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If you happen to be a cat lover, you have reached the right place to know more about a cute and rare cat breed. It is known as the American wirehair because of its short and dense fur coat.

This breed first came into being in New York through sudden mutation in a litter of a farm cat. Soon it was taken up by breeders, and the stocky and burly cat became an instant favorite of many.

This cat breed comes in a number of colors, including patterned and solid coats, and they are especially known for their gold eyes. They are exceptional and friendly pets who are often known for having a goofy personality.

They are also strong build which makes them look quite muscular. However, they have a medium built like most other domesticated cats.

Their rounded face is often overpowered with the bent setting of their eyes as well as their whiskers. As a low-shedding pet, the cats have been made into the home of many who cannot tolerate other breeds because of various health reasons.

Once only found in the US, the breed is currently abundant in Australia, Germany, and the UK. So, keep on reading to find out more about the American wirehair.

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American Wirehair Interesting Facts

What type of animal is an American Wirehair?

The American wirehair is an affectionate cat breed that originated in New York.

What class of animal does an American Wirehair belong to?

The American wirehair belongs to the class Mammalia and to the Felidae family like other cats.

How many American Wirehairs are there in the world?

Even though there are no exact studies done to note the total population of the American Wirehair breed, it is thought to be rare compared to other domesticated cat breeds.

Where does an American Wirehair live?

The American wirehair was bred by humans, so they are a home-dwelling cat breed. The American wirehair cat appreciates a comfortable household. They are a great cat for those who are living in an apartment.

What is an American Wirehair's habitat?

Like other cats, the American Wirehair is also fairly independent in its approach. They easily get used to apartment living and they are quite affectionate towards their pet parents as well as kids. The cats are even known for being tolerable towards strangers.

Who do American Wirehairs live with?

The American Wirehair cat breed loves to be with people even though they are quite independent like other felines. They will even tolerate other pets living with them.

You will just need to pay attention to the American wirehair's training to make them better socialized with humans as well as other animals. However, if you have rats or mice or any other small rodents, it is better to keep them away from your American wirehair. Like other felines, the American wirehair has also got keen predatory instincts.

How long does an American Wirehair live?

The average lifespan of an American wirehair is between 14-18 years. That is quite good for a cat, and they will lead a healthy and happy life by living in a comfortable situation.

How do they reproduce?

The first American wirehair kitten was born due to spontaneous mutation in the litter of farm cats situated in New York. Then, they were handed over to a reputed breeder, Joan O'Shea, who took the wirehair cat along with another kitten.

When bred together, the American wirehair kittens were born. They were a total hit in the USA and even in European countries like Germany and the UK.

As the American wirehair has a dominant gene for their wiry coat, breeding them with other shorthair cats may also produce kittens with a similar coat. Female cats have estrus (heat) cycles during which mating can lead to them being pregnant with kittens.

A litter usually contains up to six cats, but bigger female wirehairs may have more. Cats can usually have two litters every year.

Though Breeding an American Wirehair cat isn't hard, they are still considered rare. So, if you are thinking of getting the cat, make sure to research more about the individual breeder.

What is their conservation status?

The cats are yet to be listed in any conservation list. The Cat Fanciers' Association recognizes it as one of the rarest breeds among 41 other cat breeds. They might be rare because the first one was born out of a sudden mutation.

American Wirehair Fun Facts

What do American Wirehairs look like?

American wirehair cats are interesting to read about.

The most striking thing about an American wirehair has to be their wiry coat. They have inherited it because of a mutation.

The cats may look just like the American shorthair cat breed, but the wirehair coat of the American wirehair sets them apart. As they have a very short coat and shedding is minimal, except for the shedding seasons. Even though these cats are considered rare, the variety in their coat colors has made them popular throughout the world.

They come in a number of different colors, including white, black, ebony, red, orange, blue, gray, lavender, silver, cream, beige, tan, and fawn. The mix and match of the coat color will depend on their breeding.

The American wirehair calico is a sought-after kitten among cat lovers. The breed may grow a longer coat during winter. Even though they have a crimped and wiry coat, it is quite thick, so brushing through it may take some time.

Many American wirehair cats are bred with American shorthair cats to produce kittens with various coat colors. These cats can also be found in solid colors.

Apart from their crimped coat, they have a thick and rounded shape to their body which can also be seen in their head. Their body is medium-sized, and they can be quite muscular, which gives the breed its agility. The wirehair's eyes are beautiful and can be gold, blue, or green.

How cute are they?

American wirehair cats are extremely cute, especially because of their crimped coat and their broad-looking face. The cat breed is extremely affectionate towards pet parents and even kids. Their thick coat does give them a fluffy appearance which will make you want to pet them.

How do they communicate?

Like other cats, the American Wirehair cat breed can communicate via mewing or purring. Other than that, they can also understand human cues of communication. This cat breed isn't extremely vocal, so a pet parent should keep an eye on them to know about their needs.

In a cat, the whiskers also play an important role in sensing their environment. Another important form of communication for the breed is their scent. Male cats are known for using their urine to mark territories or also for notifying a potential mate.

How big is an American Wirehair?

The usual height of the American wirehair cat breed is 9-11 in (23-28 cm)  which is quite similar to the size of the American shorthair cat breed that reaches an average height of 8-10 in (20-25 cm).

How fast can an American Wirehair run?

Like other domestic cat breeds, the average speed of the American wirehair breed is around 30 mph (48 km/h).

How much does an American Wirehair weigh?

The average weight of the American wirehair cat breed is 8-15 lb (3.6-7 kg). Some may weigh a little more if they are of a bigger size. Cats often have the tendency to grow obese. So, it is important for every pet parent to keep an eye on their food intake.

What are their male and female names of the species?

A male cat is known as a tomcat and a female cat is known as the queen.

What would you call a baby American Wirehair?

Babies of the American wirehairs are known as kittens, just like all other cat breeds.

What do they eat?

As one of the domestic cat breeds, the American wirehair should be fed high-quality cat food. Cats usually like to eat a mix of wet and dry food that is high in protein.

So, you may consult a vet to get the perfect food that is made for your pet cat. The quantity of food will vary according to the cat's age. So, a kitten will eat less food compared to that of a full-grown adult cat.

Are they hypoallergenic?

Seldom can a cat be hypoallergenic, but many breeds can be low shedding. The wiry coat of the American wirehair is quite compact, and they have low-moderate shedding.

So, cats can be a good pet to somebody who has allergies or problems from cat far. Still, it is advisable to consult with your doctor to know more about having a cat.

The American wirehair does need regular grooming, and it will include brushing their hair, cleaning their teeth, and clipping their nails. The grooming needs may increase, especially during the shedding season.

Would they make a good pet?

Yes, the American wirehair can be the perfect pet for those who love cats. The American wirehair's personality is cheerful, and they are calm cats.

They are quite affectionate towards the family, and their personality is seen in their playful nature. The breed can easily adapt to apartment life, and their bubbly personality is especially seen with kids.

As pets, the cats can be quite independent in nature, but they also like to cuddle with their human caretakers and even strangers.

If you have dogs or other pets at your home, the American wirehair will likely have a friendly approach to them. It is not overly complicated to take care of these cats, and because of their open personality, they often will not mind when you get into their space.

They are one of the best pets a busy person can get, as they do well with being alone. However, make sure to give them lots of attention after you come back from your job.

As a rare cat breed, the American wirehair cat price can be a little more than the average domesticated cat. The usual American wirehair price revolves around $800 – $1200 depending on the breeder and its location.

Did you know...

American wirehair cats love to play with interactive toys.

Some of the health problems that these cats may face include hip dysplasia and hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM). They may even face dental issues. So, it is important to take them to regular vet visits and to take excellent care of their health.

Are American Wirehairs strong?

Yes, the American wirehair has a muscular and strong build. They are also a little bulkier compared to other cat breeds. They have an agile body type which helps them to participate in different competitions with other cats.

What were the American Wirehairs' ancestors bred for?

The American wirehair is a descendent of some farm cats, and it was first born out of a sudden mutation. They are also extensively bred with American shorthair cats. The shorthair cats were initially bred to be hunting cats, especially to hunt for rodents. The American wirehair also retains the pedatory drive to hunt for rodents.

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