing you to connect with the plot.

Some of the storylines were also inspired by famous movies; for example, parts of episode three of the third season were inspired by the 'Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.'

'Adventure Time' also kept shattering stereotypes through its characters and plotline.

Female characters broke the stereotypes.

Strong females, like Flame Princess or Lady Rainicorn, showcased girl power.

It also broke the 'two girls; one bad and one good girl' trope as seen in many animated series like 'Teen Titans.'

One of the coolest aspects of this animated show is how the post-apocalyptic world was depicted.

Writers did not shy away from addressing dark elements, such as the backstories of characters, like the Ice King and others.

The magical depiction of life after an apocalypse was reflected perfectly in each episode and season.

Awards Received

From Emmy's to Peabody Awards, Adventure Time, and its creator, Pendleton Ward has raked in some of the highest-ranking accolades achievable by an animated television series.

The list of awards includes Emmy, BAFTA, Annie Awards, Behind the Voice Actors Award, Critics Choice Television Awards, Kids' Choice Awards, and Television Critics Association Awards.

'Adventure Time' has received 49 nominations and won 26 Primetime Emmy Awards.

The categories include Outstanding Animated Program, Outstanding Individual Achievement in Animation, Outstanding Short Form Animated Program.

The period of wins and nominations at the Emmys falls between 2010-2019.

Creators and Cartoon Network were awarded the BAFTA Children's Award under the Best International category.

This children's show was awarded the BAFTAs in 2013 and 2014.

From 2012-2014, the voice actors of the Cartoon Network show received top honors at the Behind the Voice Actors Awards.

The entire cast, including Tom Kenny and Olivia Olson, received the award in the Best Vocal Ensemble in a Television Series - Comedy/Musical category as part of the Behind The Voice Actors Awards.

The final season of the show had 16 episodes.

Creator: Pendleton Ward

The creator of this multi-award-winning cartoon is the one and only Pendleton Ward or Pen. Born in San Antonio in 1982, Penn started his animation journey by creating his first flipbook in first grade. Here are some really awesome and fun facts on how this creative genius began his journey and developed 'Adventure Time.'

Pendelton's mother, Bettie Ward, was an artist who worked with animators.

Therefore, Penn's interest in animation began at home, and he started drawing at an early age.

He created flipbooks in school, and thanks to his mother's connections, he was able to meet popular animators.

At CalArts, he met JG Quintel, who is the creator of 'Flapjack' and the 'Regular Show.'

CalArts is where Pen was introduced to Frederator Studios' Eric Homer, and that is how his journey with Frederator began. He then started creating storylines for 'Random! Cartoons.'

Bueno the Bear was his first creation. However, he took down this comic as he was not happy with the story.

He continued to create animated shorts with other storyboard artists as part of Frederator's 'Random! Cartoons.' Some examples include 'Barrista' (starring Bueno the Bear) and 'The Bravest Warriors.'

In 2006, he created the 'Adventure Time' animated short, which soon became viral.

In 2008, he created a full series for 'Adventure Time' which he pitched to Nickelodeon.

However, they declined it, and the series was later picked up by Cartoon Network.

'Adventure Time,' due to its quirky, weird yet child-friendly storyline, blew up and became a fan favorite.

Pendleton Ward continued to be the showrunner until season five and gave up the writing position by Season seven.

His reason for leaving his show running and writing duties was that the show was driving him crazy. However, he continued to monitor outlines of future episodes.

Pen not only created the show but also voiced many of its side characters, such as Lumpy Space Princess. He also sang and composed the theme song.

Pen continued to create other cartoon shows like 'Bravest Warriors,' 'The Midnight Gospel,' and 'The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack' for Cartoon Network.

The Happy Ending

Here is what the ending entailed with some spoilers!

Like everything else in the world, Adventure Time also came to an end after a 10-season run.

Fans got a chance to say goodbye to Finn, Jake, Lady Rainicorn, Ice King, and so on in the 289th episode.

The final episode of season 10 was 'Come Along With Me,' which was divided into four parts.

The focus of this last episode was on the Gum War.

Princess Bubblegum and Gumbald fight for the Candy Kingdom.

Finn and Jake try to stop the feud from turning ugly, but it continues even in the dream realm.

However, both call a truce, Princess Bubblegum apologizes to her Uncle, and he, in turn, pulls back the Candy Kingdom's Forces.

Betty saves the Land of Ooo by finding a way to defeat the interdimensional creature, GOLB.

She also saves her beloved Ice King from death.

She does so by asking for the Ice King's protection, at the same time fusing herself with GOLB to be forever lost in the cosmos.

Finally, with all dangers in the Land of Ooo everted and defeated, Finn and Jake are seen reminiscing their adventures.

They do so while listening to the track 'Come Along With Me,' which is also the title of the last episode of the final season.

With the music playing in the background, a montage of what happened to the others is showcased.

Finn and Jake the Dog's adventures captured the imagination of millions of cartoon lovers across the globe.

While the show may have ended, fans continue to relive its story through the reruns!


Q: What was 'Adventure Time' based on?

A: Adventure Time is based on an animated short with the same title that aired on Frederator Studios' Random! Cartoon.

Q: Who is the most popular character in 'Adventure Time?'

A: The most popular character in 'Adventure Time' is the lead, Finn the Human.

Q: Why did 'Adventure Time' get canceled?

A: 'Adventure Time' ended because the story arc of the lead character, Finn the Human, was finished, and Cartoon Network was hesitant in continuing with the storylines of side characters.

Q: Why did 'Adventure Time' get so weird?

A: 'Adventure Time' was always considered weird, which was also the reason for its incredible popularity.

Q: Who invented 'Adventure Time?'

A: Pendleton Ward is the inventor of 'Adventure Time,'

Q: Who voiced Finn?

A: Jeremy Sharada is the voice behind Finn the Human.

Q: How did 'Adventure Time' end?

A: In September 2018, Adventure Time's main characters Finn and his friend Jake went on their final adventure in the Land of Ooo. However, HBO launched a spinoff, 'Distant Lands,' which was released in June 2020.

Q: How many total episodes of Adventure Time are there?

A: The animated show, 'Adventure Time', ran for 10 seasons and has 289 episodes.

Q: What is Jake in Adventure Time?

A: Jake, the Dog, is Finn's partner-in-crime, adoptive brother, and best friend. He is a dog with magical abilities that allows him to change the shape and size of his body. John DiMaggio voices Jake.

Q: Is Adventure Time coming back in 2022?

A: There are no plans for 'Adventure Time' to be revived in 2022.

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