45 Facts About A Labrador Mix That Are Perfect For All Dog Owners!

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Labrador mix-breeds are gaining popularity

Labrador mix-breeds are medium to large-sized dogs that are well known as gun dogs.

Labrador mix-breeds are gaining popularity. We are seeing more of these designer dogs around and they are wonderfully adorable.

Labradors mix dogs are mostly found in three colors; black, yellow-white, and brown. These are even-tempered dogs and are famous as companion dogs nowadays.

The cost of lab mixes differs depending on what parents groups were involved in inbreeding. For example, a pitbull lab mix can cost between $150 to $700, whereas the cost of a labradoodle puppy is between $1500- $ 2000.

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Lifespan Of A Labrador Mix

On average, any labrador mix has a lifespan of about 12 years. A labrador retriever mix has a longer life when compared to medium-sized dogs.

Genetically, the average lifespan is 10-14 years but this is dependent on other factors as well, like the mix's health issues and injuries. Most often, musculoskeletal disorders and cancer are fatal for this breed mix. Some well-bred and well-treated dogs have reached up to 15.6 years of age.

If you love your dog and would like to spend a really long time with your canine friend, then these lovely labrador mix dogs are an excellent choice. Take good care of them, and you will love their company.

If you are a dog lover, and you have a special affinity for labrador retriever breeds, you'll enjoy going through our facts about this wonderful breed. This unique breed comes in multiple mixes and has very good health and a long life expectancy.

In this article, you will uncover very interesting facts about the labrador mix that make it perfect for all dog owners. Let us enjoy finding out more about parenting this little puppy.

Let us have a look at a few of the lab mixes here.

Try guessing the parent breeds of a rottador or a labrottie. Yes, you guessed it correctly! They are a crossbreed with one rottweiler parent and one labrador parent.

It is an incredibly lovely and beautiful, protective dog. They are great companions and famous as family dogs.

Heavily built dogs need space and energy, and if you are an active person and enjoy training your dog, then this could be the dog for you. They are guard dogs and may be wary of strangers, and hence you need to focus on socialization.

Rottweilers have a lesser lifespan of just around nine years, and your crossbreed may also have a shorter life compared to other lab mixes.

The next variety is the labarnese. Any guesses on what the parent breeds are? Of course, the first is a labrador parent, and the second is a Bernese mountain dog. The Bernese mountain dog is nicely built, but the average lifespan for them is only eight years.

The breed is calmer but has very strong guarding tendencies. Early training is a must for very good socialization. The downside of this mix is the reduced lifespan of the crossbreed and the fact it is not really recommended around children.

The next one is the labradoodle, and yes, it is a mix of a purebred lab and a standard poodle. This lovely crossbreed is a bouncy and healthy large dog with a beautiful curly double coat.

They are very healthy and friendly family pets.

Like any dog breed, these puppies also need early training and because of the difference in the coats of the parent labrador retriever and the poodle, regular grooming and professional visits are a must for a healthy coat. The life expectancy of both the dogs is the same, and so their crossbreed has excellent longevity.

Lab Mix Temperament

What do you look for in a dog when you are going to buy one for yourself? Of course, the answer will change from person to person.

Someone may like a dog with high energy levels to join them for their jogs. Another may look for a cuddly and loving small puppy-sized one. Some may want an alert watchdog at their door.

Most often, however, the one common thing that everyone would like in their dog is an excellent temperament. Let's see what temperament we can expect from a lab mix dog.

If you buy a purebred dog, you can be sure of various aspects like its longevity, health issues, daily requirements, and temperament.

You will also have a good idea of whether it is friendly or not, suitable for a family with kids and/or the senior generation, and so on, but if you are getting a crossbreed dog, you need to understand the features of both the parent breeds.

Before we proceed with finding out more about lab mixed breed dogs and their temperament, we should understand the temperament of the labrador itself. In general, it is an even-tempered, outgoing and intelligent dog that can be easily trained.

Any pet needs a lot of love, care, and attention along with regular positive reinforcement training since like us, they have emotions and tend to react to circumstances and people.

So, what is the temperament of a lab mix? You can not expect your mixed breeds to be of a certain temperament for sure.

A puppy may have one of the dominant features of either of the parent breeds or both the parent breeds. At times, however, a pup does not exhibit any of the features of the parent breeds.

Any temperament issues in a dog with a history of friendly parents are likely a result of a bad experience. So, if you are bringing in a crossbred puppy, do your research on the parent breeds and their temperaments to make sure that they will suit your requirements.

You need to accept and train the little puppy from a very early age for what it is. Love your dog for what it is and train and care for it, and your dog will reciprocate.

For example, a labany is a lovely mixed breed dog. It is a hybrid of the Brittany spaniel and the labrador retriever. It is so adaptive with such a cool temperament, that its owners are head over heels with this crossbred dog. Moreover, they do fine even in apartments and suburban areas.

The next one on our list of lab mixes is the labernard which is a crossbreed of a labrador retriever and Saint Bernard. Both the parent breeds are very well known for their good temperament around kids and the elderly.

They can be groomed very easily because of their short coats. Due to its size, the dog needs a good amount of space as it is one of the most active dogs.

Popular Lab Mixes

Here is a list of popular lab mixed breeds that are found around the globe. These are the breed mixes loved by dog lovers and which are mentioned if you ask their opinion. Read on to find out some interesting facts about the most popular lab mix breeds.

The first one on the list is the afador. Afador is the name given to a dog crossbred between a labrador retriever and an Afgan hound.

An Afgan hound is a rare breed, and you may not find one very easily. Afgans are large dogs known for their long legs, muzzles, and long, straight coats.

This particular breed, just like the labrador, needs a lot of physical activity for it to stay healthy. Hence, an afador needs very good, early training, just like a lab plus regular positive reinforcement touch-ups.

The next one is the border collies lab mix. As is obvious from the name, they are famous lab mix breeds of border collie and labrador.

Border ollies have longer coats and fairly long lives. Their personalities are also very attractive as we all know that these are brilliant and friendly dogs. They are easy to train and are very loyal to their families.

So, you can understand from the above points that this crossbreed is a good choice for a family dog thanks to the positive traits it has from both the parent breeds. If you are a large active family with younger kids and an older generation, then this dog could be a perfect choice.

The next one on the list is goldador. This one is crossbred between a golden retriever and a labrador retriever.

Both the golden retriever and labrador retriever are very famous breeds individually known as hunting dogs. The nicest thing about these breeds is that they have many similarities, and their crossbred is an adorable puppy. Just like the lab and golden retriever, their puppies are very popular guide dogs.

These lovely dogs have very friendly temperaments and are very attached to their families. One negative is the fatal cancer issue found in retrievers which could be avoided in your crossbred by getting one from a popular, reputable breeder.

A crossbreed between a pitbull and a labrador is known as the pitbull lab mix. This dog will be a very high-energy dog with an easy-to-care-for short coat. This crossbred dog needs very strict, early training, followed by positive reinforcement. These are family dogs suited to smaller families with fewer members who lead an active life.

Another mixed breed is the springador, a crossbred of English springer spaniel and labrador. The working springer spaniels have a high hunting drive and may show aggressive and impulsive behavior in the absence of positive reinforcement training.

These dogs are known for their longevity. If you want to train a dog with very high energy levels like these working dogs, then the springador is for you.

A crossbreed of labrador and Cavalier King Charles spaniel has no particular name given to it. Let's find out some facts about this crossbred dog.

There is no doubt that the Cavalier King Charles spaniel is one of the friendliest dogs, with an average life expectancy of about 11 years.

However, it is a very delicate dog with a history of health issues like syringomyelia, a skull growth-related issue, and mitral valve disease, a heart-related issue. If you want to have one of these crossbreeds, a complete health checkup of both the parents with an all-clear certification from a vet is a must.

Most often, labrador mix breeds have catchy names from the parent breed names.

Loving Labrador Retriever Mixes

Let us look at a few more lab mix breeds that are known as loving labrador retriever mixes in this section. These mixes are really adorable, and you will enjoy finding out more facts about them.

Can you name the parent breeds of the crossbreed Frenchie labrador? Of course, one is the labrador, and the other one is the French bulldog. This one is an exotic hybrid, medium-sized dog with the French bulldog's easy-going nature and the labrador's playful nature.

What is your opinion on the name of whipador? This one is a crossbreed of a lab and a whippet.

They are great family dogs and are lovely around young kids. They are smaller dogs with friendly energy levels and they love to snuggle with their family members when tired. Its overfriendliness can be seen as a drawback, however, and you can not expect it to be a good guard dog.

Labsky, as the name suggests, is a wonderful pet, and a crossbred of the Siberian husky and the lab. Fondly, they are also known as the huskador.

The hybrid is very active and is best for families with an active life. They are loyal and bond easily with their family. These intelligent dogs can be a little stubborn when their energy demands are not met.

This one is easy. What is a basssador? Yes, this one is a crossbreed of basset hound and labrador.

With very good temperaments and lovely looks, these dogs are quite famous. They are made to be great companions.

A basset hound lab mix results in a dog that has shortened legs with a larger body and loosened skin. The working basset hounds are perceived to be better than their show counterparts. So, before you opt to have this dog, you should make sure that you have all health checkups done for the parent breeds.

The next on the list is the crossbred between a Cavalier King Charles spaniel and a labrador retriever. This mix is quite popular among its owners and they recommend it.

Cavalier King Charles spaniels are known for their friendly nature and easy to train flexibility. A charismatic nature, fun-loving attitude, and loyalty are its popular traits. The only flipside is its health issues, so checking the parent dogs' health with the breeder is recommended.

Another mix variety is the labmaraner. The labmaraners are high-energy crossbreds of the Weimaraner and the labrador.

The Weimaraner is known for its intelligence and being cooperative. The crossbreeds are attention seekers, and if you are looking for a very good companion, then this mix is the right one. The downside is that these dogs may suffer from separation anxiety.

What is my lab mixed with?

It is really important to understand which dog breed we are choosing. We should do our homework beforehand and figure out which breed of dog is best suited for our family and us.

We need to decide whether we would like to bring in purebred dogs or a crossbreed. We need to know what their requirements are what is it that we have which we can provide them with

So here comes the question; what is my lab mixed with? These lab mix dogs are designer dogs so to know the answer to this question, you can look at your dog and identify its features that relate to the parent dog breeds. Another thing you can do is talk to the breeder from whom you bought your dog. 

The Rhodesian labrador is a hybrid lab mix breed of the Rhodesian ridgeback and labrador retriever. They are very large in size with long legs, which is a commonly found trait in this crossbreed. They are a very good option for families with small children.

Another one for reference is the Frenchie labrador. This crossbreed most likely inherits the short and smooth coat of the Frenchie in various colors with possible brindled patterns along with ticked markings.

A Boston lab can be recognized at a glance if you know the two parent breeds separately; the labrador and the Boston terrier. They exhibit the traits of both the lab parent and Boston breed. The resultant puppy is smaller than the former and larger than the latter.

Best Labrador Mix For Busy Families

Let's look at another aspect that is considered by some of us before bringing a lab mix into our house; that is the busy schedule of our daily lives. This aspect of our life makes it harder for many of us to give attention and activity to our pets.

At the same time, we also can not forgo our love for dogs.

Any guesses what a chabrador is? It is a hybrid of a chow and a labrador. They are loyal and are very affectionate towards their family.

These dogs are very laid-back and do not need much attention. For families with busy lives, these dogs are a good option. When it comes to their coat, they need good grooming sessions to avoid dog hair getting everywhere.

What about a labradane? It is a mixed breed dog of lab and Great Dane. They are very gentle giants and you shouldn't assume otherwise just because of their large size. A labradane is a playful and tolerant dog, and after about 30 minutes of play, they will demand nothing from you. They may, however, be sensitive.

The cocker spaniel and labradors are two famous dog breeds, and their hybrid, popularly known as the spanador, is quite a special one too. With both parents at the top of the popularity list, this crossbreed is also considered a great pet by families that already own it. However, puppies from the same litter may have different temperament issues.

Another one on the list is the sheprador. As the name suggests, it is a crossbreed of another two famous parent breed dogs; the German shepherd, and the lab, both of which are high-energy dogs.

The shepradors are very intelligent and learn very quickly, which makes it easy to impart required qualities with early training.

You can train them according to your busy life and together, meet the daily dose of exercise for the good health of both the parties. Shepradors do shed a lot like their German shepherd parents.

That said, even small lab mix dogs are gaining popularity slowly. Whatever mixed breed dog it may be, every dog is unique, and each needs its own share of attention, grooming, and training. Enjoy petting them!

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of interesting family-friendly facts for everyone to enjoy! If you liked our suggestions for labrador mix, then why not take a look at how big do Labradoodles get or Labrador facts?

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