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The arc-eye hawkfish is a deep sea dwelling fish, living at great depths.

The arc-eye hawkfish (Paracirrhites arcatus) is one interesting animal that has many unique characteristics like being nicknamed 'satellite dishes' because of their flat appearance which helps them to blend into coral environments and on small prey such as planktonic crustaceans.

The eye hawkfish arc also has eyes atop its head so it makes sense how this creature lives underwater. You would think the eye hawkfish arc is looking down at you but in reality its not.

The hawkfish arc eye species can be found in the range of the Pacific Ocean and also near Australia’s Great Barrier Reef which is commonly referred to as arc eye hawkfish reef safe.

This incredible creature has an extremely long body with a pair of small fins on either side that allow it to maneuver through water easily but not quickly. Its mouth is shaped like a cone which allows it to catch food by sucking prey into its mouth from all angles while swimming forward or backwards.

The arc-eye hawkfish is a small, deep water type of fish.

These fishes are not only known for their amazing colors but also because they have the ability to see both infrared light and normal light.

This makes them one of the most advanced types or animals on this planet as far as sight goes, besides humans. Scientists believe these creatures use bioluminescence when hunting prey which helps to camouflage themselves against predators.

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Arc-Eye Hawkfish Interesting Facts

What type of animal is an arc-eye hawkfish?

The eye hawkfish arc is a type of fish that lives among a range of marine corals, reef, coral tank along the coastline of islands in the Indo Pacific range with a fairly rich diet.

What class of animal does an arc-eye hawkfish belong to?

The hawkfish arc eye species are fish belonging to the Actinopterygii class, and family Cirrhitidae.

How many arc-eye hawkfish are there in the world?

Although researchers haven't given an accurate number, there could be anywhere between 10 million- 100 million individual hawkfish arc eye fish, mostly found around corals and reef in the Indo Pacific range.

Where does an arc-eye hawkfish live?

Arc eye hawkfishes are one of the most common fish found in a coral reef range and marine regions.

What is an arc-eye hawkfish's habitat?

This beautiful and mysterious arc eyed hawkfish species, with the common name Paracirrhites, are found in the Indo-Pacific. The arc eye hawkfish habitat mostly consists of a corals, reef, rocky areas, or other environments with a lot of hiding places because they're nocturnal animals that spend their days resting deep in crevices to avoid becoming prey to sharks.

Who do arc-eye hawkfish live with?

This eyed hawkfish species is a type of salt water fish that live in deep waters near a coral reef. They live in groups together and have also been seen with other types of marine life, such as mutton snappers and conger eels.

This species also lives near humans in tanks and aquariums because these environments provide them plenty to eat, including prey such as crabs, shrimp, and fish larvae.

How long does an arc-eye hawkfish live?

Common sense would tell us that the average life of an animal living in this environment might be more than 20 years old due to slow rates of growth, but we know for sure they can live for at least five years!

How do they reproduce?

The arc-eye hawkfish is a peculiar creature and its mating habits are just as strange. The female will lay eight to 24 eggs in a male's nest while he goes out to hunt for food so that she can keep them safe from predators until they hatch.

What is their conservation status?

This fish species has a IUCN conservation status of Least Concern.

Arc-Eye Hawkfish Fun Facts

What do arc-eye hawkfish look like?

The arc-eye hawkfish species have a slender body with long fins that gives them an elegant appearance while swimming near light sources at night or just before dusk when they can easily catch prey like small shrimp or other crustaceans.

With bilateral symmetry around its mouth, a trait shared by all vertebrates, these predators will often hover over top coral reef ledges waiting for unsuspecting bait fish to swim into range.

Haawkfish are known for their vibrant orange colors and a pair of large eyes that point upwards. They have a set of teeth on the underside of their jaw which they use to hold prey in place while it eats them alive.

These fish have a pair of dorsal fins, one on each side.

Arc-Eye Hawkfish

How cute are they?

Arc-eye hawkfish are one of the cutest fish in the ocean. Their big eyes and wide faces make them look like they're always smiling, but don't let their appearance fool you as they'll be quick to snatch up any prey that comes near.

How do they communicate?

Arc-eye hawkfish are able to communicate with each other in a variety of ways. These orange fishes can use their fins, tail, and body as well as communicating through electrical signals that they send out when disturbed by predators or if the water current changes suddenly.

How big is an arc-eye hawkfish?

The arc-eye hawkfish has a 6-7 in (15-17 cm) size range and can be brightly colored or have more muted colors depending on their habitat.

How fast can an arc-eye hawkfish swim?

The arc-eye hawkfish species is the fastest swimmer within its species, achieving speeds of up to 6 ft/s (1.8 m/s).

How much does an arc-eye hawkfish weigh?

The arc-eye hawkfish is one adorable looking animals that lives on corals close to shore. These guys can weight 3-5 lb (1.5 - 2 kg).

What are the male and female names of the species?

They don't have gender-specific names. Both species are known as arc eyed hawkfish.

What would you call a baby arc-eye hawkfish?

A baby hawkfish has no scientific name, so you can simply call them baby arc eye hawkfish.

What do they eat?

Their diet consists of crustaceans like crabs, shrimp, and other smaller varieties of fish which they hunt for at night or near dusk when their prey is more active. Unfortunately, these fishes are a great diet for sharks.

Are they aggressive?

Arc-eye hawkfish are aggressive marine predators who hunt by stealthy ambush or attacking their victims outright if necessary.

Would they make a good pet?

The arc-eye hawkfish is a fish that can live in a tank or aquarium. This small creature can be an excellent pet for people.

Did you know...

The arc-eye hawkfish is one of the most radiant fish in their environment at night. They are so luminescent that they can be seen from far away with a trained eye, even though they live on muddy bottoms where there's nothing to reflect light back.

How did the arc-eye hawkfish get its name?

It is a unique and colorful creature, but what's in its name? The word 'arc' means to 'bend or curve'. The arc of an eye refers to how it curves around your face, just like this beautiful fish. It also has other common names like hawkfish arc eye or eye hawkfish eye.

Are they edible?

Fishermen have termed the arc eye hawkfish poisonous.

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