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These interesting facts about Afghan hounds are perfect for kids.
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Afghan hounds are one of the oldest dog breeds that exist in today's world. They are said to originate from the cold mountains of Afghanistan.

They were mostly brought to the UK by the British soldiers that were deployed in Afghanistan years ago, and then this breed of dog became a fascination for many. The Afghan hound is one of the most beautiful and elegant dogs found in the world today.

This dog has long silky hair that is in itself a sight to behold. On top of that Afghan hounds also have a unique tail that curls into a ring at the end.

They are a high-quality dog used in dog shows and also for lure coursing. They have been on this planet for thousands of years and their regal demeanor shows that.

Afghan hounds are excellent runners and can run as fast as purebred racehorses. They are tall and have long legs that help them in running. Their body type is very aerodynamic and ideal for running. But this also means that they need to exercise regularly or it will affect their health.

The Afghan hound puppy looks different than the adults. They have shorter hair. Puppies are easier to train than adults. These dogs are known for their beauty and are used in a lot of dog shows for that reason.

Almost every known dog association in the English-speaking world recognizes them as one of the finest breeds of dogs. Their energy level is high and they are excellent hunters too. Their history is another thing to wonder at. The Afghan hound truly is a marvelous creature.

But the Afghan hound dog also needs a lot of grooming. Their long coats make them prone to ear infections and they are also known for having frequent health troubles. They make for good companions and are fiercely loyal towards their owners.

They are known by many other names that include - Tazi, Balkh hound, Kabul hound, Baluchi hound, and more. Here are some more interesting facts about Afghan hounds.

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Afghan Hound Interesting Facts

What type of animal is an Afghan hound?

Afghan hounds are a type of dog. They belong to the hound class of dogs.

What class of animal does an Afghan hound belong to?

Afghan hounds belong to the Mammalia class in the Animalia Kingdom.

How many Afghan hounds are there in the world?

They are frequently bred for their value and beauty as show dogs, but the exact number of Afghan hounds is unknown. They are not, however, in danger of extinction.

Where does an Afghan hound live?

Afghan hounds are pedigree dogs but can live in houses and apartments with their owners.

What is an Afghan hound's habitat?

Afghan hounds were bred in the cold mountains of Afghanistan. They can adapt to any habitat, be it hot or cold, they are very sturdy and strong.

They can adapt to any house or apartment but they are an energetic dog breed that needs at least one to two hours of exercise daily. Places they can walk, play and run in are the best for them, like parks, hills, or fields.

Who do Afghan hounds live with?

The Afghan hound is a breed of domestic dog and mostly lives with people. But with training, they can live with other pets and children.

How long does an Afghan hound live?

Afghan hounds can live up to 12 years. Some have even made it to 14 years.

How do they reproduce?

Like any mammal, Afghan hounds reproduce through mating. A male and a female of the breed mate, and the female gives birth to one or multiple puppies a few weeks later.

For the Afghan hound, one litter contains six to eight puppies. They are also show dogs and so they are specifically bred for that purpose. Great care is taken while breeding the Afghan hounds so they end up having the perfect puppies fit for training and shows.

What is their conservation status?

They are a very popular breed of dogs that are carefully bred. They are not rare.

Afghan Hound Fun facts

What do Afghan hounds look like?

Afghan hound facts are really helpful if you're looking to have one as a pet.

Afghan hounds are a unique breed of dog. The Afghan hound's coat is long and silky.

They are tall and lean. They have a strong, arched neck and big paws.

Since they are closely related to the dog breed Saluki, they have a similar build. Afghan hounds have a long face and may come in many different colors, black, white, gold, and fawn are some of the most popular. Some of them might have a condition that gives them a black facial mask.

Some dogs of the breed might have facial hair that might resemble a Fu Manchu mustache, and they are also called Mandarins. Afghan hounds are also known for their unique tail which has a small ring at the end.

They also have high hipbones and long legs that help them run really fast. Since they were mostly bred for hunting purposes, their bodies are built for chasing their prey.

How cute are they?

Even though hound breeds are known for their ferociousness, it does not mean they are not cute. In the case of Afghan hounds, since they have long silky hair and a sweet face, they are very cute.

They also have a unique personality and can be very goofy with the people they know. They are playful and energetic which makes them even more appealing if you are an active person yourself.

How do they communicate?

Afghan hounds are a more quiet breed of dogs, but do bark and growl and communicate with their body, such as wagging their tail.

How big is an Afghan hound?

Afghan hounds are a moderately big breed of dogs. An adult Afghans can be 23 in - 30 in (60 cm -75 cm) tall and they weigh around 55 lb - 77 lb (25 kg - 35 kg).

How fast can an Afghan hound run?

The Afghan hound is one of the fastest dogs in the world. Its long silky coat might come across as a burden, but since they were bred to help hunters in hunting down animals, they are extremely fast.

An average adult Afghan hound can run at a speed of 40 mph (65 kph). They are as fast as an average purebred racehorse. This quality makes them excellent hunting dogs.

They are not used for hunting anymore, however, they are still used for lure coursing and they are very good at it. Being among the long-haired dog breeds doesn't hold them back at all.

How much does an Afghan hound weigh?

An average adult Afghan hound weighs around 55 lb - 77 lb (25 kg - 35 kg). It is important for them to maintain this proper weight and for that they need a lot of exercise.

Thankfully Afghan hounds are a very active and energetic breed that loves to exercise every day with you. Not exercising them might cause some common health issues.

What are their male and female names of the species?

A male adult Afghan hound will be called a 'dog' while the female will be called a 'bitch'.

What would you call a baby Afghan hound?

A baby Afghan hound dog will be called a 'puppy'.

What do they eat?

Afghan hounds, much like most other dog breeds, need a diet that contains heavy protein. A good diet is necessary to maintain their body mass and their glossy coat.

In order to maintain this dog breed's required height and weight, they must eat at least two cups of dry food throughout the day. It might be partially supplemented by wet food.

But since they are prone to a lot of health conditions, if your Afghan hound does fall sick, it's best to get dietary advice from a qualified veterinary. If you do get an Afghan hound, consult a vet to decide on a diet that is healthiest for them.

Are they slobbery?

They are not very slobbery but they can be a little hard to groom properly.

Would they make a good pet?

There are a few things that a person should be aware of before getting their own Afghan hound. Firstly, they make for great companions as they get to know you.

They are playful and energetic too. But before you get your own pet Afghan hound, you should know how much care they need.

Firstly, they require a lot of grooming to maintain their long, shiny coat. The Afghan hound's coat is truly a thing of beauty and it needs proper care and maintenance.

They are also a very energetic breed. They need at least one or two hours of exercise and running every day to let that energy out.

Since they are part of the hunting breeds of dogs, they are prone to chase smaller animals and birds which can be a problem sometimes. Afghan hounds are also a little hard to train as they are very independent and do not take orders very well.

They are intelligent hunters and excellent runners but training them is pretty hard. They are also prone to a lot of common health problems like cancer, heart disease, and eye problems.

You have to frequent the vet if you get an Afghan hound. If you are planning to get your own pet Afghan hound, you have to consider if you are ready for the challenges.

They are also very expensive. A single Afghan hound puppy might cost $2000-$2500 depending on its characteristics.

Did you know...

The Afghan hound's AKC classification is Hound and UKC classification is Sighthounds and Pariahs.

If they are left alone for too long, they can be destructive and start chewing things out of anxiety. This also happens if they don't exercise regularly.

They were brought to the UK by British soldiers in the 19th century.

They are not just fast but incredibly agile which helped them a lot during hunting.

The Afghan hound is a part of the sighthound family. They have dolichocephalic heads, which means they have 270-degree field vision.

Pablo Picasso was a dog lover and his favorite was his Afghan hound named Kabul.

They are more sensitive to pain than most dogs.

Afghan hounds have a scent gland in their cheeks that makes them smell really nice.

Why is the Afghan hound the dumbest dog?

Afghan hounds are said to be one of the dumbest dogs when it comes to training them but that does not mean they are not intelligent. It just means they do not take orders very well.

They are one of the oldest breeds of dogs and people still face problems while training them. Instinctively, these dogs are hunters and rely a lot on their instincts, which makes it hard for them to follow orders from humans.

They might be the best in show, but they are also very stubborn and standoffish. It is not that they are not intelligent but their independent nature makes them bad followers.

They have been often described as dignified but clownish which nicely wraps up their contradictory nature. They are not dangerous but their hunter instincts make them a problem to have around smaller animals.

What are 'mandarins' on an Afghan hound?

'Mandarins' are a unique feature that we can see in Afghan hounds. Some of the dogs from the Afghan hound breed have facial hair on their lower jaw that resembles a Fu Manchu mustache. This special feature is called 'Mandarin'.

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Afghan Hound Facts

What Did They Prey On?

Meat, dog food

What Type of Animal were they?


Average Litter Size?


How Much Did They Weigh?

55 lb - 77 lb (25 kg - 35 kg)

What habitat Do they Live In?


Where Do They Live?


How Long Were They?


How Tall Were They?

23 in - 30 in (60 cm - 75 cm)







Scientific Name

Canis Lupus

What Do They Look Like?

Fawn, Gold, Black, Grey, White, Cream, Blue, Brindle

Skin Type


What Are Their Main Threats?

larger animals

What is their Conservation Status?

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