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Bali myna facts like they can comfortably exist on a fruit diet are interesting.
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The Bali myna, Leucopsar rothschildi, is a small, pretty-looking bird species found on the island of Bali. For such a small bird, it is known by a host of wondrous names, including Rothschild's mynah, Bali myna, and Bali starling.

Individual birds are bright white all over, with a long neck, gray legs, white feathers, a yellow bill, and black tips on their wings and tail.

They have startling black eyes that pop, largely due to the patch of bare blue skin that surrounds them. They also have hints of this attractive robin blue color on their legs.

The Bali starling is considered an endemic, meaning that its geographical location range is restricted to one place, the island of Bali.

It is also a Critically Endangered starling and on the IUCN Red List. It is estimated that there are less than 100 of these glorious birds surviving in the wild population, and another 1000 bred Bali starlings in captivity.

The captive-bred Bali starlings are protected from being sold, especially to private individuals. It is hence fitting that island locals honor this rare species by emblemizing it on local currency (Indonesian 200 rupiah coin).

They also lovingly refer to this bird species as Jalak Bali, literally meaning Bali starling. Given their endangered status, conservation of this species population is consciously supported through various public and private sanctuaries (like Bali Barat National park). There are also laws preventing poaching and the sale of Bali mynas by private individuals.

By the end of this article, you will have knowledge on Bali myna bird status, Bali starling myna, Bali myna niche and habitat, Bali myna colors, Bali myna male, and Bali myna female characteristics.

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Bali Myna Interesting Facts

What type of animal is a Bali myna?

The Bali myna is an aerial animal, a bird.

What class of animal does a Bali myna belong to?

This species belongs to the Aves class.

How many Bali mynas are there in the world?

Experts have estimated that there are less than 100 of these precious Bali starlings out in the wild population. There are also less than 1000 captive-bred birds in sanctuaries across Bali.

These alarmingly low numbers are due to poaching and loss of habitat. Individual birds in the wild, also have a small home range that is endemic to Bali. Despite these challenges, efforts continue to be made for the conservation of this bird population.

Where does a Bali myna live?

Bali mynas live in the woods in mountain regions. The natural home range of this bird population is endemic to the island of Bali.

They are a Critically Endangered population (part of the IUCN Red List), with fewer than 100 bird individuals in the wild, and another 1000 captive-bred birds spread across bird sanctuaries. Efforts are hence constantly being made by the Indonesian government and private environmental associations for the conservation of this species population.

This includes a ban on poaching and sale by private individuals.

What is a Bali myna's habitat?

Bali mynas have a mountainous habitat. They live up in the trees in woodlands, savannas, and coconut groves, around the island of Bali.

They are diurnal in nature, meaning that they are highly active during the day, and roost or sleep at night. The birds gather in flocks of six to 20 and stay within their groups for protection from poachers and predators.

They even gather food from the ground with their family of flocks. Bali starlings breed during the rainy season in Bali (January to April) when their food source is available in plenty.

Who do Bali mynas live with?

Bali mynas live in groups of 6-20 starlings. Each group is called a flock, and they stay together at all times to protect themselves from any harm.

In fact, they even fly down to the ground together when they need to gather food. They are also a Critically Endangered population, on IUCN’s conservation list. So they are legally protected from being poached and sold to private individuals.

How long does a Bali myna live?

They can live for as little as five years when they are in their natural habitat in wildlife. They are also known to live thrice as long, up to 15 years when they are carefully bred in captivity (like bird sanctuaries).

How do they reproduce?

Their breeding period coincides with the rainy season in their natural habitat on the island of Bali. During this time, male adults the male registers his interest by raising his bill to the sky and then follows up with a series of vocal chirps and whistles.

He bobs around as he looks for a mate. Male adults also show off their plumage, much like a peacock, to further attract a mate during the breeding season.

A female responds to this visual display and bobs closer to the male, preening his neck and plumage in affection. This pair then remain committed and monogamous, at least for the rest of the season.

In fact, male Bali mynas can get very territorial and aggressive when they perceive a threat or interference from other males.

Once the pair mate during the breeding season, they use an assortment of materials, like leaves, grass, and twigs, to build their nests. They also use their own feathers to cover and protect their nests and eggs.

A female Bali myna can lay a clutch of two to three eggs in her nest during a breeding season. Both male and female adults are responsible for caring for their young ones and their nest.

In fact, they work together to protect the nests and their eggs from predators during the incubation period. They also gather food together and feed young myna chicks, until they are old enough to forage food on their own. This can take a few months after the chick starling hatches.

What is their conservation status?

The conservation status of Bali mynas is Critically Endangered on the IUCN Red List. This is indeed alarming as their population is less than 2000! Experts estimate that there are less than 100 of these birds scattered on the island of Bali. There are another 1000 birds estimated to be living in captivity.

Efforts are also being made by the government of Indonesia, to consciously protect and breed captive birds through a controlled breeding program. This is seen in Bali Barat National Park, West Bali National Park, and bird sanctuaries at Nusa Penida island, Melinggih Kelod, and Sibang in Indonesia.

Bali Myna Fun Facts

What do Bali mynas look like?

Bali mynas are small to mid-sized birds with plump bodies and white feathers. They have lacy head crests, with black tips on their wings and tail.

They have a yellow bill, grey legs, and enormously charming black eyes. This charm comes from the pretty robin blue-colored skin around their eyes. This bright blue color is also found sprinkled on their legs.

Bali Myna

How cute are they?

Bali mynas are incredibly cute, bobbing around playfully with their mates during the breeding season (January to April). They are also very cheerful and melodious in their chirps and tweets.

Their pretty black eyes are bound to catch your attention, especially due to the robin blue patch of bare skin around the eyes. They are not very aggressive unless males sense intrusion by other males towards their female partners during the breeding season. They are otherwise merry creatures, happy to coexist harmoniously in flocks.

How do they communicate?

Do note, this species is a singing bird and is known for its melodious voice. They hence communicate with each other through an assortment of cheerful calls and tweets.

During the breeding season (also the wet or rainy season in Bali), males whistle loudly to attract a mate.

And when faced with a potential threat or predator, Bali myna birds raise an alarm using a distinct 'tschick' sound to warn the rest of their flock. Bali Myna can be taught to mimic human phrases or words or talk, making them popular among humans.

How big is a Bali myna?

The Bali myna is as big, or as little, as a blue robin bird, measuring nine to 10 in (24-25 cm).

How fast can a Bali myna fly?

While the exact speed of a Bali myna is known, these birds are clearly strong and direct fliers, with an impressive wingspan of nine to 22 in (52-56 cm). Also, it is the male bird that teaches young Bali myna chicks to fly.

How much does a Bali myna weigh?

Bali mynas are considered small to mid-sized birds, weighing between 2-4 oz (70-115 g).

What are the male and female names of the species?

Both males and females of this species are called Bali myna. Their head crest is slightly larger in males.

What would you call a baby Bali myna?

The young ones are called chicks.

What do they eat?

Bali mynas feed on an omnivorous diet of ants, insects, caterpillars, dragonflies, grasshoppers, fruit, seeds, and worms. They prefer staying perched on treetops away from the eyes of predators. When they need to gather food, they come down in flocks to pick on the ground and quickly get back to the safety of their beloved trees.

Are they friendly?

Bali mynas are friendly. But this species has been Critically Endangered with less than 100 existing in the wild population, largely due to poachers and predators.

So they are naturally wary of strangers and stick with their flocks in trees. They can be trained to welcome known humans when they are bred in captivity on a careful diet. About 1000 captive birds are consciously cared for, across various bird sanctuaries, on the island of Bali.

Would they make a good pet?

Keeping the Bali myna bird as a pet is not an option.

Did you know...

Bali mynas belong to the bird Order, Passeriformes, and are hence also called Passerine. This is the largest order in the bird species, covering more than 50% of birds found in the wild population. This is also the order of songbirds, producing melodious chirping sounds!

These birds are special as the national symbol of Bali Island.

They are also called perching birds for obvious reasons. They actually have perch-friendly feet, with three toes pointing forward and one backward, making it easy to perch on their favored branches.

What else can you see the Bali myna?

Bali mynas can be seen on the island of Bali among wildlife, in bird sanctuaries, and on the 200 rupiahs Indonesian coin.

Do Bali mynas like fruit?

They do! Captive Bali mynas are often pleased with a sweet-treat diet, including figs, papayas, cut melons, and nectar-filled fruit.

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