Are Roses Toxic To Dogs? The True Guide About Roses For Dog Owners

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Originally Published on Oct 25, 2021
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Several garden flowers are poisonous to animals, many of them can cause serious poisoning in their body leading to deadly diseases.

Roses are classic gardening flowers that all garden enthusiasts have considered planting in their garden. However, if you own a cat or a dog, you need to be extra careful about choosing the family of flowers to plant in your garden, keeping safety measures in mind.

Pets, especially dogs tend to wander in the garden and ingest anything they get into. Therefore, the least you could do as a pet owner is to make sure that the flowers planted in your yard are safe for them and do not pose any danger.

Fortunately, beautiful roses are not included in the list of harmful flowers for pets. Although the rose bushes are generally not poisonous to pets, that doesn't mean you should allow your dog to chomp on the plants.

Plants require a lot of effort to finally bloom with bright flowers so the least you would want for them is to be eaten by your pet. Apart from that, the habit of dogs and cats to eat plants from the garden puts their health at risk. Unlike rose bushes, some flowering plants are poisonous to dogs.

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Why are roses safe for your pet dog?

It is safe for dogs and cats to chew on rose plants or petals once in a while as they are not known to cause any symptoms of poisoning or serious health hazards.

Any type of flower that belongs to the family of true roses with the botanical name ‘Rosa’ is non-toxic for pets. They can be easily grown outdoors and can even be kept inside the house as they do not harm indoor pets like cats and dogs if they consume the petals.

However, planting the rose bushes and having a pet dog together, come with a handful of responsibilities.

How to stop your pet dog from eating your garden roses?

Following some tips in your home with your pet as well as a garden helps you to prevent your dogs or cats from coming in contact with rose bushes as well as other dangerous plants.

The easiest and the quickest solution to keep dogs away from a plant is by keeping it in a place where dogs cannot reach them. Keeping indoor flowers at a greater height than the ground like on high tables or cabinets will keep the flowers out of the reach of pets.

There are several dog training methods, which are used for teaching dogs the difference between right and wrong. One of the easiest and most classic training methods is a reinforcement of positive and negative things.

Animals, especially dogs, are receptive to the tones of their owner's voice. On approaching flowers, if they are scolded firmly since puppyhood and praised with a soft tone listening to your command, they might stay away from your roses in the future.

If all the above processes of prevention result in the failure of your roses being chomped on, you can fence off your garden to protect the bright and colorful roses that you’ve worked hard on. The fencing should be built according to the size of the body of your pets.

For smaller individuals, chicken wire will keep your garden safe but strongly built fences are necessary for the larger ones.

Are miniature roses toxic to dogs?

Miniature roses are a species of true roses, a true rose is not poisonous to your dog, therefore, a miniature rose is safe for them to eat if they happen to take a few bites out of them.

The petals of the miniature rose are often used as a material to garnish desserts and salads. They are also used to produce food ingredients because of their wonderful smell.

However, if your pet eats up the foliage of miniature roses, it might cause problems of indigestion and vomiting. It is better to consult a vet and give some medications to your pet in such cases.

Lovely pug dog holding red rose.

Are drift roses toxic to dogs?

The drift rose is a variety of shrub rose that belongs to the family of true roses. Therefore they are not harmful to dogs.

Apart from that, this plant is quite a disease-resistant plant, which further reduces the chances of your dog falling sick if they feed on them. However, these shrubs have extremely spiny thorns. If a dog gets stuck in one, it will cause them immense pain.

Harmful Effects Of Dogs Eating Flower Petals

Even though the rose bushes do not contain any poison, the thorns could hurt the animals in many ways. If a dog is injured by rose thorns, its mouth and paws should be checked at first for any prevailing signs of injury or trauma.

If there are signs of deep wounds, veterinarian treatment is recommended to overcome the trauma of the paws and mouth.

The term rose is added to many flowers out there, not all of them come from the genus Rosa. Some of them might be harmful to your dog.

To prevent any such confusion, it is safe to know the botanical name of the plant that you are getting. All plants having the name Rosa can be eaten by dogs.

Thorns are the major factor of concern for a dog when you are considering planting rose bushes.

The thorns do not contain poison but they can cause deep and painful cuts if the dog gets caught in one. The damage caused by the thorns can also last quite a while in the animal.

Sometimes the cuts from thorns could get infected therefore it is better to clean the blood-covered area beforehand to prevent the chances of infection. If the pain becomes unbearable for your pets, it is better to contact your veterinarian.

A dog has several techniques of getting what they like, therefore it is better to do some research before keeping any type of flower in the house.

Although the roses are non-toxic and can be kept inside the house if the thorns are trimmed properly, plants like daffodil, hyacinth, stargazer lily, tiger lily, species of Asiatic lilies, and daisy lilies cause poisoning in dogs.

They can cause deadly diseases in dogs. Some of the symptoms of the poisonous flowers include stomach upset, vomiting, diarrhea, skin irritation, and kidney failure.

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