Cool Caribbean Sea Animals That You Definitely Need To Know About

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Cool Caribbean Sea Animals That You Definitely Need To Know About

The ocean is one of the most mysterious and fascinating systems that humans have known, perhaps even more so than the vast reaches of space, simply because we know and have charted so little of it.

Among these water bodies lies the Caribbean Sea, a region made up of several islands. These islands are surrounded by the beautiful blue sea and the marine life that teems inside it!

The Caribbean's Marine & Coastal Environment

The Caribbean marine environment is full of rich and diverse sea creatures and coral reefs.

The Caribbean Sea is a region full of interesting marine life, made up of beautiful turquoise waters, golden beaches that would make any sea fan giggle in delight. The sea is home to sea creatures of different kinds and plants that are seen only in the Caribbean Sea.

Among the 13 countries that have a coastline with the Caribbean Sea, Mexico is one of the popular destinations if you want to choose a beach that is near the Caribbean Sea.

Sea Turtles & Reptiles

When you think of a reptile that dwells in the waters, you may think of the more aggressive creatures such as the snakes. Sea turtles are among the reptiles of the ocean that are known for their gentle nature, and the lack of danger they pose.

The sea turtle is among the species of reptiles that dwell largely in tropical waters. It can be observed in areas such as the waters of northern Australia, the Atlantic Ocean, as well as the Gulf of Mexico.

The Gulf of Mexico comes under the wider spectrum that is home to an extraordinary amount of marine life: the Caribbean Sea. Among the seven species of sea turtles that are found all over the world, six can be seen in the Caribbean.

The sea turtle is one of the most popular species in tropical waters, and people from all over the world visit in order to get a glimpse of them!

Corals And Other Invertebrates

A coral reef is one the most magnificent sights anyone can have the fortune of viewing. It is a plethora of colors, littered with marine mammals, fish, and plant life that have made it their home.

The Caribbean Sea is no stranger to coral reefs and is home to the second-largest coral reef in the world, the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef, which is also the largest coral reef in the Northern Hemisphere. It is known to be on the coast of countries such as Mexico, Guatemala, Belize, and Honduras.

You must be wondering what does diving into the coral reefs entail? What can you see and what sort of corals exist in the Caribbean?

The Caribbean Sea is home to about 14% of the coral reefs that are seen in the world.

Many different marine mammals and other animals swim in the reefs that are found in the deep and shallow waters. Divers are able to see wildlife such as sharks, whales, fishes, rays, lobsters, crabs, starfish, shellfish, as well as everyone's favorites-dolphins.

The Caribbean coral reef backdrop is one of the best-known locations to spot the iconic damselfish. The damselfish is known for its yellowtail, and swim in the wide ranges of the coral reefs of the Caribbean. These damselfish prey on plankton, as well as some invertebrates for food.

Remember to be careful in the shallow waters, as the urchins that dwell in these waters are not afraid of handing out their sting. The sting is particularly painful, so it is recommended that you watch where you go in the water.

The Caribbean Sea is not only home to sharks, whales, and other fish but also sees invertebrates dwelling inside its waters. The sea is home to crustaceans, cephalopods, and many different invertebrates.

Marine Science And Ecosystems

Studying the systems that exist underwater is absolutely paramount, and here are some facts about it!

The ecosystems that exist in the Caribbean Sea are vivid. Different forms of marine life exist here, in the form of fish, reptiles, plants such as algae, as well as invertebrates.

The study of life under the sea gives us an insight into how living beings adapt to be placed in different habitats, and how their adaptations have resulted over thousands of years. The fish use gills, as these allow them to breathe under the water, instead of how respiration usually takes place in living beings on land.

The study of marine biology allows us to work better in order to save coral reefs. These reefs have recently been under threat due to issues such as global warming, as well as littering as part of a larger anthropogenic impact.

By studying the ecosystems that exist under the water, especially ones as diverse as those in the Caribbean Sea, humanity stands a better chance of saving these wonders of nature.

Economy And Human Activity

Humans have made use of the vivid marine life, and the colorful waters to their benefit!

The vibrant colors of the Caribbean Sea are an extremely vital part of the economic activity in the region, as it supports the tourist economy. Tourism has become a vital piece of local incomes, through activities such as holiday centers, scuba-diving, water sports, and more.

The islands in the Caribbean rely on tourism from people that visit the islands, as 25 million visitors make their way to the Caribbean islands annually.

In 2013, the contribution that tourism made to the economy of the region is astounding, accounting for 14% of the total GDP of the nation in that year. The tourism industry of the Caribbean islands is the engine in the force that drove the economic development of the region.

It would suffice to say that perhaps there is no region that is as reliant on tourists anywhere in the world, as the Caribbean is.

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