How Long Do Jack Russells Live? Crazy Lifespan Facts You Must KnowHow Long Do Jack Russells Live? Crazy Lifespan Facts You Must Know

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If you wish to adopt a dog and prefer an energetic companion with a long life expectancy, Jack Russells are your best choice.

Jack Russell Terrier is a small breed, lively dog with a super friendly nature that makes it a perfect pet for new pet parents. Jack Russell Terriers are well suited for people living in apartments as well as in independent houses.

Jack Russells, also known as Parson Russell Terriers, were developed two centuries ago by an English person named Jack Russell. He originally bred them as hunting dogs. The Jack Russell Terrier was designed for hunting foxes, which was a favorite pastime in those days. Accordingly, Jack Russells are athletic and lively dogs considered efficient, intelligent, and quick.

The body of Jack Russell Terriers is shaped like a square or rectangular. Though regarded as short dogs, this breed can easily jump as high as 5 ft (1.5 m) due to their endurance. They can run long distances efficiently and are a good companion for horses and their owner as well.

Jack Russell Terriers are also much appreciated by dog sports enthusiasts and dog trainers who work in the film and television industry. For years, Jack Russell Terriers have been respected for being good working dogs, especially compared to other dog breeds.

Major kennel clubs all recognize the Jack Russell Terrier or John Russell Terrier or Parson Russell Terrier in the United States of America.

A Jack Russell Terrier would bond well with older children. They require lots of training and exercise to expend all their energy the right way.

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The Average Lifespan Of A Jack Russell

Nowadays, most dogs have an average lifespan of 9-11 years. A Jack Russell Terrier has a long life expectancy when you compare them to other dog breeds.

The Jack Russell Terriers can live many years with minimal health problems. The average lifespan of a Jack Russell Terrier is usually quoted as 13-16 years. But, a lot depends on the pet's genetics and family lineage, as well.

Jack Russells are generally healthy and long-living dog breeds that give a good opportunity for the pet owner to enjoy a long-lasting bond with their four-legged companion for years.

If, as a dog owner, you spend more time with your pet Jack Russell and take it out for an hour a day to play and exercise, you will notice an increase in its average lifespan.

Would you like to know how long do Jack Russells live? A little research shows us the Jack Russell mix lifespan.

Willie, aged 20 years in 2014, was considered the longest living Jack Russell Terrier for a long time, but in 2019 history was created when a dog named Charlie was declared the oldest Jack Russell in the world after he died at the age of 23 years.

While there are records to show that a Jack Russell can live above 15 years as well, it is recognized as a senior dog once it turns ten years old.

How To Improve The Life Expectancy Of Jack Russells

Jack Russell's life expectancy is higher when compared to other dog breeds and ranges between 13-16 years.

Jack Russell Terriers live for several years if they are provided with lots of love in their life. This should be coupled with proper care in the form of the right kind of exercise and a good amount of physical activities to satisfy their high energy levels.

This dog breed loves to run a lot, and Jack Russell's favorite game is to fetch and jump. Jack Russell Terriers are wonderful jogging companions as well.

When feeding your Jack Russell, the general advice is to give him a wholesome diet. It is recommended that the breed has high-quality dog food, divided into two meals daily.

Another important point to improve the average life expectancy of a Jack Russell is to groom it well. Either search for a good pet groomer and schedule a session, or you can also go at it on your own by trimming the dog's nails twice a month, cleaning or brushing its teeth thrice a week.

Dental hygiene is a must to prevent any tartar buildup or periodontal disease common in this breed.

A lot of patience, training, attention, and supervision is always required for Jack Russell Terriers over their growing years. To get your Jack Russell Terrier to be an ideal family dog, make sure that it is exposed to many experiences, both sight and sound, and different types of people from a young age.

Jack Russell Dog running on grass.

Socialization is a requirement for any pup, but more so for a Jack Russell Terrier. Jack Russell Terriers live for a very long time when compared to other dog breeds. So, socialization from an early age ensures that your Jack Russell Terrier grows up to be a healthy dog and a happy pet.

Common Causes For Death In Jack Russells

The question of how long do Jack Russell Terriers live is relatively easy to answer since it is widely known that the breed's life expectancy is high.

The average age for Jack Russells is more than 12 years, and 13 years will be considered old for an average Jack Russell Terrier. A healthy dog with proper care and a nutritious diet will live for around 16 years.

But a Jack Russell Terrier faces several hereditary illnesses as well. If any, your pets' family history and genetic disorders will add to their years' toll. Some dog breeds suffer from health problems as they turn into senior dogs. It is the same with Jack Russells as well.

As their life span reaches 12 years, you will see your pet showing signs of aging. The once hyperactive and energetic pet of yours in its former years will very slowly reduce its physical exertion and start needing more and more rest over the years.

A Jack Russell owner may start noticing eyesight-related issues, deafness, ear infections, dental problems, breathing difficulties, movement slowdown, tiredness, and more.

While aging is one of the causes of death for a Jack Russell, owners of breeds Jack Russell Terriers should be careful with them even during their young years.

For Jack Russell Terriers, being hit by cars on the road is another common cause of death in their prime years because of their playful nature, as they can be reckless.

So, to safeguard your lovable pet, it is best to keep them on a leash while stepping out. This dog breed tends to chase other little animals like cats, squirrels, or big dogs.

It is in their nature to do so, and owners have to keep a close eye on them to avoid untoward instances of their pets getting attacked or being hit by vehicles on the road.

Common Health Problems In Jack Russells

Every dog tends to face specific health issues during its life span. Jack Russell Terriers live a long life. While the dog breed is generally healthy, there are times when a Jack Russell's health is affected during its lifespan.

Some of the common health conditions faced by Jack Russells include breathing problems, skin allergies, ear infections, eyesight issues, arthritis, hypothyroidism, benign tumors, and so on. Let's learn more about them below:

Jack Russell usually suffers from eyesight issues in their later years. Lens luxation and glaucoma are the more common Jack Russell old age problems the breed is prone to in its lifespan.

Glaucoma is a painful disease caused due to high pressure and could lead to vision loss and blindness. Lens luxation, on the other hand, is caused when the lens in the eye gets displaced as the ligament holding it in the right way deteriorates. While both diseases are treatable, severe cases would result in vision loss.

Also, did you know that a Jack Russell's white fur has been associated with deafness? It was initially believed that Jack Russells are genetically prone to deafness due to their white coat due to pigmentation disease. Over the years, with more research, it was found that the prevalence of deafness was much lower than suspected earlier.

Due to the short legs of a Jack Russell Terrier, the dog at times can have health problems like a hip joint disease or knee cap dislocation. Diseases such as Legg-Calve-Perthes Disease and Patellar luxation are other health issues to watch for as they are pretty common in small dog breeds.

It is better to check for any sign of discomfort in the dog and take related tests. The owners of Jack Russell Terriers should take their dogs for eye, ear, and knee checkups.

If you are an owner of a Jack Russell Terrier, ensure to take the dog out for regular checkups to the vet and examine if they are healthy. Providing enough (and more) love, proper care, grooming, exercise, wholesome food, and quality healthcare for Jack Russell Terriers will give you a loyal and affectionate friend for several years.

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