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Brumback's night monkeys (Aotus brumbacki) are a species of night monkeys native to the tropical forests of Colombia, South America.

As the name suggests, they are partly nocturnal and prefer searching for food at night. Originally, the Brumback's night monkey species was a subspecies of Aotus lemurinus, or the gray-bellied night monkeys, but became a fully recognized separate species of its own recently.

Not much is known about the behavioral patterns and habits of Aotus brumbacki as a separate species alone, and there needs some more research to produce conclusive facts.

The Brumback's night monkey belongs to the Animalia kingdom and the genus Aotus of the Aotidae family. Most of the species of night monkeys are either threatened or vulnerable animals, and Aotus brumbacki is not a stranger to that.

Brumback's night monkey has a gray-white belly, with black fur and white markings framing their face. The eyes are reddish-brown, and the diet includes fruits, seeds, or occasionally insects.

Brumback's night monkey is listed as a Vulnerable New World monkey species, as declared by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) Red List.

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Brumback's Monkey Interesting Facts

What type of animal is a Brumback's monkey?

Brumback's night monkey (Aotus brumbacki) is a species of primate found in Colombia, South America. They were originally a subspecies of the grey-bellied night monkey or Aotus lemurinus but now are considered a separate species of monkeys.

What class of animal does a Brumback's monkey belong to?

The Brumback's night monkey (Aotus brumbacki) belongs to the class of mammals from the kingdom Animalia, order primates, genus Aotus, and the family of Aotidae.

How many Brumback's monkeys are there in the world?

The current numbers of the Brumback's night monkey (Aotus brumbacki) are not known. However, these monkeys are listed as Vulnerable species by the IUCN Red List and have a decreasing population.

Where does a Brumback's monkey live?

The Brumback's night monkey species lives in the forest of Colombia, South America. This primate is endemic to their location and rarely occurs out of it.

What is a Brumback's monkey's habitat?

The habitat of Brumback's night monkey is usually forested with canopies as they rarely come down to the ground. The vegetation of the home of the Brumback's night monkey should be dense, with a lot of trees and vines.

Who do Brumback's monkeys live with?

The Brumback's night monkey lives in a group with its own species. During the breeding season, they pair up to form monogamous relationships.

How long does a Brumback's monkey live?

Data on the lifespan of a Brumback's night monkey is not available as of now.

How do they reproduce?

Not much data is available about the mating habits of Aotus brumbacki, Brumback's night monkey, animals. As a mammal, they give birth to baby monkeys and live in a group. Offspring numbers of Brumback's night monkey should be about one per season.

What is their conservation status?

According to the IUCN Red List, the conservation status of this monkey is Vulnerable. The main reason for the decline of their numbers is loss of habitat to commercialization and deforestation. Many national universities are looking into protecting the species of night monkeys. Major conservative efforts will be needed for the Aotus brumbacki, Brumback's night monkey, animals.

Brumback's Night Monkey Fun Facts

What do Brumback's monkeys look like?

Get to know the vulnerable Brumback's night monkey species, including facts like family, genus, group, and habitat

*This is an image of the gray-bellied night monkey, of which Brumback's monkey is a subspecies. If you have an image of a Brumbac'k monkey, please let us know at

The Brumback's night monkey has reddish brown-tinted eyes and a greyish-brown dense fur. They have white fur circling on their face and have a long tail with a black tip. The fur on the stomach of the brumbacki genus is gray, and the white eyebrow fur on their face extends backward.

How cute are they?

Brumback's night monkey species have dense fur and are very rare. If you look closely, they are a cute species that looks very curious and adorable!

How do they communicate?

Monkeys can use a lot of different ways of communication like body language, using vocal calls, and scent marking to mark territories of Aotus brumbacki. The Brumback's night monkey is one of the most clever species when it comes to the communication of animals.

How big is a Brumback's monkey?

The average size of the Brumback's night monkey, Aotus brumbacki genus, is unknown.

How fast can a Brumback's monkey jump?

There are no studies that have estimated the speed of the jump of either Brumback's night monkeys or its relative species, the Aotus lemurinus.

How much does a Brumback's monkey weigh?

The average weight of a Brumback's night monkey is 1.7 lb (771 g). This would make the Brumback's night monkey about five times smaller than the white-bellied spider monkey species.

What are the male and female names of the species?

There are no sex-specific names for Brumback's night monkeys.

What would you call a baby Brumback's monkey?

A baby Brumback's night monkey is called an infant.

What do they eat?

Brumback's night monkeys, like Aotus lemurinus genus, rely on fruits for food and feed during the night. They can also eat insects, small mammals, or birds when food is scarce. The predators of Brumback's night monkey species range from pythons and cougars to jaguars. They can also be hunted by eagles and other birds of prey.

How active are they?

Not much is known about the activity status of the Brumback's night monkey. They play it safe and mostly stay on trees. Brumback's night monkey species generally will walk on all four legs but can jump from tree to tree when necessary.

Would they make a good pet?

As a vulnerable species, it is not a good idea to take in the Brumback's night monkey as a pet. It can also be illegal in most places to keep an exotic wild animal in urban habitat.

Did you know...

Aside from the brumbacki night monkey, two other monkey species were originally listed as a subspecies class of the Aotus lemurinus. They are called the Aotus griseimembra or gray-handed night monkey and the Aotus zonalis class or the Panamanian night monkey.

What is the male night monkey's role in parenting?

Night monkeys are monogamous and only have one partner most of their lives. The female usually carries the baby only for one or two weeks. The male night monkey does most of the parenting, and the couple forms a co-parenting bond.

The male feeds, instructs, and plays with the infants. They also do most of the carrying and protecting the infant from danger. Males have a major role in parenting, more so than females.

What is the only nocturnal monkey?

The gray-legged douroucouli is considered to be the only true nocturnal monkey in all of the present species, New World and Old World alike. They are also called the night monkey or the owl monkey.

They are found in the sub-tropical forests of South America and are solely nocturnal. They are stealthy, know where to hide in thick vegetation, and are very hard to spot. The gray-legged douroucouli relaxes and sleeps during the day, preparing for the night.

They have eyes adept in hunting in the dark. The population of this monkey species, like most night monkeys, is also decreasing mainly due to hunting and habitat loss.

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