How Long Do Grasshoppers Live? Amaze-wing Insect Facts Worth Knowing!

Martha Martins
Oct 20, 2023 By Martha Martins
Originally Published on Nov 04, 2021
Eastern lubber grasshopper

It is hard to see grasshoppers hiding in plants.

Their green-colored body and wings are perfectly camouflaged to hide among plants. They may look pretty but also are a pest to be aware of.

The lives of grasshoppers are pretty short-lived. The fact is that the grasshopper that you have seen today will probably be dead in a month or so. Shocked?

Well, you won't be when you understand the life cycle of a grasshopper. These small insects that eat plants and live among plants have a pretty short adult life.

They may be alive for a while as eggs and nymphs, but their adult life is short. Are you curious about these small insects and their lifespan? Without further ado, let us learn about the life cycle of these insects and understand why their adult life is so short.

Also, would it be cool to have one of these little ones for ourselves as a pet? Let us find out. After reading about how long do grasshoppers live, also check out grasshopper facts and how long do gnats live!

What are different species of grasshoppers?

When you hear the word grasshopper, the first image that comes to your mind is a light green grasshopper jumping around in a field.

Are there different species of grasshoppers? There are various grasshopper species found all around the world; in fact, more than 10,000 grasshopper species exist.

The brown spotted grasshopper species, just as its name suggests, has brown spots all over its body. The clear-winged grasshopper species is seen as a dangerous pest in our daily life. The green striped grasshopper is also a famous grasshopper species. The four-spotted grasshopper is a species seen in big groups.

The big-headed grasshopper is a pest too. There are too many grasshopper species to learn about! None of the species, however, lives longer than a year.

A Horse Lubber grasshopper on stones.

What is their average lifespan?

How long do grasshoppers live? When it comes to their life cycle, how long can these insects survive? Since grasshoppers are relatively weak insects, they need to learn to survive and live their life.

Typically, grasshoppers live for a year. This is true if predators do not hunt them down. Many predators can be a significant threat to grasshoppers.

If predators do not hunt them down, they can live up to a year; within this time, their entire lifecycle from young grasshoppers to adult grasshoppers happens. They spend the central part of their lives as nymphs, and adults die within 30 days on average. The adult life of the grasshopper is, indeed, short-lived.

There are three stages of the grasshopper life cycle: the egg stage, nymph stage, and adult stage.

In the egg stage, the female grasshoppers lay eggs. It usually happens around mid-summer. During the winter, the eggs remain dormant. The nymphs are tiny adult grasshoppers.

As they mature into adults, the wings develop from the thorax part of the body. The wings develop fully within 20-30 days. The grasshoppers are finally in the adult stage then. From the egg, the adults are formed after 11 months. They have only around a month of adult life after this.

Where are grasshoppers found?

Where do these grasshoppers live? Grasshoppers are found in a variety of places. They are seen in vast grasslands, among bushes, and even sometimes on the walls of houses.

The grasshopper is not found anywhere during the wintertime. It is because they don't survive the winter. In the freezing winter, grasshoppers are actually dormant eggs. The female grasshoppers hide these eggs deep in the ground.

By the time it is winter, the adult grasshopper parents die, and their eggs are in the dormant stage. Grasshoppers can only survive the warm climate. The body of the grasshopper doesn't even prepare for the cold. During the occasional cold times in warm climates, if it becomes too much, the grasshopper simply dies.

In a nutshell, predators and cold climate are what kill these insects the most.

Can you keep grasshoppers as pets?

Having a grasshopper for a pet is a great idea. They are cheap and do not require any special treatments.

Grasshoppers eat plants and other grass. It is the main food for this species. So, keeping a grasshopper pet is rather inexpensive.

The only down factor of all this is that we can only have them for a month or so. The adult stage of the grasshopper with wings and all lasts only for a month. It will be a short-lived relationship with your pet.

Since grasshoppers are herbivores, they eat plants and other green vegetables and fruits only. Keep them away from predators and a cold climate, and you might have them for a bit longer.

The grasshopper species is a great pet option in terms of what they eat and where they live.

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