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Deutscher Wachtelhund facts about the dogs also known as the German spaniels.

Would you like to count how many names this canine native to Germany has? Well, primarily, it is called the Deutscher Wachtelhund, but this particular breed is famous by many other names.

So let us see what they are: German quail dog, German spaniel, German Wachtelhund, Brown Schimmel, Deutsche Wachtelhund, and a gun dog, hunting dog, and retriever, based on its traits.

The Deutsche Wachtelhund is a medium-sized canine native to Germany developed in the late 19th century. The dog was introduced to North America in the mid-20th century. They are only now being taken in as pets because of their friendly attitude. But in general, they are owned by foresters and professional hunters.

This robust muscular hunt dog is friendly and adaptive. Early training by a confident trainer will make this dog a great pet that will keep the energy levels of the household up with its playfulness.

This versatile breed is a great companion for athletes and exercise enthusiasts since it needs daily walks for quite a distance. Proper grooming and regular vet visits are enough to take care of this otherwise healthy dog.

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Deutscher Wachtelhund Interesting Facts

What type of animal is a Deutscher Wachtelhund?

The Deutscher Wachtelhund is a pure-bred dog. The dog is a medium-sized muscular breed. It's a friendly breed and adapts itself quickly but can sometimes be wary of strangers. These are high-energy level dogs that are very playful and need a lot of exercise to stay active.

What class of animal does a Deutscher Wachtelhund belong to?

A Deutscher wachtelhund belongs to the Mammalia class of the Canidae family. Originally, the dog is well known as the quail dog or a gun dog and as a retriever from Germany. However, it is a versatile breed famous among hunters and keepers for its high energy levels and the ability to retrieve wounded game.

How many Deutscher Wachtelhunds are there in the world?

The exact count of this breed is not available. The Deutscher Wachtelhunds is a rare breed. But as the breed's popularity increases, as a family dog with a calm temperament, so is the gain in the numbers. A recent study reveals that there are about a hundred Deutscher Wachtelhunds in North America alone.

Where does a Deutscher Wachtelhund live?

This dog is a wonderful gundog and excellent retriever with very high energy levels. This dog has recently been taken in as a pet by the non-hunting community.

So a countryside or a house with a lawn is best for this dog breed. However, the Deutscher Wachtelhund is a wonderful pet and adapts itself to any household type, including an apartment.

What is a Deutscher Wachtelhund's habitat?

The breed was initially bred as hunting dogs and was famous among professional hunters in Germany. It is very adaptive to the hot weather conditions but can tolerate cold weather fairly well but not extremely cold.

A versatile hunting breed needs space to spend its energies, and in an otherwise situation, a fetching toy is needed to keep it active and meet its endurance demands.

Who do Deutscher Wachtelhunds live with?

Deutscher wachtelhunds are very friendly in nature and will get attached to your family very quickly. The dogs are very adaptive, and with early training, these dogs do well with all the members of your family.

They are kid-friendly, and the energies of both parties are well spent when together, but of course, adult supervision is always advised. The dogs can also do well with other dog-friendly breeds, and it would be great if you rear them together from an early age.

How long does a Deutscher Wachtelhund live?

The lifespan of a Deutscher Wachtelhund is 12-14 years. Bring it in as a pup, and this friendly dog will stay with you for more than a decade. The playful dog keeps the energy levels high at home, and regular jogging with this wonderful companion will help you stay fit too.

How do they reproduce?

A Deutscher wachtelhund reproduces by sexual reproduction. The breeds are mature by two years of age.

A female can be receptive to a male for short or long periods, which depends entirely on the individual dog. A good breeder is a must in this process to meet the breed standard requirements for breeding.

The litter size of this dog is four to eight puppies, and a pup costs around $1000. The cost of this breed may go up depending on the breeder's reputation since the dog breed is a rarity.

What is their conservation status?

This dog breed is not listed in the IUCN Red List. Though they are a rare breed, there has been a significant increase in their numbers in recent times.

They are gaining popularity as sports dogs. Native to Germany, these dogs were introduced into the American land in the 1960s, there has been a significant increase in their population, but they are still found in very few numbers.

Deutscher Wachtelhund Fun Facts

What do Deutscher Wachtelhunds look like?

The Deutscher Wachtelhunds are muscular dogs. They are found in brown and dark red colors. They have wavy or curly hair all over, but the head has only fine hair.

They have long ears and oval-shaped eyes. The fur comes in various colors, including fawn, red to dark solid brown, liver, gray, with white patches on the chest and feet and are ticked with white. They are comparatively longer, almost double their height.

How cute are they?

The brown Schimmel lovely dogs are heavily built true to their character as a gundog. They are very friendly, get attached to the family, and do not like to be left alone. Very intelligent and vibrant, the dog loves to be around water as well. It is a perfect choice for sports enthusiasts.

How do they communicate?

The dogs generally bark and wag their tails. These are two prominent traits of communication for any dog breed. The Deutscher Wachtelhund is an amiable dog and gets affectionately attached to its family and shows separation anxiety when left alone.

They are high-energy dogs and show restlessness if adequate time is not spent with them. The dog also barks loudly and proper early training is a must to avoid having a louder pet around in the home. Barking is a trait of this dog as a retriever.

How big is a Deutscher Wachtelhund?

The dogs show sexual dimorphism, and males are a little heavier than females. A dog is 19-21 in (48–54 cm) in height, and a bitch is 18–20 in (45-52 cm) in height. From nose to tail tip, the dog is almost twice as long as it is tall. It is slightly bigger than the Springer Spaniel.

How fast can a Deutscher Wachtelhund run?

The data on the exact speed of Deutscher Wachtelhund is not available. But as a retriever, they run very fast. Also known as the German spaniel, it may reach a speed of 30 mph (48.3 kph) like other spaniels while on the chase.

How much does a Deutscher Wachtelhund weigh?

The heavy, muscular Deutscher Wachtelhund weighs between 40-55 lb (18-25 kg). They are a good breed to have around for athletes and are good for exercise enthusiasts.

What are the male and female names of the species?

There is no specific name given for the males and females of this breed. A male is called a dog, and sometimes is also known as a stud, and a female dog is known as a bitch.

While indicating parentage for the dog breeds, the male dog is called a sire in the breeding parlance, and a female dog is referred to as a dam.

What would you call a baby Deutscher Wachtelhund?

A baby dog of any breed is called a puppy or just a pup. As a pet, the breed should be taken in as a pup at a very early age. This enables proper required training and socializing skills.

What do they eat?

The dog should always be fed with only high-quality dog feed. The quantity of feed should be appropriate to their age and activity levels and should be given in consultation with their vet.

As an affectionate dog, the breed may show a tendency to eat anything from your plate to give you company. Proper checking is a must as being overweight can be an issue with this breed as they tend to eat a lot, and a lack of enough activity can lead to obesity.

Are they slobbery?

The Deutscher Wachtelhund dog is not slobbery and likes to cuddle. They are very affectionate and may jump onto their family members after separation to show their happiness. Proper early training is required so that the canine does not spoil your clothes.

Would they make a good pet?

They can make a great pet with proper early training from a confident trainer. Friendly and affectionate in nature, they get very attached to their family.

They are very active dogs, and with their activity requirements, they improve their owner's health with regular walks and a jogging routine. It is easy to have a Deutscher Wachtelhund dog as a pet with early training. It's a healthy breed and needs regular grooming to avoid tangles in its hair and sticky parasites in the long hairy ears.

The Deutscher Wachtelhund are not hypoallergic dogs. Regular baths and vet visits take care of this breed to have a healthy and clean dog around in the home.

Did you know...

This dog was rarely known outside the hunting community and recently gained popularity as a family dog. So keeping the temperament of this dog is vital before bringing it in as a pet.

Also, the dog is rarer outside Germany, and you may need to import one if you are in a different place.

Americans classify them as spaniels, but the Germans classify them as a stoberhund and not as a spaniel.

Do Deutscher Wachtelhund require grooming?

As pets, the Deutscher Wachtelhund requires regular grooming. They have wavy, curly hair, and regular combing is essential to avoid tangles and shedding.

Regular shampoo baths are a must to have healthy hair for the Deutscher Wachtelhund breed. Since the ears are long and floppy, they are sometimes prone to sticky parasites, and keeping an eye on your pet is a must to avoid a mess out of these parasites.

They are healthy dogs, and regular vet visits are appreciated for detecting any ailments like hip dysplasia.

Are Deutscher Wachtelhunds good guard dogs?

Yes, a Deutscher Wachtelhund may be a good guard dog. The dog is very possessive of its family and may bark out loud at the sight of a stranger near the home. They are very versatile and can be great on-field, and so proper training may make them a good guard dog.

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