Interesting Redwall Facts: A Few Things You Were Never Told

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Those interested in the Redwall history and fiction must read these Redwall facts.

Brian Jacques's Redwall books are a collection of children's fantasy novels released from 1986 to 2011.

'Redwall' is also the name of the first book of the Redwall series. An animated series of the same name was released in 1999 that was inspired by the three novels from the Redwall series.

The novels are mostly intended for adolescent readers. A total of 22 novels have been published in the series. 'The Rogue Crew', Jacques' twenty-second and final novel, was published posthumously on May 3, 2011. It was released three months after the death of Brian Jacques on February 5.

The show follows the exploits of mythical creatures. They include mice, hares, moles, badgers, and other forest creatures. They live in Redwall Abbey and the area around Mossflower Wood. Mossflower's peaceful creatures are sometimes called upon to become warriors in order to protect themselves from raiding gangs of vermin. They are rats, weasels, and foxes.

Most of the novels in the Redwall series, take place at various points in Redwall and Mossflower's fictitious history. The stories are told in a non-linear way where the chronology of events appears tilted. Some events occurred before the creation of Redwall Abbey, while others took place in regions far from Mossflower.

Some of the novels, like 'The Legend Of Luke', center on individuals that are legendary famous people in other volumes. Only some characters appear in more than one novel due to the widely separated plots. Martin the Warrior is one of Redwall Abbey's C0-founders.

His adventures are described in several of the novels. He is constantly invoked as a symbol of heroism who inspires subsequent Redwall inhabitants. He occasionally visits them as a spiritual vision.

Despite the changing historical backdrop and the lack of recurrent individuals, similar character archetypes reappear across the novels. There are tribe-specific leaders such as the Badger or the Skipper of Otters. Other repeating themes are Dibbuns, the Redwall term for newborn woodlanders, and extensive meal descriptions.

The series is set in an Abbey, and various characters are called monks and friars. However, the series does not indicate religious beliefs or rituals. Early books depict a St. Ninian's church near Redwall Abbey, while a later novel depicts it as a mistake for a site that was never a church.

The Redwall books have been called fantasy, but only the characters designed by Brian Jacques are supernatural. Rest there is no magic in the whole Redwall Series. Only Martin has a sword that has some special powers. Badger mothers are magnificent creatures who are regularly relied upon to care for Dibbuns in Redwall Abbey.

Characters Of Redwall

Redwall books and TV series are full of mysterious characters. Even the game based on Redwall Abbey comprises animals with superpowers.

The character of a creature—whether good or evil—is nearly always determined by its species in the Redwall universe. Apart from major characters, several creatures make cameos in the novels. Dormice exist on occasion but are rarely important characters.

There is a monster named a Wearet that appears twice in' Mattimeo' and 'Loamhedge'. He is presumably half otter and half ferret. The novel 'The Rogue Crew' contains a half-weasel and half-rat; as its main villain.

Abbey Warriors are beings of any kind summoned by the spirit of Martin the Warrior. They defend the Abbey or execute a unique mission. Warriors are not the same as those who hold the Sword of Martin. The inhabitants of Redwall have formally named those who will protect and defend the Abbey as Champions of Redwall.

The main characters of the Redwall series are Constance, Sparra, Sela, Cheesethief, Basil Stag Hare, Fore Mole, and Martin. Many evil animals learn about Redwall and want to take it over, either by force or by misleading the Redwallers. They feel the residents are unsophisticated country bumpkins.

Redwall's beaver is the only one who appears throughout the entire series. Its species has remained unknown since.

Bees can converse in Redwall, as evidenced by a passage at the conclusion of the book. It is mentioned that the Guerilla Shrews acquired the bee language in order to trade and quarrel. This was not mentioned in any other books.

Redwall implies that foxes are not necessarily bad. Abbot Mortimer is said to have traded tomes with wandering healer foxes. Sela, the vixen's fox offspring, were considered to as a terrible bunch, implying that they comprised an exception rather than the average.

Foxes are classified as a vermin species in all subsequent texts. In Redwall, the cat is larger than Matthias. Constance the Badger is shown dragging a wagon by herself, but in later works, badgers and wildcats are generally the same sizes as the other animals.

Author Facts

The Author of the Redwall books is Brian Jacques.

Brian Jacques, a British novelist, was best known for his Redwall fantasy-adventure series for youngsters. The stories revolve around the exploits of courageous mice in medieval England. By 2010, over 20 million books had been sold in over 20 countries. They have also been translated into 30 languages.

Brian Jacques was born in Liverpool, England, on June 15, 1939. Despite the fact that he began writing novels at a young age, Jacques dropped out of school at the age of 15 and served as a merchant marine.

With his two brothers and several friends, he formed The Liverpool Fishermen in the '60s. They toured local bars and recorded an album. Jacques continued to create poetry, short tales, jokes, and songs during the next decade.

After reading to kids at the Royal School for the Blind, Jacques began writing the Redwall novels. He determined to write what he thought would be a more compelling novel.

He felt that the books on the market were overly saturated with teenage angst. Jacques created a plot for his tales that had wars, chivalry, quests, and riddles, with good finally triumphing over evil.

He used animal characters such as mice, badgers, squirrels, rats, weasels, and stoats. He used colorful descriptions to allow his blind audience to engage their imaginations and get more immersed in the images. After finishing his first book, Jacques gave it to an old instructor, who then took it to a publisher.

The publisher was so thrilled that he asked for a five-part series. It all ended up being a set of 22 novels.

Jacques also had a weekly radio program called Jakestown for many years, which terminated in 2006. He died on February 5, 2011, in Liverpool. 'The Rogue Crew', the 22nd novel in the Redwall series, was published posthumously.

TV Series Adaptation

Netflix is producing TV shows and films based on the books for Redwall fans.

The Redwall series' first season, aired in 1999, was based on the novel 'Redwall'. Two additional seasons followed, based on the novels 'Mattimeo' and 'Martin The Warrior'. Each season has 13 episodes. Each episode began with Brian Jacques personally providing a description of the story thus far. These sequences were later removed from later re-airings and DVD versions.

Netflix acquired complete translation rights to the Redwall novel series in February 2021. For the streaming platform, a feature movie based on the novel 'Redwall'. Also, an animated series revolving around the character Martin the Warrior is in the works. The script will be written by Patrick McHale, the Author of Over the Garden Wall.

Redwall Games

Three main games have been developed based on the Redwall series. The characters are inspired by the mysterious animals of Redwall Abbey. The name of these games are 'Escape The Gloomer', 'The Scout' and 'The Lost Legends Of Red Wall'.

Redwall limestone cliffs of the Grand Canyon

Fun Facts About Redwall

There are many facts related to the Redwall that you may like.

  • The Childwall Abbey pub in Liverpool inspired the name 'Redwall Abbey'.
  • Redwall looked to be set in the actual world. Cluny was sometimes described as a Portuguese water rat. Methuselah also said that one of Cluny's tales originated from a town dog. The horses used in early chapters were regular horse size, and the cart it towed was also typical horse size - a whole army of rats could ride in it. There was another report of cows trampling through a village.
  • Brian Jacques did not anticipate the book's publication and avoided allusions to humans and many bigger creatures in subsequent novels.
  • The work to build the red wall begins after the third book.
  • Redwall's red sandstone facade was influenced by the red walls of Stanley Park in Liverpool's Kirkdale neighborhood.
  • The Redwall prequels are published in random order of time. The sequels, notably Mattimeo, were issued in chronological sequence.
  • The first three chronologically arranged books take place before Redwall Abbey's construction. The fourth book, 'The Legend Of Luke', occurs during the construction. Many of the works set before the creation of Redwall are told using a framing mechanism.
  • The story revolves around Redwall Abbey. It is a red sandstone abbey erected following the events of Mossflower. It is home to several of Mossflower Woods' nice creatures.
  • There are several additional locations, like the mountain fortress Riftgard, Loamhedge, and Green Isle. The River Moss is also a major stream.
  • Most stories take place aboard sailing ships, and many of the perils involve merely the weather and the damage caused by it.
  • Several characters in the lengthy series are clear homages to persons from Jacques' life. Jacques describes himself as a people watcher. He told Scholastic that virtually all of his characters are people or amalgamations of individuals he encountered in his life. Many of their exploits are based on real-world interactions with him and his pals.
  • Jacques' experiences as a terrified child during the final years of WW II assisted him in bringing some of the mice's most scary and victorious moments to the paper. His stories are composed from the perspective of a youngster sitting in a cinema theater during World War II; he once told The New York Times.
  • To properly establish the scene, Jacques attempted to create intriguing baddies. The baddies invoked the same horror he had as a boy seeing newsreels of the war's devastation. However, when it came to choosing the heroes, he had no trouble. He prefers mice. Mice were his heroes because they are little, like toddlers, and must learn to be brave and utilize their brains.


What is Redwall based on?
The stories revolve around Redwall Abbey. That is a red sandstone abbey erected in the aftermath of Mossflower. It is home to several of Mossflower Woods' nice creatures. Salamandastron is the mountain castle residence of the Badger Lords. The legendary hares of the Long Patrol, the army is significant.

How old is the Redwall?
The first book was published in 1986.

Does Redwall have magic?
There are no magical events. Just the characters have supernatural powers. Martin is the character having a magical sword.

Do humans exist in Redwall?
Humans do not exist in the Redwall books.

What animals are in Redwall?
There are noble species and Vermin species in the Redwall.

Is there a Redwall movie?
No movie has been made based on the Redwall. But one has been proposed by Netflix.

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