Fox Paw Print: Curious Facts On Animal Paw Track Explained!

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Fox Running on Beach Sand Dunes

Do you want to know how to differentiate between the track of foxes and the track of other similar animals?

A red fox is the largest breed of foxes and a fennec fox is the smallest breed, and quite popular as a pet. Foxes are very similar to dogs, but they generally have a lifespan of only 1-3 years.

These are omnivorous animals, meaning they eat both meat and plants. Their favorite diet includes insects, birds, and reptiles. Here is an amazing fact about foxes. A fox uses the magnetic field of the Earth to detect and hunt its prey.

Isn’t that fascinating? Also, these canines have excellent hearing abilities and they can hear even rodents digging underground. Don’t you think that foxes are such brilliant creatures?

Let’s read some more fun facts about red fox tracks. Afterward, be sure to check out our fox facts and dog whale eye facts.

What do fox paw prints look like?

Foxes have a unique kind of paw print that distinguishes them from other animals. A fox paw print is in the shape of an oval. Some people also claim that they are in the shape of a diamond.

A fox paw print has four toes and one heel pad. The toes are slender in shape. The claws of the fox are also visible on their paw print.

They walk in a perfectly straight line so you can see a perfectly straight line in the fox tracks. A fox moves in a directly registered manner. This means that when they walk, the hindfoot lands directly on the paw marks made by the front foot.

Many animals walk in this way, generally in the snow. Foxes also have hair on the bottom of their paws which keeps them warm in cold and snowy areas.

Sometimes these hair marks are also visible in fox tracks. These are fast-moving animals and walk in a calculated manner. This makes their track unique and easily identifiable.

How big are foxes' paw prints?

Fox tracks are very small when compared to the other members of the canine family. A red fox has paw prints of only 2 in (5 cm) and they can go up to 3 in (7.5 cm) at the most. Other members, like wolves, can have paw prints of about 4 in (10 cm).

The overall length of a red fox paw print is about 1.5 in (3.75 cm) and it is 2 in (5 cm) wide. The stride length of a fox is 12 in (30 cm) or less. Stride length is the distance between two consecutive footprints of the same foot.

A red fox is a small animal and hence its paw prints are also small. With this given description of fox tracks, you can easily identify whether a paw print is from a red fox or not. You can get to know whether there is a fox in your surroundings by identifying fox tracks.

What animal has 4 toes and a pad?

There are a number of animals that have four toes and a heel pad. Generally, most of the animals which you know commonly have four paws and four toes.

This category includes a large variety of animals. Canines with 4 toes and a pad include foxes, wolves, dogs, and coyotes. Feline examples include cats, tigers, lions, pumas, and cheetahs. There are other animals such as porcupines and weasels that also have 4 toes and a pad.

This makes it a bit difficult to identify which animal the track belongs to but there are so many distinguished and unique features for each of them. They are visible only when you look closely and pay attention to the small details.

These details help us to identify exactly which animal has left the track. From this, we can get to know about the amount of threat there is in given surroundings.

What are the signs of foxes?

Every animal has a unique sign of identification. You can identify the presence of the animal by noticing these signs.

There are many signs of the presence of a fox in your backyard. If your house is near the habitat of foxes, a fox is likely to visit your garden. After visiting your lawn, it will leave some signs from which you can get to know that a fox was there.

Foxes have a pungent musky smell, which they leave everywhere in your garden. You can identify the presence of a fox by this smell even if you are traveling in a forest or a fox habitat.

If a fox has visited your garden, you might see that your flowerbeds are dug-up and there are holes in your lawn. If you have kids or pets, and their toys left in the yard, then you may find them chewed by the fox.

Like other canines, foxes also love chewing toys or other things. If you have fruit plants or trees in your garden, a fox will leave them half-eaten.

If you want to keep foxes away from your yard, you can try erecting fences that are at least six feet in height. You could also bury chicken wire or hardware cloth at a depth of at least twelve inches into the ground. This is because foxes are good diggers and can dig the ground to enter your yard.

How can you differentiate fox paw prints from other animals?

Foxes and dogs belong to the same canine family. They have a lot in common including their paw prints. Both the fox and the dog have similar kinds of paw prints which are sometimes a bit hard to differentiate. Since they are paw prints of different animals, however, they do have some distinguishing factors to differentiate between them.

Fox tracks are in the shape of an oval or a diamond, but the paw prints of dogs are somewhat triangular in shape. A fox paw print is longer than it is wide, but a dog’s paw print is almost equally wide and long. The red fox track is smaller than a dog's track.

Fox tracks also look very similar to the tracks of a coyote but you can differentiate them. Fox paw prints have small, slender toes while paw prints of a coyote have large toes.

If the track looks similar to that of a fox, but the paw prints are larger than 3 in (7.62 cm), then it can not be a fox, it is more likely a coyote.

Another animal that has similar paw prints to that of a fox is a wolf. The biggest difference between a fox track and a wolf track is that the wolf has paw prints much larger than that of a red fox.

You can easily differentiate between them. A wolf has a paw print of about 4 in (10 cm) or larger.

Foxes are very much similar to dogs but dogs are very easy to keep as pets compared to foxes. A fox is sometimes very hard to keep as a pet. This is because dogs have been kept as pets for a long time, but a pet fox is not as common as a pet dog.

As you now know, foxes can ruin your garden, and since they love to dig, they can also cause damage to your indoor items, like furniture and carpets. Foxes can also be kept as pets, but not all species of foxes.

The most popular species of pet fox is the fennec fox. These are small in size, live long lives, and are sweet in nature.

A red fox can also be kept as a pet, but the biggest problem with it is the unbearable smell of its urine. A red fox is one of the least preferred foxes to keep as a pet.

Silver foxes are best known for domestication. They possess a lot of similar behavior to dogs, like tail wagging and barking but these foxes are not easy to be taken care of.

If you want a red fox that can be easily taken care of, then go with fennec fox or opt for a gray fox instead. In fact, gray foxes are the most friendly and the calmest breed of foxes.

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