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Guianan toucanet facts are about a bird found in the Amazon rainforest.
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There are 40 different kinds of toucans in the world. The Guianan toucanet (Selenidera piperivora) is one among the same. Toucans have brightly colored bills similar to the hornbill bird species however, they are unrelated birds.

Toucans are mostly seen in central and south America while hornbills are seen mostly in Africa and Asia. Toucans have short and thick necks which helps support their huge colorful bill. They belong to the family Ramphastidae and genus Selenidera.

The Guianan toucanet (Selenidera piperivora) is primarily an herbivore and feeds on fruits and berries. They are classified as a Least Concern species by the IUCN Red List.

The Guianan toucanet (Selenidera piperivora) is also known as a Guyana toucanet and is seen in the Amazonian rainforest in regions including Guyana, Venezuela, Surinam, and other regions in South America. Males and females are sexually dimorphic with males having a black head and breast, while females have a gray breast.

Both males and females have red and black bills.

They are mostly spotted out in the wild but in some instances, they have been bred in captivity as well. The Guianan toucanet (Selenidera piperivora) was first bred in captivity in 1990 as per records.

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Guianan Toucanet Interesting Facts

What type of animal is a Guianan toucanet?

The Guianan toucanet is a type of bird that belongs to kingdom Animalia, order Piciformes, and genus Selenidera.

What class of animal does a Guianan toucanet belong to?

The Guianan toucanet is a type of bird that belongs to the class Aves, family Ramphastidae, and genus Selenidera.

How many Guianan toucanets are there in the world?

The Guianan toucanets' exact population in the world is Not Evaluated. Their population is considered to be stable as per records. The toco toucan is the most common toucan bird species seen. In some states of America, it's legal to own such birds.

Where does a Guianan toucanet live?

The Guianan toucanet lives in tropical rainforests, specifically the Amazonian rainforest. They are primarily herbivores feeding on fruits and berries, so they reside in regions where they can easily find them.

What is a Guianan toucanet's habitat?

The Guianan toucanet habitat range is in tropical rainforests and these bird rest on trees. Their extent of occurrence is 48,648 sq mi (1,26,000 sq km). This species are sedentary birds and do not move to different regions.

Who do Guianan toucanets live with?

Guianan toucanets live by themselves as solitary beings unless they mate in which case they stay with their pairs. They stay within their breeding range during the breeding season.

How long does a Guianan toucanet live?

The Guianan toucanet lives up to 20 years. The oldest toucanet recorded age is 26 years. The Laysan albatross is said to be the oldest bird ever in the world.

How do they reproduce?

Male and female toucanets reproduce sexually. The nest is built in an old nest cavity which is about 15.7 in (40 cm) deep. Males and females are equally involved in breeding and raising the young. The female post-mating lays two to three eggs over a period of 16 days.

Juveniles are known to feed on insects in the initial few years and later switch to fruits. Fledging occurs post 40 days. Breeding may occur multiple times throughout their lifetime.

What is their conservation status?

The Guyana toucanet (Selenidera piperivora) is classified as a Least Concern species by the International Union For Conservation Of Nature IUCN Red List of Threatened species. The Guianan toucanet range map is available on the IUCN website.

Guianan Toucanet Fun Facts

What do Guianan toucanets look like?

Guianan toucanets are often confused with the hornbill bird species however, they are unrelated birds. Toucanets belong to the family Ramphastidae. They have a long bill which is red and black in color.

Their upperparts are mostly green and they have a long tail which is olive-green above and the ends of which are chestnut colored. The underparts of the tail are black. They have long wings and red under tail coverts.

Male and female birds differ in appearance. Male birds have a black head with breast and female birds have a gray breast, black crown, and a chestnut nape. Both birds have red irises, a blue eye-ring, and yellow ear patches.

Olive green long tailed guianan toucanet looks

*Please note that this image is of a yellow-eared toucanet, not a Guianan toucanet. If you have an image of a Guianan toucanet, please let us know at

How cute are they?

This bird species is extremely cute and beautiful in appearance. Their overall colorations and pattern are extremely attractive to the eye and are a must-see for every birdwatcher.  They are primarily distinguished for their bill and their long tail which has unique coloration and pattern. In America, you are likely to come across a toucanet.

How do they communicate?

The Guianan toucanet sound varies depending on the situation the bird is in. They have courtship calls and other sounds which they produce to communicate messages. Toucans are largely silent however they are loud in certain instances. Toucans are playful birds and are trainable to be a pet.

How big is a Guianan toucanet?

A Guianan toucanet is 10 in (25 cm) long excluding their tail in length which is bigger than the smallest bird in the world, the bee hummingbird which is 2.1-2.4 in (5.5-6.1 cm).

How fast can a Guianan toucanet fly?

The Guianan toucanet's exact flying speed is not evaluated. Toucans are estimated to fly at a speed of 40 mph (64 kph.). The fastest bird species is the peregrine falcon which is known to fly at speeds of 200 mph (321 kph.).

How much does a Guianan toucanet weigh?

Guianan toucanet weigh around 0.24-0.36 lb (110-165 g). The heaviest bird in the world is an ostrich. They are heavy birds that cannot fly and stay on the ground in most instances.

What are the male and female names of the species?

Male and female birds of this species are not addressed differently. Males and females differ in size and appearance, but their tail and bill are mostly the same. They also differ in reproductive functions.

What would you call a baby Guianan toucanet?

A baby Guianan toucanet is initially referred to as eggs and once they hatch they can be referred to as nestlings or juveniles. They are small-sized birds and are completely dependent on their parents for food and shelter.

What do they eat?

A toucan is primarily herbivorous in specific frugivorous since they feed on fruits, seeds, and berries. As a juvenile, the toucan is known to feed on insects but the juvenile toucan switches to eating fruits, seeds, and berries as they grow.

Are they dangerous?

A toucan is not dangerous however, it's best to maintain a distance while observing this species in the wild. Some toucans are raised in captivity where such birds can be approached. A toucan bird's instant response to danger or threat is their flight instinct.

Would they make a good pet?

The toucan is adopted by people around the world, although it's rare to see them adopted as pets. It's essential to ensure the legalities associated with owning such exotic bird species in your region. In some states of America, it's legal to own such species.

They are friendly and playful once trained. The Guianan toucan being owned as a bird too is a rare event. If it's legal to adopt these birds in your region then you could enquire with professionals about taking care of them.

Did you know...

The Swainson's toucan is a subspecies of the yellow-throated toucan. The yellow-throated toucan is frugivorous and feeds on fruits primarily but also feeds on insects.

Male toucans have a lower voice compared to female toucans. Males and females differ in size and appearance.

Toucans are not born with a beak. Their beaks grow as they grow, and the color yellow is seen in most toucan's bills.

The smallest toucan is called lettered Aracari. It is seen in Bolivia and Brazil. The lettered Aracari has a yellow chest with a rusty tinge.

What are the Guianan toucanet's sounds?

A Guianan toucanet's sounds are vary depending on the information they are trying to communicate. During the breeding season, they tend to become aggressive and communicate to a great extent with their partners as well as others. Breeding pairs are known to attack humans and other animals during mating season.

What is special about the Guianan toucanet's bill?

A Guianan toucanet's bill is a distinct and unique feature of its body. It is long in length compared to other parts of its body.

The bill looks heavy but is light and they have a strong neck and throat which helps support their bill.

They use their bill to communicate as well as to feed on fruits from trees both large and small fruits, seeds, and berries although they find it difficult to squeeze into smaller fruits. When toucans sleep, they place their bill under their wings to keep it warm.

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* Please note that this image is of a crimson-rumped toucanet, not a Guianan toucanet. If you have an image of a Guianan toucanet, please let us know at

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