Frustrating Fly Facts Explained: Why Are Flies So Annoying?

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Oct 17, 2023 By Aashita Dhingra
Originally Published on Oct 22, 2021
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The slow-motion vision of a housefly alone helps it avoid swatters.

You may not be the only one who is disturbed by a small fly while trying to lay peacefully. Are they trying to make our life miserable by being a nuisance?

Why do these insects annoy us through their actions? Flies are the most diverse species of insects that pose a huge risk to humans.

Fruit flies and horse flies are only a part of this diverse range of flies. Apart from buzzing around us, they also seem to cause a nuisance by sitting on the food that we intend to eat. This motion causes a health concern to humans.

So, it’s only fair to learn and understand why flies present around us are a threat to our peace. What role do they play on this Earth and how has their slow-motion vision captured the attention of scientists?

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How to get rid of loud annoying flies in the bedroom?

What is more tragic than not being able to sleep? If you find yourself awake to the noise of flies flying around your bedroom, the only focus will be on how to get rid of it.

Even though your attempt to slap the fly may seem futile, there are other methods to get rid of these annoying little insects. To begin with, make sure that there are no remnants of food in the room, particularly ones that might have spilled while you were cleaning.

It is possible that flies sense such food particles and are trying to find the source. Seal any gaps or holes through which flies are getting inside. If their way in is blocked, the annoying buzz will also be removed.

Small fruit flies and large house flies are common indoor flies that fly around the house. Sanitization is the main thing to do to remove flies from your house and as a means to keep them at bay. You can also use insecticides to get rid of flies in your house.

Are flies intentionally annoying?

No matter how many times you swat, slap, and shoo them away, flies play around and land on you. Why are they so attracted to humans so much? Is it intentional? They clearly have no intention to bite us. So why do they do it?

The Musca domestica, or house fly, is particularly interested in the sweats, proteins, carbohydrates, and other chemicals that are seen in the skin of the human body. They are also curious about the carbon dioxide that you emit.

This is why you see flies moving around your mouth. If you are a person who sweats a lot, chances are you will be surrounded by flies.

They like sweat and also the oil seen abundantly in humans. Flies also feed on an open wound and dead cells in humans. As scavengers, the human body becomes a favorite source of food for them, even if they are not our favorite.

Sometimes the scent of certain humans also attracts flies. This is why you see them buzzing around you all the time.

Why are buzzing flies so annoying?

Do we have to explain this? The buzzing sound that flies make while moving around us causes major disturbance. If we are focused on something, this sound can cause distractions. Even if we try to kill them by swotting them, they never end up dead.

While fruit flies and bush flies are just after the chemicals produced in the human body, other flies like mosquitoes and horse flies are after our blood. These flies buzz around us and try to feed on our bodies.

Mosquitoes may end up feeding on our blood to transmit disease. The diseases that mosquitoes, horse flies, and others transmit cause health problems in our bodies.

Other flies carry pathogens in their legs and sit on our bodies or food. The pathogens obtained from garbage are carried by flies in their legs and mouths.

Fly isolated on a white background.

How to get rid of really annoying fruit flies indoors?

Scientists have made use of super slow-motion cameras to determine the cause behind flies being able to avoid swatting. This skill to avoid swatting is attributed to their slow-motion vision.

The main way to eliminate house flies is by finding the source. Any place in the house where there is excess moisture and remains of food waste or other organic debris can be the reason for fruit fly disturbance inside the house.

Clean the sink and drains where there is a chance of moisture retention. Remove garbage daily from your house. As you already know, fruit flies and other flies love garbage.

Make sure there are no dead animals stuck anywhere in your house. Pipes and other moisture-containing places become a chief area for flies to lay eggs.

Ensure that such places are cleaned using products that are aimed at pest control. It is also best to use sealed garbage cans to prevent the flies from landing on them. Taking these prevention steps will ensure that flies do not become too bothersome.

Complete eradication is impossible because flies are part of nature and there are some benefits to them. Even if they are annoying to humans, flies play an important role in the ecosystem.

Are flies simply annoying or do they pose a health risk?

The health risks from a mosquito bite are well known. But what about others? The buzzing may not be the only factor that makes flies unfavorable.

The diseases that these flies, like mosquitoes, spread are also a cause of concern. Due to the various things that they land on, flies carry a lot of bacteria in them. The tiny hairs on their arms and legs facilitate the quick transfer of bacteria as soon as they land on food and other things.

Flies, like biting midges, become dangerous pests when the pathogens they carry come into contact with the human body through an insect bite. Although taking preventive measures can eliminate such a situation, we are almost careless when it comes to these buzzing insects.

Maintaining a hygienic environment can prevent any disease from spreading through this insect species.

The threat that the insect family has on our skin was originally thought to be harmless, however we now know they carry and transmit disease. Even though not all of these diseases are life-threatening, it is still better to keep this insect out of your house.

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of interesting family-friendly facts for everyone to enjoy! If you liked our suggestions for why are flies so annoying then why not take a look at why do flies exist, or Mayfly Facts.

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