21 Amazing August Birthday Facts That Are Sure To Amaze You

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August birthday facts are of great interest to August-born babies.

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Were you a lucky baby to have been born in this eighth month of the Gregorian Calendar?

What have the stars predicted for you, your career, accomplishments, and love life for the zodiac signs? If you are that person who loves flipping pages of newspapers to read each days’ zodiac or who never misses a post on daily zodiac updates, then you are at the right destination!

This 31-day month has fascinating traits for you. Do August-borns indeed have August traits? August babies are either Leo or Virgo, for these are the zodiacs that fall under the month. In the US, August is the most common month to be born! That left you agape for sure! Were you an August-born baby gifted to your parents?

Probably yes! Read until the end, and you may be surprised to find a relatable August-born companion narrating all your traits! Read along to find out more August birthday fun facts. Afterward, also check out some interesting April birthday facts and Buddhism facts for kids.

Meaning And Significance Of August Birthday

How are August-born babies different from the rest? Know here!

If you were born between July 22 and August 23, you are a warm-loving Leo. If you were born between August 23 and September 22, you are a valiant Virgo. Leos are represented by a lion, and Leo babies are imaginative, dramatic, and zealous.

No wonder these traits make them innate leaders. But they are also self-conceited and not always tolerable. Virgo babies, represented by Maiden, are practical and down-to-earth people.

When others have one or two birthstones, August-borns have three to choose from! There is nothing wrong with showing off some glamour, and these mesmerizing birthstones are for you. Green Peridot, Sardonyx, and Spinel are those three gemstones, which could add to your bounteous beauty. The light-green Peridot bestows magical powers of power and influence. The reddish, zebra-striped stone with white bands are the Sardonyxes that magnetize friends and bring in heaps of fortune to you.  Resembling Ruby or Sapphire are the Spinels that promise to bring innumerable health benefits. The vibrant flowers of gladiolus and poppies are the birth flowers for those born this month. The gladiolus implies integrity, honor, and respect, while the poppies symbolize remembrance, prosperity, enchantment, and sympathy.

It’s always not about bounce and exuberance for life, but luck often turns the game. August babies are said to be luckier than other birth months. Or is that because they have an outlook to view themselves as lucky more than others? August is full of celebrations in the calendar and marked by funny yet significant days like the national lazy day, joke day, and national beach day.

Famous People Born In August

Who isn’t curious to know the famous people born in the same month? A few interesting facts are waiting ahead for you, August-borns!

Some renowned August-borns who bought fame and stature home were the American Presidents Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, Herbert Hoover, and Lyndon B Johnson.

Sportsmen like Tyson Fury, Tom Brady, the great Khali, Tim Tebow, Roy Keane, Jalen Hurts, Paige, Mario Balotelli, Hulk Hogan, Luke De Jong, Thomas Tuchel,  Patty Mills, Thierry Henry, Dhyan Chand, Deion Sanders, Magic Johnson, Wilt Chamberlain, Kyler Murray, Olympic athlete Usain Bolt, Nick Diaz, Roger Federer, Caeleb Dressel, John Gruden, Robert Lewandowski, Kobe Bryant were exalting figures in sports.

Actors like Jason Momoa, Macaulay Culkin, Dan Levy, Kate Siegal, Chad Murray, Melissa McCarthy, Robert De Niro, Kishore Kumar, Sreedevi, Kajol, Michael Shannon, Cole Sprouse, Sebastian Stan, Cameron Diaz, Mila Kunis, James Kordan, Jared Harris, Dyan O’Brien, Chris Hemsworth, Carla Gugino, Jennifer Coolidge, Mark Strong, Justin Theroux, Chris Hemsworth, Ben Affleck, Edward Norton, Taika Waititi, Sean Konnery, Gillian Anderson, Alexander Skarsgard, Charles Robert Redford, Suranne Jones, Martin Seen, Billy Bob Thornton, Amy Adams, Ursula Corbero, Steve Carell, Helen McCrory, Angela Bassett, Vera Farmiga, Ingrid Burgman, Carrie Anne Moss, Dustin Hoffman, Viola Davis, Andrew Garfield, Patrick Swayze, River Phoenix, Joanne Whalley, Elizabeth Debicki, Marie Parker, Christian Slater, Emily Hampshire, Melanie Griffith, Cara Delevingne, Antonio Banderas, Sam Elliot, Halle Berry,  Chris Pine, Blake Lively, Jennifer Lawrence, Matthew Perry, Charlize Theron, Jack Black, Whitney Houston, Mimi Keene, Andy Samberg, Saif Ali Khan, Sean Penn brought laurels for their stunning on-screen performances. Film and theatre personalities like Roman Polanski, Kacey Musgraves, Alfred Hitchcock, Tim Burton, Andy Warhol, M Night Shyamalan, James Cameron, Michelle Yeoh, Stephen Graham, Armie Hammer, Meghan Markle, Lucille Ball, Anna Kendrick, Richard Gere, and David Duchovny are hailed for their captivating contributions for the film industry.

Singers like Shawn Mendes, Alan Walker, Tony Bennett, Geri Halliwell, Robert Plant, Keith Moon, Dua Lipa, Madonna, Yungblud, Donnie Wahlberg, Steve Martin, Kenny Rogers, Shania Twain, Layne Staley, stand-up comedians Dave Chappelle, John Mulaney, Joe Rogan, Boe Burnham, singer and actress Demi Lovato, model Kylie Jenner, rappers like the Kid Laroi, Nipsey Hussle, Shock G, Fred Durst, filmmaker James Gunn, American fashion designer Tom Ford have added glory to this list of August-borns.

Other notable personalities like Satya Nadella, Narayana Murty, Sudha Murty, Dr. Larry Nassar, and King of Pop Michael Jackson are highly acclaimed figures. Writers Mary Shelley, PB Shelly, HP Lovecraft, inventor Orville Wright, intellect and philosopher John Locke, astronaut Neil Armstrong, Roman emperor Caligula, Augustus Caesar, Commodus, Louis Armstrong, George 4th of the United Kingdom, and Napoleon Bonaparte were all August-borns.

The Countess of Snowdown-Princess Margaret, Princess Anne, Warren Buffet, George Soros, Mother Theresa, King of England Henry 5th, businessman Edmond James, Vincent McMahon, Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia Muhammed Bin Salman, British Queen Elizabeth, former Indian Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi, once a king of the United Kingdom-William 4th, former Afghanisthan President Mohammed Najibullah, former Prime Minister of Cuba Fidel Castro, politician Joe Manchin and former President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko are celebrated figures to name a few, for their remarkable contributions in diverse spheres of life.

Zodiac Sign Details Of August Birthday

Be a Leo or Virgo, here are all the zodiac details of both you need to know!

Leo, derived from the Greek word ‘Leon,’ is the fifth sign of the zodiac, lying between Cancer and Virgo. As per the western zodiac tradition, Leo falls between July 23 and August 22, spanning 120 to 150 degrees of celestial longitude. The sign is associated with fire and symbolized by a Nemean lion, a prominent symbol in Greek mythology. When the sun transits the area under the tropical zodiac between July 23 and August 22 every year, the area is traversed between August 16 and September 15, under the sidereal zodiac.

Sagittarius, Aries, and Libra are the most compatible signs for a Leo, while the least compatible ones are Taurus and Scorpio. When the moon was in Leo at the time of your birth, you are more likely to be confident and expressive. If you are a show person, no wonder, Mercury was in Leo at the time of your birth. Leo-Venus is affectionate and passion-filled, while Leo-Mars can be aggressive yet optimistic.

Parthenos in Greek, Virgo is the sixth astrological sign in the zodiac. Spanning at 150 to 180 degrees, the sun transits between August 23 and September 22 under the tropical zodiac. Between September 16 and October 30, the sun crosses the constellation Virgo. Generally, those born under this zodiac sign are called Virgos or Virgoans. Astrea symbolized them, who was the last immortal to abandon Earth and flee to Olympus at the end of the Silver Age. 

Virgos are flexible, dynamic, and dedicated. This is a mutable sign, and they prefer being independent and modest. Taurus, Capricorn, and Virgo are the most compatible signs for them. Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces, and Gemini are the other compatible ones. The least compatible ones would be Air signs like Libra and Aquarius and Fire signs like Sagittarius, Leo, and Aries.

August babies are believed to have an endearing personality.

Personality Traits Of People Born In August

Being innate leaders, they are bold, charismatic, and loyal, making them trendsetters. Leos are probably the most optimistic, romantic, and enthusiastic people you can ever find. They are full of life and great achievers in life.

Be it a friendship or relationship, you can trust them as much as you trust yourself, for they are the most genuine and loyal people in your lives. For every coin has two sides, they too are frowned at for being self-centered and dominating. The attention-seekers in them might turn out annoying too, and their outspoken nature might timid you for no reason!. However, these born leaders earn the throne and hesitate to bid farewell for that intense is their passion for ruling and leading. Bravery and fearlessness are inbuilt, turning them into natural leaders.

They are not only confident but also the most organized in the league. Mentally and physically strong, these people tend to be practical and rely on valuable feedback and opinions. Who doesn’t love partying? And when you have august-borns in the team, there is unlimited indelible fun. They are outgoing and great conversationalists. Being reciprocal and dramatic, they won’t hesitate to demand your praise, honor, and attention. Pamper them with your compliments, for that’s what they love and adds to their social energy.

Being outgoing, however, doesn’t mean they always need a company or the other. They can also turn out to be solitary reapers! They open up only to those they trust the most and can often be introverted at their best. Bringing up an August-born may not be an easy task for impressing them. They are choosy and keep high standards. Now you probably know why your August-born homie has a handful of close friends!

Did you know that your birth month can reveal health benefits and risks of certain diseases? As adults, the August borns, being born in early summer, are likely to have tall, stout bodies, more body-weight, and go through puberty much later than others, which is actually an advantage. People born in August have relatively no increased or decreased risks.

The August-borns are generally hardworking. They tend to look for creative and satisfying jobs. They are more likely to prefer jobs like CEO, Manager, or Editor nurturing their leadership skills, power, and disposition. Their independent thinking boosts them to make progressive decisions. Being cheerful and perfectionists, August-born Virgos prefer statistics, the medical or communicative field.

Romantaholics by nature, the August-borns love being pampered with roses and expensive gifts in their relationship. Intensely affectionate, warm, and amorous, they make the best partners. All you need to offer is some support, praising words that keep them going and pamper them with royalty and loyalty. That’s great enough for your August-born partner.

Well, they can be stubborn too. You would be amazed at their mind-reading and intuitive skills and always keep their pride over anything. High on enthusiasm and energy, you will find them self-motivated and hopeful. At times, these ego-maniacs might make you feel arrogant with their mood swings and selfish approach. However, you would never want to lose a generous, magnanimous, loyal, optimistic, honest, protective, strong-willed, and ambitious Leo and a truly hardworking, helpful, patient, reliable, analytical, intelligent, honest, perfectionist, and an observant Virgo man at any cost!

Some facts about august birthdays. August has higher birth weights. Kids born in august, having it as their birth month, usually enjoy the new tenure of school life along with their birthday.  August birthdays are one of the most common birthdays. It is not uncommon for you to sing happy birthday for your August-born kids or your friends to have august birthdays. Forget August-born kids or summer-born kids. Even Barack Obama, Mother Teresa, and Bill Clinton are August-born babies. There are stereotyped personality traits that kids born in august or the summer months are naturally strong leaders and are strong-willed. Every month has its own birth flower. Born in August, August birth flowers are the gladiolus and the poppy. They have their own hue. They are titled with a green gem. There are various signs associated with children’s birth, like the water sign, air sign, fire sign. August-born children are usually assigned with a fire sign. November-born children are more likely to achieve peace. Kids born in august, having it as their birth month, get to enjoy the summer during their birthday. There are many more facts about august birthdays.

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created many interesting family-friendly facts for everyone to enjoy! If you liked our suggestions for August Birthday facts, then why not take a look at ‘why do dogs shake their heads?’ or ‘why do cats rub against you?’


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