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Australian Retriever facts about this great working dog

The Australian Retriever is a mix breed of Australian Shepherd Golden Retriever. The retriever Australian shepherd mix is also known by various different names such as Aussie golden, shepherd golden retriever Aussie, golden Aussie, and many more.

This shepherd golden retriever mix is a breed that sheds a lot of hair during the shedding season, thereby, making regular grooming a necessity. These dogs are a mixed breed of golden retriever Australian shepherd and, hence, make a great family dog.

Australian retriever has high energy levels which require their humans to take the dog for regular walks and exercise.

They can be used as guide dogs, working dogs, guide dogs, and herding dogs. The Australian retriever suffers from common health problems in old age like obesity, arthritis, and hip and elbow dysplasia.

Aussie retriever is an extremely intelligent dog and responds well to the training sessions. Read on to discover more, and after you have read this article on golden retriever Aussie shepherd hybrid, then do check out our Kunming wolfdog and Pomapoo facts as well.

Australian Retriever Interesting Facts

What type of animal is an Australian retriever?

The Australian shepherd golden retriever is a mix breed dog whose parent breeds are Australian shepherd and golden retriever. Being a mix-breed, the Australian retriever has the abilities of both the parent breeds. It acquires its herding instincts from its Australian shepherd parent and friendly nature from the golden retriever parent.

What class of animal does an Australian retriever belong to?

The Australian retriever belongs to the Mammalian class as it has the ability to give birth to young ones. The Australian retriever is not a pure breed. It was when breeders started mating Australian shepherds with golden retrievers that this new breed was created. Their appearance and size completely depend upon that of their parent breeds.

How many Australian retrievers are there in the world?

It is not possible to find out how many Australian retrievers are there, but it is well known that there are thousands of golden retriever Australian shepherd mix-breed dogs who are really suitable as family dogs.

Where does an Australian retriever live?

Since the Australian shepherd golden retriever dogs have the characteristics of their parents, they prefer to live indoors in a hospitable and friendly environment. They adjust well to any kind of weather, and gel extremely well with humans of all ages.

What is an Australian retriever's habitat?

As this Australian shepherd golden retriever hybrid is a family dog, it adapts well to any environment. These dogs need regular grooming, training, and exercise.

Australian retrievers have an extremely friendly nature which makes it easier for humans to adopt them. They are easy to train and can easily adapt to the conditions they are exposed to, through training and grooming as required.

Who do Australian retrievers live with?

Australian retrievers live peacefully with the family that owns them. They are family-friendly dogs and can easily live indoors.

They also have good herding skills and are extremely loyal and easy to train. Though they have high energy levels and are active all year round, although when in the mood, an Australian retriever can be a couch potato as well.

How long does an Australian retriever live?

The Australian shepherd golden retriever mix is a medium-large dog and enjoys a long age thanks to its parent breeds. On average, the golden retriever Australian shepherd mix dogs have an average lifespan of 13-15 years. This lifespan can slightly differ in accordance to the surroundings and environmental conditions, their health, certain health issues, and other factors.

How do they reproduce?

For reproduction in Australian shepherd golden retriever mix dogs, the female should be of a certain appropriate age and should be going through her heat cycle. On the other side, the male dog should be of appropriate age and should be tall.

The dog mounts the female from the rear side and after the process is over, the female gets pregnant. The pregnancy period can vary between 30-70 days after which the female gives birth to the litter.

What is their conservation status?

Being an Australian shepherd golden retriever mix, the Aussie retriever is a designer dog present in huge numbers and, hence, do not face any extinction threats. Moreover, there are two sources of their increasing number i.e. purebred Australian retriever puppies and crossbred Australian golden retriever and Australian shepherd puppies.

Australian Retriever Fun Facts

What do Australian retrievers look like?

Australian shepherd golden retriever mix i.e. Australian retrievers is a hybrid bog breed. They can have a brown, white, or black coat.

Each dog is unique in its own way. Its appearance can be like a golden retriever or an Australian Shepherd, depending on the dominant genetic pool.

Due to variations between the breeds and the parents, the Australian golden retriever mix puppies could be absolutely different than their parents. This Aussie retriever is an active and highly energetic dog. These Aussie retrievers are a new designer breed and they came into existence in 2007.

How cute are they?

These mix Australian shepherd golden retriever breed is a very high-quality dog breed. These dogs look just like their parents Aussie shepherd and golden retrievers, both of which are extremely popular amongst dog owners, are also known for their loving and possessive nature.

These qualities are exhibited in the Australian retriever dogs as well. Aussie retrievers are one of the most loved and adored dog breeds that are really child and family-friendly and are really cute to be around.

How do they communicate?

As Aussie retrievers are bred from cross-breeding of an Australian shepherd and a golden retriever, they are great at communicating. They bark, howl and whimper to show their feelings and communicate.

They are also family-friendly and can resort to attention-seeking at times. An Australian retriever puppy can be possessive as well but such behavior can be controlled through proper training and love.

How big is an Australian retriever?

An Australian retriever is a hybrid between a golden retriever and an Australian shepherd and is available in varied sizes according to their inherited qualities from the parent breeds. The size of a male and female Australian retriever ranges between 19-23 in.

How fast can an Australian retriever run?

The Australian retriever is a working dog and can run at a speed of up to 34-35 mph over short distances, just like their parents. They do have the traits of their parents and are active just like them. They are really playful and friendly if they are trained and groomed properly.

How much does an Australian retriever weigh?

An Aussie retriever can weigh between 23-60 lb, depending upon the age. It also depends on the gender of the dog. Mostly the average weight for this Aussie mix breed is around 25-52 lb whereas it is 30-60 lb for male Australian retrievers.

What are their male and female names of the species?

A male Aussie retriever is called a dog and a female Aussie retriever can be called a bitch.

What would you call a baby Australian retriever?

Australian retriever dogs are a mix breed of golden retriever and Australian shepherd. Therefore, the babies are called puppies. Which parent the Aussie retriever puppy resembles depends on the genetics.

What do they eat?

These dogs need high-quality dog food which is high in protein. They are omnivores just like their parents and eat both veggies and meat. It is also suggested to have specialized dog food prescribed by specialists in order to ensure their overall development and growth.

Are they slobbery?

Being a golden Australian shepherd retriever mix, the Aussie retriever drools a lot. Especially, when they see food or someone eating, but seeing their cuteness can make you overlook the drooling.

Would they make a good pet?

Aussie retriever is one of the best pets for young children. They are extremely family-friendly and playful dogs. Are a great companion for not only the elder people but also for children. These dogs like to go on long walks and play fetch with their humans.

Did you know...

The Australian retrievers were cross-bred around the year 2007-2008.

The average age for Aussie retrievers is 12-15 years. These Australian retrievers are athletic in nature and require constant mental stimulation. The Aussie Retrievers have a water-repellent double coat fur body.

They can also have a blonde or a brindle-colored body. Their eyes are in the shades of blues or browns. They have a fluffy long tail just like a Golden Retriever and have a coarse structure.

They can tolerate being alone for some time but need frequent interaction without which these golden Aussies could show destructive behavior. They also suffer from separation anxiety as they are very possessive regarding their humans. As sweet and friendly as they are, they also are fiercely territorial.

Having your own Australian retriever

Having a dog is not easy as it looks. In fact, deciding as to which dog to purchase is a big task in itself.

Every person who has a dog or has had a dog can completely relate. You need to understand their essentials in relation to your facilities in order to choose the perfect dog for yourself. Australian retrievers are a mix between two pure breeds which makes them loyal and intelligent as well.

They are also really loving but can sometimes be possessive over their belongings and family. They are also known to be great watchdogs and are said to be easily trained and adaptable.

The golden Aussies are a rare hybrid mix and the price starts from $200 and can go up to $1000 depending on the breeder and availability. The average cost of buying an Aussie puppy from a licensed breeder can be pretty high, based on it being a pure hybrid or mixed hybrid ranging from $600 - $800.

They are great for kids and are family-friendly.

Australian retrievers also need exercise of around 30 - 60 minutes every day in order to be active.

They actually are really loving and playful and enjoy games such as frisbee and other ball games that keep them active enough. One another thing you need to know before deciding to buy or adopt an Aussie retriever is that they shed a lot of hair during the shedding season.

Characteristics and health

Australian retrievers are healthy dogs but could have the health problems that golden retrievers and Aussie shepherds face. Some of the common health problems among them are elbow and hip dysplasia, bloating, and cataracts.

Being an active and energetic dog, they need regular exercise. Other than this, they are very playful and can show signs of separation anxiety but adapt well to their environment, whether it be cold or hot weather.

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You can even occupy yourself at home by drawing one on our Australian Retriever coloring pages.

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