Are There Penguins In The North Pole? The Truth Might Shock You!

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Originally Published on Nov 12, 2021
Emperor penguins flock Antarctica snow

Penguins are flightless, small-to-medium-sized, aquatic birds that are found in the coastal areas of Africa, Australia, New Zealand and places in the Antarctic region.

Penguins are only found in the Southern Hemisphere. It is not yet clear why they are absent in the northern hemisphere, especially in the North Pole which closely resembles their Antarctic home.

There are 18 species of penguins, and seven out of them live in the Antarctic region. Others can be found in the coastal areas of southern countries. Only one species lives in the Galapagos Islands, which are near the Equator. Out of all the penguin species, emperor penguins are the biggest and blue penguins are the smallest.

So if both the Arctic and Antarctic are cold regions full of ice, then why do penguins only reside in the Antarctic and not also in the Arctic as well? Let's discuss this in this article!

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Are penguins found in the Arctic or Antarctic?

Penguin species are inhabitants of the Southern Hemisphere. They have always lived there and barely moved further north. Not all penguin species have the same adaptations. The ones living in the extreme south in Antarctica can't stand the heat, but the ones that live in Australia and Africa can withstand the heat.

Penguins can never be found in the Arctic region. Their origin was in the south and ever since they have only lived there.

These bird species can not fly but can swim very fast in the open sea and ocean. Penguins are very social in nature and can be seen in medium to large groups in temperate and polar regions of the Southern Hemisphere.

Why are there no penguins in the North Pole?

It is not possible for someone to find penguins in the Arctic region. But why? Well, there have never been any scientific studies or research that explain this question. Maybe penguins in the past tried to make their way to another end of the earth, but they must have failed to reach it!

Some penguins, over time, have adapted to the cold temperatures and harsh environment of the Antarctic. Other species can be found in countries in temperate regions such as Australia, New Zealand, southern Africa and many more.

Only one species of penguin, known as the Galapagos penguin, is found in the Galapagos Islands near the Equator.

Penguins are so far found in the South Pole and in coastal areas in the Southern Hemisphere. Maybe in the past, some species tried moving towards the north but got killed by predators and faced extinction.

What happens if you put a penguin in the North Pole?

If we put penguins in the North Pole, they would either get hunted down or would eventually die from starvation. Penguins spend half of their life on land and half in the ocean.

In the arctic region, there are way more predators present both on land and in the water, so it would be almost impossible for them to thrive.

Penguins are absent in the Northern Hemisphere and can only be found in coastal areas in the Southern Hemisphere and the South Pole. They swim in the water in search of fish and other food and live and breed on land.

Penguins live in Antarctica and nest in icy burrows.

In their habitat, they have never faced a land predator, so they don't know what can cause danger to them. If these penguins were moved to the North Pole, they wouldn't even know whom to stay away from.

Polar bears living in the Arctic would be the biggest threat on land for them. So Antarctica is the best place for these aquatic birds.

If we talk about penguin species in coastal areas, they have adapted to a temperate region and climate and if they were transported to the Arctic region, they would succumb to the freezing temperature and climate, causing their extinction.

In the Arctic region, animals like polar bears, arctic foxes, beluga whales and walruses are commonly found. Humans can't really walk to the north pole but they can reach it with the help of ice breaker ships and small aircraft.

What is the biggest predator in Antarctica?

The Antarctic region is located in the extreme south, away from the grasp of humans. Not many animals live there. Some animals that are found in the Antarctic region are penguins, seals, killer whales and sea birds, like petrels and albatross. All of them are apex predators and eat other organisms as there is no vegetation.

Antarctica is the land of predators. All animals that live there, be they small or big, are expert hunters.

Penguins living there hunt on fish, krill and squids. Seals eat fish, penguins, and squids.

Killer whales eat seals, penguins and fish. Out of all these great killers, the leopard seal and the killer whale species are considered the biggest and most skillful hunters.

Leopard seals are big cat-like seals who have sharp teeth for catching and eating their prey. As we are talking about penguins, there are 18 species of penguins in the world, out of which, around seven species live in Antarctica. Emperor penguins and king penguins are two famous penguin species that live there.

On land, adult penguins face almost no danger but adults need to keep an eye on their chicks. Penguin chicks are vulnerable to threats like seabirds and seals.

And other than that, in water, the adults need to protect themselves from killer whales and seals. For their protection in the water, penguins have developed some defense mechanisms that work very well.

Penguins can swim at a great speed (like bullets), can take rapid turns in the water and can also jump out of the water. These mechanisms help them in keeping a safe distance from their predators.

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