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Burmilla facts about the cat with a short coat.

The Burmilla is a people-loving cat that is, even though rare but is preferred by cat lovers due to its affectionate and gentle nature. This cat breed is another example of an accidental mating between Burmese and Chinchilla Persian cat breeds.

It is one of the most recent and newest breeds of cats to be recognized by the Cat Fanciers Association.

This cat has traced its origin to the 1980s and was officially recognized as a cat breed in 1987 in England. Burmilla is a medium-sized cat that is known to grow up to 11-12 lb and has two varieties of hair based on their parents.

If you look into history, the Burmilla is a perfect example of the accidental creation of a new cat breed due to the cross-breeding of a male Chinchilla cat and a lilac female Burmese cat. Burmilla is prone to various health problems and requires regular health check-ups and grooming.

Though, the chances of health problems can be minimized by purchasing this breed from a reputable breeder. After reading these interesting facts about Burmilla characteristics, do check our other articles on the Balinese cat and the Maine coon.

Burmilla Interesting Facts

What type of animal is a Burmilla?

Burmilla cats are one of the newest additions to modern cat breeds that have been recognized in Britain as well by other international organizations including the CFA.

What class of animal does a Burmilla belong to?

The Burmilla cat breed belongs to the class Mammalia just like other cat breeds that need very minimal care and are a great choice for laid-back pet owners that need an active and playful lap partner or companion that is equally loyal and loving.

How many Burmillas are there in the world?

The Burmilla cat is awarded the title of 'supermodel' amongst the fourth-generation cats that are equally rare and in demand. Although their popularity is on the rise, there are very few reputable breeders which again makes it impossible to know the total number of this cat breed that are present around the world.

Where does a Burmilla live?

A Burmilla is a domestic cat breed that was accidentally formed by mating between a male Chinchilla Persian and female Burmese. They are greatly suited to houses and apartments that like to spend most of their time indoors.

What is a Burmilla's habitat?

Burmillas are domestic cat breeds that love to live indoors in houses and apartments that also love to roam around and have open enclosed lawns for playing in.

Who do Burmillas live with?

As we have already seen, Burmillas are domestic animals and are great companions for families, individuals, and children as well as other dogs that are cat friendly. It is an accidental breed that is domestic and is a great fit for families. This friendly breed gets along well with most companions.

How long does a Burmilla live?

Burmilla cat breed is a rare cat breed that was formed as an accidental mating between a Persian Chinchilla and a Burmese which gave them the name Burmilla by combining the name of their parent breeds. They are known to have a lifespan of around 12-15 years that can be extended even more when taken care of in captivity.

How do they reproduce?

Burmilla cats reproduce by mating, but they are very difficult to produce as they are known to have a four-generation mating process that makes them even rarer and more difficult to find. They are known to have an average litter size of five kittens. The largest litter known to date was eight kittens.

What is their conservation status?

Burmillas are very rare and are yet to be listed or accepted as major cat breeds. They have not been granted any conservation status. These cat breeds are still experimental in various countries such as Britain, although, they have been recognized by almost all international cat organizations, including the CFA.

Burmilla Fun Facts

What do Burmillas look like?

A young Burmilla cat on the lap of a person.

As we have already seen, Burmilla is the result of an accidental mating between a Persian Chinchilla and a Burmese, which is a cross between a long-haired and a short-haired cat that makes their coat either short or semi-long.

If you look into the history, the Burmilla cat breed has a gently rounded head that tapers to a blunt wedge with large green eyes and medium to long tails.

These cats have dark-rimmed lips, eyes, and noses as if they are wearing eyeliner.

Burmilla coat has a shaded silver background tipped or shaded in black, blue, chocolate, lilac, brown, caramel, cream, or red color. These cats generally have two coat lengths, shorthair, and semi-longhair.

How cute are they?

The Burmilla cat is a people-loving cat that is cute and is known to be family and children-friendly. This cat breed is very adaptable and is very laid back which makes them a perfect choice for cat owners that prefer cats that are less active and have low energy levels.

Their eye color can be any shade of green which makes them look extremely adorable.

How do they communicate?

Burmilla is a cat breed that is known to have infrequent vocal traits and rarely makes other sounds than that meowing. These cats are hypoallergenic and easy to train and groom and are a great choice for first-time cat pet owners and serve as great lap cats.

How big is a Burmilla?

A Burmilla cat grows in the range of 8-12 lb (3.6-5.4 kg) which can also increase and have a height of around 10-12 in (25.4-20.5 cm). They are medium-sized cats that can grow almost double the size of small-sized cat breeds.

How fast can a Burmilla run?

These cats are very laid back and have no hunting traits. With that being said, Burmillas are playful and can run at a speed of around 20-30 mph (32.48 kph).

How much does a Burmilla weigh?

Burmilla cat breed weighs around 8-12 lb (3.6-5.4 kg) at most but also tends to gain weight quickly if overfed.

What are the male and female names of the species?

There are no specific names given to male and female species of Burmillas.

What would you call a baby Burmilla?

Baby Burmillas are known as kittens.

What do they eat?

The Burmilla cat breed is known to eat high-quality cat food that is rich in fats and protein. They also prefer meat-based food as it contains proteins and amino acids that are great for their health.

Even though you like your cat so much, make sure that you do not share your food with these cats, as it is not suited to them, unlike dogs and other breeds.

Also, it is suggested to give your Burmilla cat dry food, which makes their teeth and gums stronger. Burmilla cats are also known to have high weight gain potential as these kitten-like breeds are very laid back, which requires you to keep a close eye on their diets.

Are they slobbery?

They are moderately slobbery for a cat, but when compared to other pets, like dogs, they are not slobbery at all.

Would they make a good pet?

The Burmilla is a playful and laid-back cat breed that is somewhat mischievous and smart, so they would make a great pet cat. These cats are well suited to homes and apartments equally and are well suited to be a member of a loving family.

Burmilla cats are known to be affectionate and close to their families that prefer enclosed outdoor areas which allows them to climb and live in the sun.

This kitten-like breed is mischievous and should not be allowed to roam freely. Even after all these things, they can be affectionate and get along well with children and dogs.

They would also make great pets for those cat owners that are searching for hypoallergenic cats that are known to shed very little. Though they need care in the form of regular brushing to avoid and remove dead hair.

Did you know...

Burmilla cats are known to take around two years to develop the color of their eyes which are green in color.

This cat breed is known to have a Persian heritage.

This cat breed is also crossed with European Burmese and Persian Chinchillas.

According to the breed history, this cat breed was created in 1981 with mating between a female Burmese named Bambino Lilac Faberge and a male Persian Chinchilla named Jemari Sanquist who gave birth to the first four female kittens of the Burmilla breed.

Burmillas are listed under the category of Advanced New Breed by The International Cat Association.

Characteristics And Health

Burmilla cats are independent yet silly cats that are easygoing and quiet. This pet breed is generally mischievous and would make you laugh through their silly acts.

These cats are a sweet, friendly package of characteristics of both the parent cat breeds, a male Chinchilla cat and a female lilac Burmese cat. They are very playful and demand continuous attention and love from their owners.

This kitten-like breed is also quite laid back but mischievous and adventurous, so take care to keep breakable items out of their reach.

Even though these cats are very rare, this pet breed is very delicate and may get easily infected by diseases. They also need proper care regarding their teeth to avoid periodontal diseases and also need regular grooming for their ears and eyes.

Getting your own Burmilla

Burmilla cats look very similar to European Burmese with rounded heads, medium to large ears that are round-tipped and tilted, large green eyes, and medium-sized bodies with slender legs.

This cat breed is really rare and has very limited breeders so make sure to find a genuine or reputable breeder that is well known. You should also ensure the details of mating parents and health checks before adopting these cat breeds to ensure originality.

You probably will have to be on a waiting list among others that are trying to secure a Burmilla kitten from breeders. You can also approach shelter homes and adoption homes before buying this cat breed.

As we have already discussed, Burmilla cats are very rare, and fourth-generation breeding cats, the kittens are known to cost around $ 800-1200 or even more among reputable genuine breeders.

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of interesting family-friendly animal facts for everyone to discover! Learn more about some other mammals including the ringtail cat and the Birman cat.

You can even occupy yourself at home by drawing one of our Burmilla coloring pages.

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