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Green junglefowl facts talk about this unique bird species.

There are four species of jungle fowl, including the red jungle fowl endemic to Malaysia and Singapore, the gray jungle fowl in India, the Sri Lankan jungle fowl in Sri Lanka, and the green jungle fowl endemic to Indonesia. The green junglefowl is known by its scientific name Gallus various and its popular name the Javan junglefowl.

They belong to the family Phasianidae and genus Gallus.

The green junglefowl (Gallus varius) is primarily an omnivore and feeds on both insects as well as plant matter. Males and females differ in appearance which is primarily due to sexual dimorphism.

Males tend to be more attractive in appearance compared to females. These wild chickens have been crossbred with domestic chicken species. Such domestic mixed breeds have been adopted and raised by breeders and are also kept as pet birds.

Green junglefowls (Gallus varius) have a unique call. They are birds who usually live in groups so its rare to see them living solitarily.

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Green Junglefowl Interesting Facts

What type of animal is a green junglefowl?

The green junglefowl is a type of junglefowl bird that belongs to the kingdom Animalia and order Galliformes.  

What class of animal does a green junglefowl belong to?

The green junglefowl (Gallus varius) is a bird that belongs to the class Aves, family Phasianidae, and genus Gallus.  

How many green junglefowl are there in the world?

The exact population of green junglefowl's in the world is not known. Various green junglefowls have been crossbred with domestic chicken species.

Where does a green junglefowl live?

The green Javanese junglefowl is found near coastal regions and hybrid species are seen on farms. They are seen endemic to Indonesia, but they are also seen in Java, Bali, Komodo, Flores, and other small islands. Breeding occurs yearly in these species.

What is a green junglefowl's habitat?

Green Javanese junglefowl habitat constitutes lowland forests, scrublands, and arable lands. These are primarily omnivores and so they require a habitat where they can find appropriate food and shelter. They are tolerant of humid climates but don't prefer extreme climates. Breeding occurs annually in the wild, and they are bred by breeders as well.

Who does a green junglefowl live with?

Green Javanese junglefowls are not solitary beings and live together in groups. They are seen in groups of two. The group is usually lead by a male. The dominant male leads the flock and takes them to feed as well as bringing them back to their shelter. Hybrid species can be domesticated by people or breeders.

How long does a green junglefowl live?

The exact lifespan of a green junglefowl is not known. However, junglefowls have been recorded to live for 12-14 years. Their lifespan is dependant on their environment and habitat.

How do they reproduce?

The green junglefowl reproduction time and breeding season is from April to June. Mates usually stay in groups of two and hens reproduce sexually. Male green jungle fowl are more colorful and bright compared to the females. They utilize this to attract possible mates.

After mating, the female green jungle fowl lays five to 10 eggs. The eggs are off-white in color and the incubation period lasts 21-26 days. They are known to breed multiple times throughout their lifetime.

What is their conservation status?

The green jungle fowl is classified as a Least Concern species by the International Union For Conservation Of Nature (IUCN).

Green Junglefowl Fun Facts

What do green junglefowls look like?

The green jungle fowl is from Java in Indonesia, and is a wild bird that has an overall bronzy green to black plumage and certain unique color variations. Green feathers are seen occasionally.

Males tend to be more colorful compared to females. Females have an overall brown appearance and lack green feathers. This is primarily due to sexual dimorphism which is seen in other species of animals as well.

They have two dark-colored eyes a beak. They have a blue comb on their head which also has purple and red colors towards the top. Their wattle has a similar color variation too.

Females have no combs like males. They also have a tail covered with tail feathers.

The tail feathers of males are longer and make them look bigger in overall size and appearance. They have beige-colored feet which they use to travel from one place to another. They use their feet to search through and get a grip on things as well.

Male green jungle fowl have a bronzy-green to black plumage while females tend to have an overall brown plumage.

How cute are they?

Green jungle fowl are not cute, however, they are an exotic species. Male green junglefowl are more attractive compared to females. The green junglefowl personality is wild since they are innately wild birds. However, once they are crossbred with domestic chickens, they can be kept by people.  

How do they communicate?

Junglefowl birds tend to be loud and have a varied and complex vocalization. They are territorial beings and don't like others intruding their territory. They also communicate via signals during the breeding season.

How big is a green junglefowl?

A green junglefowl is 29.5 in (75 cm) long which is 40 times bigger than a moorhen, which is 11.8-15 in (30-38 cm).  

How fast can a green junglefowl move?

Green junglefowl move at relatively good speeds. These birds cannot fly at great heights, however, they possess the ability to fly over and in between islands.  

How much does a green junglefowl weigh?

Male green junglefowl weigh 1.5-3.2 lb (672-1450 g), and females weigh 1.1-2.3 lb (485- 1050 g). Males tend to be bigger in size compared to females. Jungle fowls are bigger in overall size compared to domestic chickens.

What are the male and female names of the species?

Male green junglefowl and females are not addressed differently, but they can clearly be distinguished based on their appearance. Male green junglefowl birds are bigger in size compared to females and have certain different coloration and features. They differ in reproductive functions.  

What would you call a baby green junglefowl?

A baby green junglefowl bird can be called a chick, similar to other birds. The female is more involved in raising the young and males are rarely involved.

What do they eat?

Green junglefowl hens are omnivores and they feed on both insects as well as plant matter. They need to feed and drink in regular intervals.

They feed on insects including worms, snails, and rodents like rats. They live near coastal regions and also feed on aquatic creatures, including jellyfish, the ones that don't sting. They are rarely seen feeding on plant matter, so it is difficult to raise these Java birds in captivity.

Are they dangerous?

Yes, the Java junglefowl is a wild bird and is capable of attacking if they are threatened. Domesticated mixed breed birds of this type are still approachable towards humans. If you observe them in the wild, its best to do so from a distance.

Would they make a good pet?

Green jungle fowl can be bought online by breeders, but it is best to adopt. Green junglefowl price is $175-$600 and this cock bird needs to be taken care of with great care.

They need to feed and drink water at regular intervals. These birds are often mixed with other domestic breeds and then adopted or sold for consumption purposes. Chicken breeds that are adopted by breeders include leghorn chicken birds and other similar breeds.

Did you know...

The red jungle fowl is considered to be an ancestor of the domestic chicken. They began to be domesticated as early as 3200 BC.

A group of chickens is called a brood, flock, clutch, peep, or even a run of chickens, and a single bird is referred to as a cock or chick.

More than 50 billion chickens are raised for meat in a year. 136 million chickens are killed each day around the world as these birds are a popular choice of consumption.  

Can green junglefowl fly?

Yes, the green jungle fowl can fly but only for short lengths and not to great heights. Their flight patterns are short, so it cannot be considered similar to a proper flight like other bird species.

How did the green junglefowl get its name?

The ceylon jungle fowl was described in 1807 by Coenraad Jacob Temminck, who is a Dutch ornithologist. These birds are innately wild which explains the name, jungle fowl.

Fowl is a name for all birds which are commonly hunted for their eggs or flesh. Male green jungle fowls have an overall black plumage but appear green slightly. These birds are popularly known by their common name, green Javanese junglefowl.

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