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California white rabbit facts on this domestic rabbit.
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There are a total of 29 species of rabbits in the world. They are found in all regions of the world except in Antarctica.

The Californian rabbit is one among the same family. The Californian rabbit is an herbivore and feeds on hay and other similar matter.

George West of California was developed in the year 1923 to breed a rabbit with the perfect meat as well as one that has a dense desirable coat. Their first appearance was seen in the American Rabbit Breeders Association (ARBA) convention in 1932 and was recognized breed officially as a breed in 1939.

They make excellent pets for those who are willing to adopt them and are sociable beings. They are consumed as meat in various parts of the world as well. These rabbits face multiple health issues which may impact their lifespans.

They cannot be kept in a cage for long durations and should be given time to stay outside their enclosures as well. They are fun and active pets who will be a wonderful companion to their owners. For more relatable content, check out the European rabbit and swamp rabbit.


California White Rabbit Interesting Facts

What type of animal is a California white rabbit?

The California white rabbit is a rabbit that belongs to the kingdom Animalia and order Lagomorpha

What class of animal does a California white rabbit belong to?

The California white rabbit is a type of rabbit which belongs to the class mammal, family Leporids, and genus Oryctolagus.

How many California white rabbits are there in the world?

The California rabbit breed's exact population is not known. The Californian rabbit breed is a herbivore and kept both as a pet and raised by breeders in a cage. It's seldom seen in the wild.  

Where does a California white rabbit live?

California white rabbits live in a house as a pet and are also raised by breeders. These species are predominantly seen in California and they have a thick coat which makes it difficult for them to survive in the wild.

What is a California white rabbit's habitat?

The California white rabbit habitat constitutes homes, cages, outside hutch cabinets, and similar habitats. Californian rabbit breed survives best in their natural habitat. They cannot survive in extreme climates. They are sociable beings and accommodative towards staying around humans as well.

Who do California white rabbits live with?

California rabbits live by themselves and also are kept as pets by people. They are often adopted in groups and seldom adopted alone. They are active beings and don't mind playing with toys and also enjoy being cuddled.

How long does a California white rabbit live?

A California rabbit's lifespan is approximately 5-10 years. California rabbits have various health complications including Malocclusion, a misalignment of their teeth; GI Stasis which affects their digestive system; ear mites an infection seen in the ear and can affect their hearing; and finally flystrike.

How do they reproduce?

The Californian rabbit reproduces similar to other rabbits. They are sexually mature relatively early. Female rabbits are fertile for about three days per month for breeding. Breeding male and female rabbits have various courtship rituals. Californian rabbits reproduce sexually. Post-mating females give birth.

Californian rabbits' litter size is 1-14. Baby Californian rabbits i.e. kittens are assisted by their parents mostly their mothers. They have an incubation period. Their breeding season occurs multiple times throughout their life.

What is their conservation status?

Californian rabbits are classified as Not Evaluated by the International Union For Conservation Of Nature IUCN red list of threatened species.

California White Rabbit Fun Facts

What do California white rabbits look like?

Californian rabbits have a thick coat that is medium in length and usually dense. It's not as soft as other breeds and they enjoy being petted as it gives them comfort.

Californians' unique white coloration makes them stand out. Californians are innately a white breed however, some also have dark markings on their nose, ears, feet, and tail.

They have long ears. Their ears are dark-colored. Californians' feet are padded and have dark markings.

Their feet are hidden under their body when they are in a resting position. Their overall body size and shape are similar to other rabbit species and they have pink eyes similar to an albino rabbit and a white New Zealand rabbit also known as New Zealand Whites.

*Please note that the main image is of a white New Zealand rabbit, not a California white rabbit. If you have an image of a California white rabbit please let us know at

How cute are they?

Californian rabbits are identified as meat rabbits as well as pet rabbits. Californians are sociable and fun beings who love being around people and are an excellent choice for those who are considering adoption. Certain other rabbit species are also sociable and friendly.

How do they communicate?

Californian rabbits similar to other breeds communicate via body language. Californians give silent cues to others through signals. These Californian rabbits communicate during mating rituals and during other activities throughout their day. Rabbits are known to scream when they die or are being killed.

How big is a California white rabbit?

The Californian rabbit is a small to medium-sized rabbit which is times 10 bigger than the smallest rabbit in the world i.e. the Columbia Basin Pygmy rabbit and is 9-11 in (23.11- 27.94 cm). The exact size of the Californian white rabbit is not evaluated but their size is similar to the Himalayan rabbit.

How fast can a California white rabbit run?

The average running speed of rabbits is from 25-45 mph (40.23-72.42 kph). The California white rabbit runs at similar speeds. Californians primarily get from one place to another by jumping and are seldom seen running from one place to another.

How much does a California white rabbit weigh?

The California rabbit is 7.71-10.5 lb (3.5-4.8 kg) in weight. The heaviest rabbit is Ralph which was a continental giant rabbit whose weight is 55lb (25 kg) and was a pet raised in captivity. They have a habit of eating continuously hence it's essential to regulate their weight.

What are the male and female names of the species?

Male rabbits are called bucks and female rabbits are called does. Females tend to weigh more than males and also differ in reproductive functions.

What would you call a baby California white rabbit?

A baby Californian rabbit is called a kitten in singular or kits in the plural. Baby rabbits are in some instances called bunnies unofficially. Kittens are dependent on their parents for food and shelter in the initial few weeks. A bunny is extremely cute and adorable in appearance.

What do they eat?

The Californian rabbit is primarily herbivorous. Californian rabbits feed on good quality hay equal in size to their body. The amount of food Californians eat in a day depends on their activity.

They can be fed pellets as well as vegetables when bred. The Californians' hutch placed outside or within should have a water outlet either placed in a dish so they have access to water at all times.

Around 70% of their diet should consist of good-quality hay. Bad quality hay can impact Californians' health greatly. The hay helps regulate their teeth as well.

Are they dangerous?

The Californian rabbit breed is not dangerous. As long as the Californian breed is taken care of and their health is monitored they are wonderful pets.

The Californian rabbit breed is shy towards strangers and tends to hide however once they are accustomed to humans they are adaptive. Rabbits can be territorial beings, especially about their breeding sites. If you wish to adopt such species you could contact breeders who bred them and also gain help from professionals.

Would they make a good pet?

The Californian rabbit is known as both a meat rabbit as well as a pet rabbit. Californians can be kept as pets.

The Californian rabbit temperament is friendly to owners and an active pet for rabbit owners, It just needs a little dedication and care in raising them adopting them in a group is better as compared to adopting them singly. Rabbit care is simple as long as you follow the appropriate steps.

Californians need to be kept in their hutch or in homes with enough space to move around. They need to be left out in the open for some hours each day hence they might not be suited to be raised in apartments.

They are herbivores and need to be fed hay largely along with certain pellets and vegetables as well. Californians should have access to water at all times and they should have regular health checkups.

If their teeth are not aligned they may find it difficult to feed and may showcase discomfort through their temperament or body language. They have moderately long lifespans and need ample amount and attention and care with cuddling and petting which they enjoy.

They have a dense fur coat that needs to be groomed regularly. This sums up rabbit care.

These rabbits are raised for their fur and meat as well. You could also consider other rabbit species for adoption.

Did you know...

Rabbits and hares are often confused with one another but they are different. A hare is born with open eyes, full fur and develops within 48 hours, while rabbits are born blind at birth and take time to develop.

The Belgian hare is considered to be one of the most dangerous species of hares. The American blue rabbit is the rarest breed.

Bugs Bunny was an all-time favorite and popular show created in the 1930s in the 'Looney Tunes' series produced by Warner Bros. Bugs Bunny was portrayed as a wise, intelligent, and humorous character which all kids instantly loved. His catchphrase was 'What's up, doc?'. Daffy Duck was his best friend and Elmer Fudd was his enemy.

Standard chinchilla rabbits are another breed developed by crossing two breeds. When they first appeared in the United States it was considered an instant sensation. Another smaller and cuter version of the chinchilla rabbit is the small chinchilla which almost resembles a mouse or a rat.

What is the difference between a Californian rabbit and a Himalayan rabbit?

The Himalayan rabbit is a pure breed however, the Californian rabbit was developed by crossing a Himalayan and white New Zealand rabbit in order to increase their size bred for both meat and fur. Himalayan rabbits are one of the oldest and calmest beings while Californian rabbits are fun and active beings.

Their legs, feet, and regions near the nose are dark-colored with Californians having a mostly black color.

Are Californian rabbits albino?

Californian rabbits are not ideally albino, however, are thought to be owing to their coloration and pattern caused by a Himalayan rabbit breed's gene in them. Hence they are not albino rabbit breeds.

Albino rabbit breeds are completely white in fact they are pure white rabbits without any pigment. Albino rabbits are rarely seen in the wild however, albino rabbits can be spotted in captivity.

The easiest way to spot albino rabbit animals is by observing their eyes which are either pink or slightly red. Albino rabbits breeds do not have any specific health concerns however they are known to be a prime target for predators owing to their bright appearance.

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You can even occupy yourself at home by coloring in one of our free printable California white rabbit coloring pages.  


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