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Amicalola Falls Facts: Discover The Largest Waterfall In Georgia

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Amicalola Falls State Park is an 829 acre (335.48 hectares) Georgia state park near Dawsonville, Georgia, located between Ellijay and Dahlonega.

The name of the park is taken from a Cherokee phrase that means 'tumbling rivers.' The park is home to Amicalola Falls, Georgia's tallest waterfall that stands at 729 ft (222 m).

According to a World Waterfall Data Base study, the main component of the falls is 429 ft (131 m) tall, followed by a lengthy, gently sloping run in which the river lowers another 279 ft (85 m).

It is regarded as one of Georgia's Seven Natural Wonders. In the park, an 8 mi (13km) path runs through Amicalola Falls and leads to Springer Mountain. It is famed as the southern terminus of the Appalachian Trail. Amicalola Falls State Park also has a guest lodge, visitor center, restaurant, cabins, a shelter for Appalachian Trail hikers, a campsite, and access to the eco-friendly Len Foote Hike Inn.

Amicalola Falls Location

Amicalola Falls is the breathtaking highlight of this lovely state park in North Georgia.

The tallest cascading waterfall in the southeast is located in Oglethorpe Mountain.

The waterfall drops more than 729 ft (222.19 m), or more than four stories, from the top of the falls to the bottom.

More than four times the elevation of Niagara Falls, this astonishing characteristic alone qualifies Amicalola Waterfall to be among the best Georgia state parks.

The waters of Little Amicalola Creek, a tributary of the Etowah River, form the falls. The name is said to be derived from a Cherokee Indian phrase that means 'tumbling rivers.' As the name implies, the region that is now Amicalola Falls State Park was formerly part of the vast Cherokee Nation's historic homeland. The amazing waterfall in the west Indian territory was known to their forefathers for millennia before Europeans arrived in North America.

The Features Of Amicalola Falls

Amicalola Falls State Park is located northeast of Dawsonville, Georgia, on the outskirts of the north Georgia Mountains. It is only 8 miles from the Appalachian Trail and is located within the Chattahoochee National Forest. The park is named after Amicalola Falls, a majestic 729 ft (222.19 m) cascading waterfall that is the third-highest cascading waterfall east of the Mississippi River. Amicalola Falls Lodge is a beacon of comfort, refreshment, and authentic Georgia adventure in the midst of the stunning scenery.

The observation bridge offers stunning views and beautiful sunsets. You may want to arrive as soon as you can in order to park early. Spending time at a visitor center transforms a regular trip into a fantastic retreat. There are amazing lodgings and international recreation activities on the Appalachian Mountain Range's southern tier.

Learn some amazing Amicalola Falls facts before you plan a trip to its waterfall or hiking trails.

What Amicalola Falls Is Known For

There are four trail groups at Amicalola Falls State Park & Lodge. One trail goes to the waterfall's apex. The park includes a sufficient staff of park rangers and a lodge that serves as a launching point for hikers on the Appalachian Trail. The park also owns the Len Foote Hike Inn, a wild, country eco-friendly inn one mile from the Appalachian's major highway, and 4.4 mi (7.08 km) from Springer Mountain.

Amicalola Falls State Park was privatized in 2012, and its operations were passed to Coral Hospitality, a hotel and resort management firm located in Florida.

The neighboring 829 acre (335.48 hectares) state park provides magnificent landscapes and hiking routes for novice and expert hikers who wish to enjoy the genuine splendor of the north Georgia Mountains.

The East Ridge Trail leads to the top of the falls after a mile climb. It is classified as moderate to rigorous.

The Mountain Laurel Loop Trail offers amazing views as it winds around the ridge immediately above the falls.

The West Ridge Falls Access Trail provides easy access to one of the greatest views of the falls. The route is wheelchair accessible, allowing everyone to enjoy the majesty and splendor of Amicalola Falls.

Hikers looking for a more challenging trek might choose the picturesque New Appalachian Approach Trail or the connecting Base of the Falls hiking Trails. Hikers may visit the falls' scenic viewpoint through an 8.5 mi (13.6 km) trek that involves a set of terraces and ladders.

Those who scale the terrain of the Amicalola Falls earn membership into the Canyon Climbers Club, which encourages tourists to get Out, get your hands dirty, and get in shape.

Amicalola Falls State Park also has lots of trout fishing possibilities in its periodically stocked streams. Visitors must be at least 16 years old and have a valid fishing license and trout stamp.

Amicalola State Park is among the most popular park in the whole state of Georgia due to its stunning vistas and extensive selection of group-friendly activities.

After admiring the splendor of Amicalola Falls and the park, go on to Amicalola Deer Park. The spot is enjoyable for parties of all ages and sizes, and it is a genuinely unique opportunity to get up and personal with the animals native to northern Georgia.

Birds, squirrels, foxes, rabbits, frogs, lizards, deer, and other local animals may be seen.

Northern Georgia is well renowned for having an abundance of freshwater trout. Little Amicalola Creek allows seasonal trout fishing in the great lakes region, allowing you to try your luck at capturing 'the big one.'

The Meaning Of Amicalola

The 729-foot Amicalola Falls, the third-highest cascading waterfall east of the Mississippi River, is appropriately named after a Cherokee Indian term that means 'tumbling waters.' Though Amicalola Falls is the park's most renowned feature, there are several additional reasons why tourists have been coming to this place since it was designated as a state park in 1940.

Many lovely and different hiking and walking routes meander through the park, and the Amicalola Falls Visitor's Center is brimming with activities. The eight-mile Approach Trail, one of the most popular paths, connects the park to Springer Mountain, the southern starting point of the 2,193 mi (3442 km) Appalachian Trail.

Ziplining, trout fishing, guided walks, GPS scavenger hunts, and 3-D archery are among the park features. Falls State Park Lodge is the perfect destination wedding site and is frequently utilized to hold business gatherings, family reunions, and group retreats.

Amicalola Falls State Park is prepared for any Georgia adventures you have in mind if you wish to relax in the natural boundaries of the forested campsite, visit the Dawsonville, GA vicinity, or trek miles of mountain trails.

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