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Burmese Python facts for kids on the invasive species

A Burmese Python (Python molurus bivittatus) is one of the most unique snakes around. They are a nonvenomous snake that have wreaked havoc in the ecological systems of south Florida.

But they are not all bad, they need to be protected as they have now been categorized as Vulnerable.

Their population has decreased significantly in their native regions.

There are various Burmese Python species that are found in the wild such as scaleless Burmese Python, labyrinth Burmese Python, pearl Burmese Python, albino Burmese Python, albino green Burmese Python, leucistic Burmese Python, ivory Burmese Python, caramel Burmese Python, albino granite Burmese Python, dwarf Burmese Python, yellow Burmese Python, hypo Burmese Python and several others.

The American alligator is one of the most lethal Florida Burmese Python predators along with hyenas, lions, and leopards, who are also Burmese Python predators in Asia. Did you know that Burmese Python pets are illegal in Australia?

This is mainly because they are known to damage crops and disturb the ecological balance. Let’s find out how these Burmese Pythons survive in their habitat in this article.

Burmese Python teeth are extremely sharp and are used by the animal to constrict and kill its prey.

Here are some of the most interesting Burmese Python facts and information for you. After reading these Albino Burmese Python facts, to know more about this invasive species, you may also look at python facts and carpet python facts.

Burmese Python Interesting Facts

What type of animal is a Burmese Python?

A Burmese python (Python molurus bivittatus) is a snake with a triangular-shaped head and sharp curved teeth. These snakes are not that large, but they weigh a lot due to their bulky size.

What class of animal does a Burmese Python belong to?

The classic Burmese python is a reptile and so comes under the class of reptilia. Their size and weight make these wild animals unsuitable as pets.

How many Burmese Pythons are there in the world?

The number of Burmese Pythons in Florida is somewhere between 30,000-150,000 pythons in South Florida. The Burmese Python Florida populations are quite low and this puts them in the vulnerable conservation status as their population is very low in their native regions.

The Burmese Python's invasive species behavior has made it a nuisance for people in the region. This species can also be found in Everglades National Park, Florida.

Where does a Burmese Python live?

This species (Python molurus bivittatus) is native to warm and wet climates like in the tropical rainforests of southeast Asia and is an invasive species in the Florida Everglades. Since they are non-venomous, this species can be domesticated. These pythons are also found in Key Largo.

What is a Burmese Python's habitat?

These constrictors enjoy warm and wet climates, preferably with many rodents, small birds, and game animals roaming the region for hunting. Hence, a Burmese Python habitat is located in these regions only.

Who do Burmese Pythons live with?

This species stays away from humans and lives a solitary life. These Burmese Python constrictors are seen with other pythons only during their mating season.

How long does a Burmese Python live?

Their average lifespan is 20-25 years in the wild. But, the San Diego zoo reported the longest python life as 35 years.

How do they reproduce?

They are oviparous. They lay eggs. A female Burmese python is known to lay up to 100 eggs. The snake incubates these eggs for 2-3 months and keeps the eggs warm by squeezing her muscles. The baby snake, when they are ready to come out, cut the eggshell with their teeth.

What is their conservation status?

They are listed as a vulnerable species. Their numbers are decreasing at an alarming rate in their native regions of Southeast Asia. Illegal pet trade is another reason behind their reducing population. Their reducing populations have necessitated conservation efforts in the Everglades National Park in Florida region by the US Fish and Wildlife Services.

Burmese Python Fun Facts

What do Burmese Pythons look like?

They have triangular-shaped heads and sharp, backward-curving teeth that they use to grab prey. Regardless of length, these snakes are bulky for their size.

They have excellent camouflage with their black and green-scaled skin. It is dark brown and has horizontal lines on its head with beige blotches and two, across each eye. Albino Burmese pythons, which are a bright yellow, are a genetic mutation of the Burmese pythons.

Burmese Python populations can be found across Florida.

How cute are they?

They look beautiful with their black and green-scaled patterns. They may be non-venomous, but if you see one in real life, slowly go to a safe area. Adult snakes can swallow prey that is up to 50% greater in size than them.

How do they communicate?

Snakes use their sense of smell. They track down prey and sense approaching predators through their smell. Snakes communicate with each other by collecting each other's chemical cues.

How big is a Burmese Python?

A Burmese python is very long, approximately four times a tall human. The Burmese Python full grown size can extend up to 26 ft.

How fast can a Burmese Python move?

The Burmese python, scientific name being Python molurus bivittatus, moves in a straight line, unlike other snakes who move in a zig-zag manner. These snakes can go up to one mile an hour in this straight fashion. But these snakes can move very fast in short bursts when they have to pounce on their prey.

How much does a Burmese Python weigh?

A Burmese python weighs anywhere between 66-352 lb depending on its age and size.

What are their male and female names of the species?

Males and females of this invasive species are known by the common name, the Burmese Python. Burmese Python females are bigger in size than males.

What would you call a baby Burmese Python?

All baby snakes are called hatchlings, so baby Burmese pythons can also be called hatchlings.

What do they eat?

What this invasive species eat depends on their size. Young snakes eat small animals like Key Largo rats, mice, rabbits, birds, fish and wildlife.

But as they grow, they move on to animals like goats and dogs, too. Their predators are American alligators, but if the snake is larger than the alligator, the snake most definitely can swallow it whole.

Are they dangerous?

Yes. Absolutely. This species can hunt small animals and can also hurt humans. This native species are non-venomous, but a Burmese python can crush animals using its body and strong muscles. They are known for swallowing large animals like goats and alligators.

Would they make a good pet?

Burmese Python pet are one of the top choices for snakes to be domesticated. But one has to be careful about keeping the snake and themselves safe.

Burmese pythons are no longer allowed to be kept as a pet in Florida and efforts for their conservation are underway. Only properly licensed dealers, public exhibitors, and researchers may acquire these animals.

The Burmese Python 'poisonous' bite is nothing more than a myth as these reptiles are non-venomous creatures.

The Burmese Python growth rate is quite incredible and within a year, they can reach length of 7 ft and a full grown Burmese Python can get up to 26 ft in length. For this reason, Burmese Python care is very difficult at home.

Did you know...

These snakes are great climbers and excellent swimmers. In fact, young snakes live on tree branches till they become too heavy to be supported by the branches.

When you compare a Burmese Python vs alligator, then the pictures of Burmese Python Everglades will certainly flash before your eyes.

In the Everglades National Park, an American alligator and Burmese Python got engaged in a fight where the Burmese Python devoured the American alligator but later it's stomach exploded, after which the alligator tore the Python into pieces and devoured it.

One interesting trend for this species is the increasing demand for the Burmese Python morph. The market for Burmese Python morphs is increasing rapidly with albino Burmese Python morphs being most in demand.

How did the Burmese python get to Florida

They were brought to Miami first to be kept as exotic pets. But some irresponsible citizens could not take care of them and let them loose in the wild. Hurricane Andrew in 1995 broke open a facility. It was one of the breeding centers created for Burmese pythons. The snakes got a marshy and warm place to reproduce.

Why are Burmese pythons illegal in Australia?

Australians have learned from the Everglades in South Florida that these snakes, upon entering their lands, can easily become a pest and can cause large and irreparable damage to their ecological system.

Can a Burmese python eat a human?

The risk is low, but yes, a python (Burmese) can eat and swallow any animal which is 50% bigger than them. If their jaws open wide enough, they can crush the human and swallow them whole.

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of interesting family-friendly animal facts for everyone to discover! Learn more about some other reptiles including sand lizard facts, or bog turtle.

You can even occupy yourself at home by drawing one on our Burmese Python coloring pages.

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