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Aussiepom facts about the Australian Shepherd and Pomeranian mix breed dog.

The Aussiepom breed of toy dogs is easily one of the most popular family pets in the world with the parent breeds being the Australian Shepherd and the Pomeranian. This is primarily because of its small size in combination with its ancestral temperaments, which makes it very convenient to maintain.

Moreover, despite its herding ancestors, Aussiepoms are a toy breed. These dog breeds, in addition to their fun excursions, just need love and attention from their family.

These hybrid canines are procreated by incorporating the best of the two popular purebreds, that is, the Australian Shepherd and Pomeranian. Though native to Australia, these crossbreed dogs are finding some popularity in North America as well.

The Aussiepom dog breed is known for its power-packed energy and activeness in combination with intelligence and loyalty. However, their good-natured and jolly demeanor does not mean that the Aussie Pom will not protect its family, in fact, these high-energy dogs are very protective of their family.

Read on to discover some interesting facts about these designer canines recognized by the American Kennel Club.

Here are some interesting facts about the Aussie Poms. Afterward, check our other articles on the Australian Shepherd Lab Mix and White German Shepherd as well.


Aussiepom Interesting Facts

What type of animal is an Aussiepom?

The Aussiepom is a classified hybrid search and rescue dog breed. It is a designer canine obtained by the cross between two very popular pure breeds of dogs that is the Australian Shepherd and Pomeranian. The Aussiepom is also infamous by the name Australian Shepherd Pomeranian mix.

What class of animal does an Aussiepom belong to?

Like the Australian Shepherd parent, the Aussiepom belongs to the class Mammalia. Though not much known about the actual origin time of these canines, the popularity of these pooches has gained pace in the last 10-15 years, much like the Australian Shepherds.

How many Aussiepoms are there in the world?

There are no accurate and rough estimates of the total number of Aussiepoms in the world, however in general the popularity of designer canines has rapidly increased over the years. Since the Aussiepom presents a package deal of small-sized companions with temperaments of its popular ancestors, the intentional crossbreeding of these canines has gained rapid pace over time.

Moreover, both the parent breeds are present in sufficient numbers, so their survival is not in question.

Where does an Aussiepom live?

An Aussiepom being a small-sized dog breed settles well in a house, on farms as well as in apartments. Aussiepoms are preferable pets for active households who are particular enthusiasts of playful and active dogs. Though Australian Shepherd Pomeranian mixes adjust well in small spaces, being a highly energetic breed, Aussiepoms can always use some areas to play.

What is an Aussiepom's habitat?

Aussiepoms are highly active and definitely enjoy some fun time. Therefore an ideal habitat for the Aussiepom would be a setting where Aussiepoms can get regular exercise, play, and work out.

These canines adjust well in both spacious settings such as houses with backyards, as well as suburban areas and apartments as long as these high energy level social dogs are provided with space for regular exercise or walk in parks.

Who do Aussiepoms live with?

Quite deceptive to their small and cute looks, the Aussiepom constitutes a highly active member of the household. Dogs of this new breed are a group of lovable, incredibly energetic, fun-loving, loyal, and protective breeds of canines.

Australian Shepherd Pomeranian mixes are friendly dogs who love to stay with their human family and are excellent with kids, other pets as well as senior members. Though not particularly aggressive, this social breed heartily guards and protects the human family. These high-energy dogs are cordial with strangers as well.

How long does an Aussiepom live?

The Aussiepom has a life expectancy of about 12-15 years. The health conditions of canines vary depending on various factors such as climate conditions, surroundings, changes in the environment, exposure to diseases, and nutrition.

How do they reproduce?

The reproductive cycle in these dogs begins when the female dog comes of age, and there is an onset of the heat cycle. During the heat cycle, swelling in the vulva and blood discharge can be noted in female Aussiepom.

This phase is followed by the female Aussiepom becoming receptive to the male, which lasts for about 3-11 days. The male Aussiepom dog ready for breeding should be tall enough to be able to mount the Aussiepom female.

During her heat cycle, the male is attracted by certain hormones and scents produced by female dogs.

However, in the case of designer breeds, mating may also be induced between the male and female dogs by the breeder. The reproductive cycle of a female Aussiepom then proceeds, leading to fertilization (fusion of male and female gamete).

The gestation period of a female Aussiepom can range between 58-68 days. The female gives birth to a litter size of eight puppies.

What is their conservation status?

Even though the exact number of the Australian Shepherd Pomeranian mix is unknown, it is estimated that the count of this breed is quite steady and in fact, is rapidly increasing. Furthermore, Aussiepoms are designer breeds, obtained by crossing the Australian Shepherd and Pomeranian, both of which are popular purebreds with a healthy population.

Aussiepom Fun Facts

What do Aussiepoms look like?

Aussiepoms are small dogs by nature. These high energy dogs have a small muscular and lean stature. The Aussiepom breed is popular for its fluffy double coat.

Their faces are generally patterns of fur color, with large beady and soulful eyes, fox-like snouts, and small pricked ears. The size range of these pooches generally depends on their ancestors the Australian Shepherd.

Aussiepom pooches possess medium-length hair that is generally soft, straight and fluffy. The main color range observed in the Aussiepom canines breed includes blue merle, solid brown or black, tri-color, and red merle. The solid shades show a combination of patterned marks and spots, here and there on their body.


*Please note this is an image of a Pomeranian, one of the parent breeds. If you have an image of an Aussiepom, let us know at

How cute are they?

On a scale of one to five of cuteness, Aussiepoms rank 4 or 5 points of cuteness, like the mini or toy Australian Shepherd and Pomeranian parent.

With the endearing toy breed of Pomeranians running in their pedigree, Aussiepoms with their small sizes, endearing face, fluffy fur and expressive eyes make an adorable kennel of designer dogs for all family members.

How do they communicate?

These members of the Canidae family possess a peculiar channel of communication. Aussiepoms use olfaction, visual, acoustic, and tactile receptions for communication.

These medium-length dogs sniff, bark,  growl, whine, and yelp to express themselves. Aussiepoms may also employ various gestures or body language to convey their feelings; these medium-sized dogs may avail nudging or rubbing their bodies to their human, wagging their tails or licking their masters when happy or seeking attention.

In the case of aussiepoms, loud barking or destructive activities within the household in order to convey their boredom or anxiety is also observed. Aussiepoms are quite good at communicating and understanding human emotions and commands.

How big is an Aussiepom?

Aussiepoms are a group of small-sized canines. However, a wide range in size can also be observed, depending mainly on the size range of the Australian Shepherd purebreds being used for breeding. The average Aussiepom size ranges between 11-17 in (27.9-43.2 cm). This is larger than a toy Pomeranian ranging between 8-11 in (20.3-27.9 cm).

How fast can an Aussiepom run?

The Aussie Pom, despite its small size, is quite an agile and enthusiastic group of dogs. Taking much from its Australian Shepherd ancestors, these Australian Shepherd Pomeranian mixes make a group of swift-running designer canine breeds.

How much does an Aussiepom weigh?

Aussie Poms are available in variable sizes which highly depend on the size range of their parents, particularly the Australian Shepherds. A healthy adult Aussiepom weighs anywhere between 10-30 lb (4.5-13.6 kg). The weight can vary depending upon eating regimen, exercise environment, and other factors.

What are the male and female names of the species?

In general, any dog that matches the salient characteristics of the Aussiepom species is referred to as an Aussiepom or Australian Shepherd Pomeranian mix. However, as Aussiepom are the members of the Canidae family, they are basically a category of dogs.

Therefore the male Aussie Poms are referred to as dogs while the female Aussie Poms are referred to as bitches.

What would you call a baby Aussiepom?

The Aussiepom is a designer canine, reared by incorporating the characteristics of two popular purebreds, the Australian Shepherd and Pomeranian. Hence, the young Aussiepom or baby Australian Shepherd Pomeranian mix is called an Aussiepom puppy. On average, the observed litter size of the Aussie Pom ranges between two and five puppies.

What do they eat?

Aussiepoms are omnivores. This means they can eat meat, cooked or raw, bones of animals, and some types of grains.

The Aussie Pom also eats vegetables, fruits, nuts and other vegetarian sources of nutrition. Since the Aussie Pom is ultimately the descendant of a herding and toy group of dogs, their diet consists of both types of food that their biological ancestors eat and the food that their human families eat.

Food items that are vegetarian and healthy for the Aussiepom include baby carrots, French beans, cooked potatoes, oatmeal.

They can also eat all kinds of meat as long as they are sourced from hygienic shops and butchers and have been cleaned well. Specialty dog food must be provided occasionally to take care of the dietary requirements.

Are they dangerous?

The Aussie Pom possesses a great social disposition. They are not a solitary group of canines and tend to show anxiety when left alone for long hours. Aussiepoms are sensitive and intuitive dogs and not at all dangerous. However, they may get aggressive when protecting their family.

Would they make a good pet?

Aussiepoms were bred to be pet toy dog breeds that offer companionship to their human owners. They are small dogs and hence are very comfortable in compact spaces.

Being very intuitive and compassionate dogs, the Aussie Pom makes a popular pet option for active households. Aussiepoms are loyal, socially warm, super active, protective, and easy to train. However, these pooches are known to exhibit separation anxiety and cannot be left alone for longer durations.

All in all, Aussiepoms would make great pets. These therapy dogs require a lot of exercise to manage their high energy levels.

Are they slobbery?

The Australian Shepherd Pomeranian mix is the perfect option for neatnik individuals. Aussiepoms are dogs rating low in the slobbery departments.

These members of the canine family are known to be low on drooling habits; therefore if you are looking forward to avoiding any experiences with drools on clothes, couches, and your body while interacting with your pooches, you need not look far.

Did you know...

Aussiepoms are natives of the United States. These designer canines were first reared in soils of the United States. The Australian Shepherd Pomeranian mix is known to have its roots embedded back in time, about as long as the 1990s, which was the on-trend era of designer dogs.

Toy dog breeds were popularized by Queen Victoria of England who herself prefered smaller dogs.

What is the difference between an Aussiepom and an Aussiepoodle?

The Aussiepom, as well as Aussiedoodle, are classified groups of hybrid breed dogs. They are basically designer canines obtained by the cross between two very popular pure breeds of dogs.

Though both these dogs share one common ancestor, that is, the Australian Shepherd their other parent constitutes different purebreds. The Aussiepom is obtained by the cross between the Australian Shepherd and the Pomeranians whereas, the Aussiedoodle is obtained by the cross between an Australian Shepherd and a Poodle.

Do Aussiepoms shed?

The Aussiepom has a beautiful medium-length coat that does shed quite a bit. Regular brushing and thorough bathing (with shampoo and conditioner) every month can help to reduce the shedding. Both the parent breeds, the Australian Shepherd and Pomeranian, shed a fair amount, so it is no surprise that this hybrid dog sheds too.

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You can even occupy yourself at home by coloring in one of our free printable aussiepom dog coloring pages.

*Please note the main image is of an Australian Shepherd, one of the parent breeds. If you have an image on an Aussiepom, let us know at

Aussiepom Facts

What Did They Prey On?

Small animals, birds

What Type of Animal were they?


Average Litter Size?

2-5 puppies

How Much Did They Weigh?

10-30 lb (4.5-13.6 kg)

What habitat Do they Live In?

urban and suburban households

Where Do They Live?

us, canada, australia, europe, asia

How Long Were They?


How Tall Were They?

11-17 in (27.9-43.2 cm)







Scientific Name

Canis lupus familiaris

What Do They Look Like?

Red merle, blue merle, tri-color medium-length coat with Australian Shepherd markings and oval eyes

Skin Type

Fur coat

What Are Their Main Threats?

humans, poor breeding practices, health issues

What is their Conservation Status?

Least Concern
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