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Collared crow facts will captivate both parents and children alike!

The collared crow (Corvus pectoralis) is a member of the Corvidae family of animals. It has another scientific name that is Corvus torquatus.

The distinctive feature of this bird is the band on the back of the neck that looks like a collar. It is also known as white-collared crow or ring-necked crow.

The genus of the bird is Corvus meaning that it belongs to the family of crows which can also be identified from its name. The distribution of this species extends to China and North Vietnam. It has a black bill and feet and often favors the countryside of China for its residence.

You can see this crow flying with its feet hanging down that is termed as characteristically lazy. The bird builds its nest in the tree near areas close to water bodies.

The black plumage on its body is contrasted by a white band on the lower breast and back of the neck. The size of this bird is on the lower level when compared to the vulture that is also a carrion bird.

The collared crow is classified as a Vulnerable species according to IUCN Red List since its population is decreasing at an alarming rate due to loss of habitat for expansion of agricultural lands and depletion of its prey. Children use them for target practice and this has contributed to their declining numbers.

You may say that this bird is a black and white-colored species that is not seen much in nature.

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Collared Crow Interesting Facts

What type of animal is a collared crow?

The collared crow (Corvus pectoralis) is a species of bird that belongs to the Corvidae family.

What class of animal does a collared crow belong to?

Similar to any other bird species, the collared crow is also a member of the Aves class of animals. It belongs to the crow family.

How many collared crows are there in the world?

The total population of collared crows among all the birds of the world falls in the range of 2500 and 9999.

Where does a collared crow live?

The habitat of the collared crow is limited to the countries of China and Vietnam. The continuous decline in the number of this bird species has limited the sighting in areas where they was once a large range.

You will not find these crows north of Beijing in China. The Dabie Shan mountains in central China have a fairly large distribution of the collared crow.

History tells us that even 30 years ago, you could spot hundreds of these birds in places such as Kinmen.

But south China still has a large distribution of these crows including areas like Hong Kong, Jiangsu, Fujian, and Hainan island. The habitat of these birds in Vietnam is restricted to the Cao Bang province in the northern part of the nation.

What is a collared crow's habitat?

The collared crow (Corvus pectoralis) is seen to inhabit regions near water bodies such as rivers and quite often you can spot some of them near the coast. Vast stretches of open country and plains are some of the favored areas of these birds.

You might see a collared crow regularly in paddy fields. Since the bird is a rural species, it cannot be seen in big cities and towns which are full of people.

The bird frequents rural gardens in the countryside. Flooded grasslands are favorable breeding spots of the collared crow.

Who do collared crows live with?

The collared crow (Corvus torquatus) lives in groups of about 10 to 15 birds.

How long does a collared crow live?

The average longevity of the collared crow is about seven and a half years. A hooded crow can live up to 16 years though.

How do they reproduce?

The collared crow generally makes its nest in a tree and then the nest gets plastered with mud. Though not much information is available about the breeding of these birds, they are known to lay 3-4 eggs.

What is their conservation status?

 According to the data that is collected from the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species, the collared crow (Corvus pectoralis) is a Vulnerable species with a decreasing population trend. Due to the increase in agricultural lands, this species is facing a steady decline in its population.

Collared Crow Fun Facts

What do collared crows look like?

The collared crow (Corvus torquatus) is a member of the Corvidae family among birds of the world. Also known as the white-collared crow, this species is a little larger and sometimes the same size as that of a carrion crow (C. corone).

If we compare the two, the collared crow has a proportionately longer tail, bill, and wings.

You can call it a handsome and sleek species for its glossy black plumage that covers almost the whole of its body except the back of the neck, the mantle, or upper back, and a wide band around its lower breast region, all of which is white in color.

The black color extends to the bird’s feet, legs and bill.

The identification mark of this species of crow is its white band around its neck that looks almost like a collar like that of a shirt humans wear.

Collared Crow

How cute are they?

Some people might find the collared crow cute due to its black and white appearance.

How do they communicate?

The collared crow makes a high-pitch cawing when it communicates with another crow. Its voice can be regarded as a loud ‘kaar’ sound that is repeated with some minor changes for different meanings. Scientists have observed that it makes strange clicking and clipping noises when it bows its head in front of another front.

How big is a collared crow?

The collared crow (Corvus torquatus) can grow to a length of 20.5-21.7 in (52-55 cm) that is slightly smaller than the common raven whose length is about 26 in (66 cm).

How fast can a collared crow fly?

There is almost no data available to find out the speed at which a collared crow can fly.

How much does a collared crow weigh?

A collared crow weighs about 18.1 oz (512 g). That makes it much lighter than the Bateleur eagle whose weight falls in the range of 4-5 lb (1.8-2.3 kg).

What are the male and female names of the species?

There are no distinct names for a collared crow male and a collared crow female.

What would you call a baby collared crow?

A baby collared crow is called a chick, like other birds.

What do they eat?

The collared crow diet consists of mollusks and insects. It looks for food primarily on the ground and even consumes other invertebrates.

Rice and grain, along with food items thrown away by people, are also part of the diet for this species. Like vultures, these crows also eat carrion but at a lower rate. If the situation demands, it can even consume nestlings and eggs.

Are they poisonous?

No, this crow species is not poisonous.

Would they make a good pet?

No, the collared crow is a species that lives in the wild and would not be suitable as a pet. Moreover, the decline in its population makes it more important to not keep a crow as a pet animal.

Did you know...

If crows want to, they can kill other birds and their eggs for eating.

Crows can differentiate the nature of one human from another and become friends with someone who likes them.

Do collared crows migrate?

Studies show that the collared crow is a localized species over a big range but migration does occur at a low level.

What is unique about a collared crow?

The unique feature of the collared crow is the white band on its glossy black plumage. The band or collar covers the upper back and the lower breast region of the bird.

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Second image by Donald Hobern from Copenhagen, Denmark

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