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Amur pike facts we bet you didn't know.
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The Amur pike is one of the largest fish in North America and Eastern Europe. These giant freshwater fishes love to eat minnows!

To get your hands on these monstrous creatures you'll need some pretty sturdy fishing gear because they are known for their strength as well as being able-bodied fighters when hooked or netted by humans.

You could consider using an artificial lure that has been designed specifically with this species' diet habits in mind. The northern pike has a reputation for being difficult to catch and demanding of skilled fishermen, but those who are able will be rewarded with an awe-inspiring experience that only few can claim!

Then amur pike esox is a type of fish that has a long, skinny, pointed body.

This makes the Amur pike esox fast and agile in the water so it can hunt for food on both lands or under it. The most distinguishing feature about it is its long, slender body with a rather small head which makes up for half its size!

Fossil records show evidence of these pointy-bodied fishes as early as 250 million years ago!

The Amur pikes are one of the most interesting pike species. Unlike many other types, they have a hard time staying on land and prefer to live in freshwater lakes and wetlands.

They also inhabit more tropical waters than any other type of Pike so if you happen to be vacationing near an Amur river system this summer, it'll probably only take 10 minutes or less before you're hooked!

The Amur pike facts often go unnoticed by most people but they deserve a closer look! It will fascinate you.

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Amur Pike Interesting Facts

What type of animal is an Amur pike?

The Amur pike is a fish, but unlike most other fishes it has super fine scales and instead relies on being slimy to evade predators.

What class of animal does an Amur pike belong to?

The Amur pike fish belongs to the class Actinopterygii, the genus Esox, and the family Escocidae.

How many Amur pike are there in the world?

There is no exact number on exactly how many pikes there are around today because it’s difficult for scientists to study them due to their secretive nature (they prefer deep water where light can't reach).

Where does an Amur pike live?

An Amur pike of the genus Esox is a type of fish that lives in the depths of freshwater lakes. They are often found swimming around water plants such as lilies and lotus flowers, hoping to take advantage of their food source by leaping up out the surface!

What is an Amur pike's habitat?

This fascinating freshwater fish is native to the Amur River of southeastern Russia. Unlike most other pikes species, they spend their entire lives in freshwater rather than saltwater and their native range includes higher elevations that have colder temperatures such as those near Siberia's northern border with China.

Who does Amur pike live with?

The Esox reichertii species live in groups, often forming large schools near the surface of their habitat during spawning season to protect eggs from predators like other fish or birds who might steal them for food.

How long does an Amur pike live?

The Amur pikes species are one of the largest freshwater fish also found in a lake, and can live for more than twenty years!

How do they reproduce?

The Esox reichertii pikes' species lay their eggs among rocks that provide stability from swift currents so there is less risk due to egg predation by larger fishes such as trout who might not be able to keep pace with faster-flowing lake waters near spawning areas where rivers drop off steeply.

What is their conservation status?

The IUCN conservation status is Least Concern for the northern pike of the genus Esox.

Amur Pike Fun Facts

What does Amur pike look like?

The northern pike has an elongated appearance and a body that ranges from green-brown to silver with some chestnut spots on its scales. The pure Amur Pike esox reichertii also has black tips or dark bands across their backs as well as two stripes along each side of their bodies; these are very distinctive markings for this fish species.

Amur Pike


How cute are they?

The pure Amur pike looks like adorable little giants in the water and on land!

How do they communicate?

The male pike produces sound signals to attract females for mating purposes; this is done by vibrating their swim bladders. Female Amur pikes also produce sounds as part of courtship rituals however they do not use them to initiate communication as males do during spawning season.

How big is an Amur pike?

The pure Amur pike size is massive! The Amur pikes are a type of fish known for their large size, with most of them measuring at 43-45 inc (112.5 cm) in length.  These are almost four times the size of a Red oscar fish!

How fast can an Amur pike swim?

The Amur pikes are one of the fastest fish in water. They can swim up to 30 mph (50 kph) and they even have a special flap on their fins that helps them accelerate with incredible speed.

How much does an Amur pike weigh?

Amur pikes are the largest pike in North America, ranging from 28-30 lb (12-13 kg). They have an elongated shape that aids them with swimming and hunting.

What are their male and female names of the species?

As of now, there are no scientific terms for the female and male species of the northern pike. Both are referred to as Northern pikes!

What would you call a baby Amur pike?

The little one of a northern pike is popularly known as baby pike!

What do they eat?

The amur pikes' hunger is insatiable: no matter what their prey's size or age may be, these ravenous predators will attack them if given half the chance. The Amur pikes are the most ferocious of all pikes.

They usually feast on small insects, birds, and other fish like the white cloud mountain minnow or a trout, in their environment but when they're hungry enough, anything will do as long as it's not too big for them to swallow without a struggle! However, they often get eaten by sharks sadly!

Are they aggressive?

The Esox reichertii pike's tendency towards aggression earned them an undesirable reputation among fishermen! But of course, nothing compared to a closely related piranha.

Would they make a good pet?

The Amur pike esox reichertii fishes are too big to be your pet.

Did you know...

Northern pikes are one of those fish species for which growth rate varies depending both upon their native habitat as well as individual physiology.

Pike multiply at an alarmingly high velocity in populations that have been heavily stocked with fry over many years, but they generally grow quite slowly in natural environments where food availability fluctuates seasonally or year by year.

Are Amur pike dangerous?

They are lithe and long, with a pointed nose that can pierce through even the most durable of skins. These dangerous fish have been known to attack without warning in some cases.

Are Amur pike and jackfish the same?

Many people think jackfish is somewhat pike-like.

The two species have similar characteristics: sharp teeth for eating prey whole, a strong jaw to bite through tough fleshy foods such as fish or frogs, bulging eyes so they can see in dark waters where their only light comes from bioluminescence; colorless scales which blend with water making them almost invisible when submerged, perfect for ambush predators!

What separates these animals is the size and location of habitat sunnier streams for jackfish versus darker oceans for Amur pike!

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You can even occupy yourself at home by coloring in one of our free printable Amur pike coloring pages.

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