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Learn about this beautiful bird by reading Gouldian finch facts.

A flock of vivid colors is the defining and distinctive characteristic of these members of the Aves family. Gouldian finch (Erythrura gouldiae), also known as lady Gouldian finch, Gould's finch, and rainbow birds are one of the most attractive native grass finches of Australia.

In fact, Gouldian finch (Erythrura gouldiae) are considered the jewels of the nation. Gouldian finch, also known as the lady Gouldian finch, Gould's finch (rainbow birds) have one of the most flamboyant plumages and pleasant temperament.

The Gouldian finch colors are amazingly bright and set these birds apart from other similar species.

Gouldian finch lifespan ranges between four to six years in the wild, though when kept as a pet, these birds can live for a bit longer. The Australian Gouldian finch diet comprises mainly of grass seeds.

There are various species of Gouldian finches that are categorized based on their colors such as red-headed Gouldian finch, yellow-headed Gouldian finch, and black-headed Gouldian finch. Gouldian finch breeding takes place in the early part of the dry season when food is available.

The adult Gouldian finch song is regarded as one of the most musical and melodious in nature. As a result, bird watchers always try to search Gouldian finch during their expeditions.

Read along to come across some interesting facts about Gouldian Finch, the colorful gems of nature. After, read our articles on the secretary bird and the shoebill for more.

Gouldian Finch Interesting Facts

What type of animal is a Gouldian finch?

The adult Gouldian finch, also known as lady Gouldian finch, Gould's finch, and rainbow birds, are colourful members of the bird kingdom. Erythrura gouldiae are categorised under the family Estrildidae. They are small sized birds with a blend of colorful shades. Therefore, these little birdies are also referred to as the rainbow of the bird family.

What class of animal does a Gouldian finch belong to?

Gouldian finch are a group of organisms belonging to Class Aves; that is vertebrates that are recognized by the presence of feathers and the modification of forelimbs into wings.

How many Gouldian finches are there in the world?

According to available data on the present population, there are nearly 2400-2500 adult Gouldian finches in the world . This rainbow finch is listed under the category of Near Threatened as the population is constantly dwindling.

Where does a Gouldian finch live?

The Gouldian finch (rainbow finch birds) are found across the geographical terrains of Australia. They are distributed across the Northern Territory, the Kimberley region of Western Australia, and sometimes extending as far east as Queensland state in Australia. The preferred habitat for the Gouldian finch bird is tree hollows in grassy plains.

What is a Gouldian finch's habitat?

Gouldian finches are a common inhabitant of grassy plains with an abundance of Eucalyptus trees. Black headed Gouldian finches are known to settle within close proximity to water bodies as well.

Who do Gouldian finches live with?

Gouldian finches are the species with social temperaments. These birds prefer to flock together sometime in groups of as many as 1000 members.

How long does a Gouldian finch live?

The average Gouldian finch life span is about four to five years in wilderness and about eight to nine years in captivity.

How do they reproduce?

The breeding season for adult Gouldian finch birds begins with the onset of interesting courting games by the male Gouldian finch. Gouldian breeding season mostly begins when there is availability of sufficient food in the surrounding area, generally from December to April.

During the mating rituals the males puts on an amusing show. They flaunt their bright colors by ruffling their plumage, bobbing their head and wiping their bills.

Goulds expand their bright purple chest while holding their tail erect. The attracted females responds by wiping their beaks.

Goulds are monogamous birds (that is they usually mate for life, forming lasting bonds). After fertilization, the female lay approximately four to eight eggs (in a succession of an egg per day).

Both the male Gouldian finch as well as the female Gouldian finch incubate the eggs together for a maximum period of about 13-15 days. These birds are known to make nest hollows in trees to ensure safety of the eggs from the predators.

The young ones hatch out to be altricial, with naked skin, blue nodules (near their beaks) and closed eyes. Following their birth, the young ones gain their plumage within a duration of about a month and leave the nest.

What is their conservation status?

With a total population of about 2500 birds in the wild, the Gouldian finch are categorized as a Near Threatened species, according to the IUCN Red List.

However, according to multiple regional acts, as well as the Australian Government Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999, this bird is classified as endangered. All species of these birds, such as the red-headed Gouldian finch, the black-headed Gouldian finch, and the yellow-headed Gouldian finch are facing a crisis.

Gouldian finch care is being undertaken by various private and government organizations in Australia.

Gouldian Finch Fun Facts

What do Gouldian finches look like?

Gouldian finches or Erythrura gouldiae, are a group of multihued warblers. The most striking morphological aspect of these organisms is their remarkable coloring.

Also known as the rainbow finches or Goulds, these birds exhibit a wimple in either yellow, red, black or mixed shades. Moving down, a blend of light tones of green or turquoise bands can be seen shading the Gouldian finches' neck, nape and  shoulders.

The back and wings of Goulds are adorned with vibrant tones of purple, while a shading of yellow along the abdomen can be noticed. The yellow shades of the abdomen trail down, fading into white or silver colors, further adding to the charm of these birdies.

The difference between the gender of this species can be detected from the coloring of the breast feathers.

While females carry a paler shade of purple on their breast, the breast feathers in male Gouldian finch birds exhibit a vivid tone of purple. The young Gouldian birds in contrast to its parents are mostly greenish grey.

Through their appearance and growth of adult feathers, their sexes can be differentiated. Gouldian finches are small birds that are approximately 5.5 in long.

A Gouldian finch has striking colors all over its body.

How cute are they?

With their vibrant colorful shading and small sizes, the young Gouldian finches are definitely cute and a mesmerizing sight to behold. Red-headed Gouldian finch, black-headed Gouldian finch, yellow-head Gouldian finch are all extremely beautiful.

How do they communicate?

Erythrura gouldiae are a flock of pleasant, steady and placid birds. Soft chirps, low-pitched clicking sounds, pleasant trills and hisses are a series of vocal methods through which the Goulds communicate and all without being excessively  noisy.

How big is a Gouldian finch?

The average height of Gouldian finch is about 5.5-6 in.

How high can a Gouldian finch fly?

These birds are known to be excellent fliers but no official data is available regarding the speed that these birds can attain.

How much does a Gouldian finch weigh?

The average weight of the Gouldian finch is about o.5 oz (14 g).

What are their male and female names of the species?

There are no distinctions made in naming the members of this species based on the gender of these birds. The male members are called male Gouldian finch while the females are called female Gouldian finch.

What would you call a baby Gouldian finch?

Baby Gouldian finch are referred to as juvenile, offspring, chicks or nestlings. The young ones are gray colored on the neck, sides, and head while the tail, wings, and back are usually olive green in color.

What do they eat?

The diet of Goulds includes a variety of seeds with sorghum seeds topping the menu. They mainly forage on grass seeds. While in captivity foods like millet, a variety of greens, and finch seeds, are included in the diet of these birds.  

Are they friendly?

Gouldian finch are beautiful birds with gentle and jovial temperament. They are extremely friendly animals with their own kind but initially shy with humans and other birds. However, due to their cheerful and amiable disposition they eventually settle in.

Would they make a good pet?

The Gouldian finch does make a wonderful pet. In fact they are considered to be amongst the most fascinating of all pet bird species.

With pleasant chirping sound (that is far from noisy) vibrant plumage and gentle temperament the Goulds make great pets, particularly for individuals who love to look and admire the winged gifts of nature. Though shy with humans they are quite social with other birds and several degrees more with their own kind.

Did you know...

A flock of pleasant birds, the Gouldian finches are not noisy and only the male Gouldian finch are known to be gratifying songsters in Australia.

The breeding season for Gouldian finch starts during the dry season when food is available in abundance. After the gestation period is completed, the females lay between four to eight eggs.

Recognized and prized primarily for their vivid and magnificent plumage, the Gouldian finch are small size birds that are also known as Rainbow Finch, Lady Gouldian Finch or Gould's finch.

The Gouldian finch are the dwellers of mild to hot atmosphere with a greater preference to temperature over 80°F (27 °C).

Bird watchers in the region always search Gouldian finch during their adventures. Many birds of these species can be found in the zoo as well.

These beautiful birds have made a special appearance in the movie 'Batman Returns' (1992). The bird sharing screentime with the catwoman is none other than Gouldian finch. The Gouldian finch is a subject of many poems and stories as well.

How many Gouldian finches are left in the wild?

Threatened by a number of factors the total population of finches is now estimated at approximately 2500 finches. Here are some of the factors threatening the population of Gouldian finches.

Wildfires during the dry season and clearing of land by humans for cattle grazing leads to the loss of food habitats of this species.

The Gouldian finches are also threatened for their popularity being one of the sought-out choices for aviculture (particularly due to their fascinating blend of colours).

They are a common target of illegal bird trading for their beautiful appearance which is marked by bright colors like red, yellow, olive green, and black.

These birds are highly susceptible to Sternostoma tracheacolum (a parasitic air-sac mite)

Predators such as snakes, feral cats, and hawks prey on Gouldian finches in the wild.

Who was 'Gould' of the Gouldian finch?

The species of these vibrantly shaded birds was first categorized by the British ornithologist and bird artist, John Gould . In the reminiscence and honor of the memories of his deceased wife Elizabeth, Gould assigned the Gouldian finch with the nomenclature Amadina Gouldiae.

Later following his action, these birds were also recognized as Lady Gouldian finch. The Gouldian finch birds are also known as rainbow finches or Goulds. The term Gould was therefore used in association with the man who first identified these fascinating birds, that is, John Gould.

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