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Amazing Jackshund facts for dog lovers.
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Jackshund is a dog of a mixed breed between Jack Russell Terrier and Dachshund dog breeds. It is a fun-loving dog breed made up of mixing two different personalities of two different dogs.

The Jackshund personality is different from all other dogs are great family pets. Jackshund or the Jack Russell do not need daily grooming and care as they have designer coats all over the body.

They just need to be a little socialized otherwise they are suitable for all types of families. Their name only means badger dogs in German.

The origin of Jackshund dogs is still unknown, but a little history about the dog is that they are cross between a dachshund and the Jack Russell terrier. The dachshund was known for hunting badgers, foxes, and other small animals as their prey. They belong from Germany. Jack Russell has a different story.

This dog breed was from the south of England. The man who made this dog wanted it to hunt foxes and hounds. The Jack Russell terrier was introduced in the United States later, in the 1930s.

There are also other similar dog species such as Australian terrier and Cairn terrier.

Jackshund Interesting Facts

What type of animal is a Jackshund?

A Jackshund is a type of dog breed that is a Jack Russell and dachshund mix. The Jackshund mix needs a good amount of exercise and has plenty of energy. If proper diet and training are provided to these dogs, then they may never face any health-related problems.

What class of animal does a Jackshund belong to?

The dachshund Jack Russell belongs to class Mammalia and phylum Chordata. The Jackshund has a life expectancy between 12-15 years. The Jackshund Jack Russell terrier has a life expectancy of up to 16 years.

How many Jackshunds are there in the world?

The exact number of Jackshunds present in the world is unknown.

Where does a Jackshund live?

They are mainly found in burrows and as pets at homes and are not suited for the outer wildlife.

What is a Jackshund's habitat?

Their habitat is in Germany, and the actual meaning of their name tells that they were badgers in their burrows in Germany during the 1600s.

Who do Jackshunds live with?

Usually, Jackshund's cannot bear living alone; only some are there who can live up to three to four hours with no one around them. Therefore they mainly live in pairs of males rather than females.

How long does a Jackshund live?

Jackshund lifespan is up to 12-15 years whereas Jack Russell's can live up to 16 years of age in their own habitat. Proper grooming and training must be given for their healthy, long life.

How do they reproduce?

It is not easy to breed a small size dog like Jack Russell dachshund mix as they may face several health problems during pregnancy. They may also need a cesarean birth to deliver the jackshund puppies.

While breeding dogs, one should have full knowledge about each and every step of the breeding cycle. The heat cycle begins in the females at an early age of six to eight months and gets repeat every six months.

The female is receptive to the male during the estrus phase of the heat cycle.

There is a chance of conception if breeding is done during estrus. After this when the female is no longer fertile, she can be again receptive to males for two to three days.

During pregnancy, exercise and a healthy diet play a very important role in a mother's life. The gestation period is on average 63 days; this keeps the puppy healthy, fit, and fine when born.

During this stage, the dachshund parent should not be fed with vitamin and mineral-containing food items to avoid nutritional balance. At the stage of labor, the uterus contract on a daily basis, and the cervix dilates from 2-12 hours till the second stage, where the first puppy enters the pelvic canal.

What is their conservation status?

 Jackshunds are of Least Concern and are not there in the red list of IUCN.

Jackshund Fun Facts

What do Jackshunds look like?

Jackshund dogs have different colorations including brown, white, cream, and black.We've been unable to source an image of a Jackshund and have used an image of a Jack Russell terrier instead. If you are able to provide us with a royalty-free image of a Jackshund, we would be happy to credit you. Please contact us at

The Jackshund dog mix or the Jack Russell terrier dachshund mix is a dog formed by mixing breeds of two different dogs, so it is very natural that the dog's appearance will be somewhat like the parent breeds.

The Jackshund size is nearly medium in size, and the average weight of the dog is 16-32 lb (7.3-14.5 kg), 21.5-25 in (54.6-63.5 cm) in length, and 8-13 in (20.3-33 cm) tall.

There may be a single coat or a double coat, the dachshund has three kinds of coat, and the Jack Russell terrier adds a wide variety of other coat possibilities. The eyes and body may resemble a dachshund, but the other features of their face and behavior totally resemble a Jack Russell terrier.

The coat size may differ to short or long and have patterns like straight, wiry, or curly, the color of eyes may be a little brown, the nose can be black in color, and the length of coat medium-sized.

These dog breeds are medium-sized dogs, and the coat color varies like white, black, brown, or cream.

They are small to medium animals and thus do not need a lot of grooming and are real health concerns.

How cute are they?

These dogs are very cute and adorable. They acquire great color combinations and are a mixed breed also their temperament is very friendly, playful, with great energy that everyone enjoys their company.

How do they communicate?

These dogs can communicate using two methods that are articulate, vocal utterances and body language. Their tail wagging can also show that they are happy or they love you.

How big is a Jackshund?

A Dachshund Jack Russell terrier has an overall body size of around 21.5-25 in (54.6-63.5 cm), which is 15 times bigger than a miniature poodle.

How fast can a Jackshund run?

They can run at a speed of 15-20 mph (24.1-32.1 kph). Good training must be provided to help them keep in shape.

How much does a Jackshund weigh?

A Jackshund weighs around 16-32 lb (7.3-14.5 kg).

What are the male and female names of the species?

The male is called a dog and the female is called a bitch.

What would you call a baby Jackshund?

A baby Jackshund is called a puppy.

What do they eat?

The best food for a Jackshund is meat, fish, and poultry to provide them with full nutrition.

They require a diet full of protein as well as carbohydrates which keep them healthy and helps in building blocks and sources of energy.

Jack Russell terrier dachshund also needs food containing vitamins and minerals but in small quantities.

Dachshund Jack Russell can also take some human foods which may provide them Vitamin A and Vitamin C, so these food products include white rice, fish, chicken, dairy products which obviously includes milk which is also considered as a portion of dog food and also provides energy, peanut butter, pork and some fruits like blueberries, bananas, apples as well as popcorn can also add some value.

Do not give too much salty food, or else it can cause health problems like vomiting, high temperatures, etc.

Are they hypoallergenic?

No, these dogs are not hypoallergenic as they are not so big in size therefore do not create much danger as other large dogs do. This feature of them was classified by the AKC (American kennel club). They shed at a moderate level, but there may be variations in shedding depending upon the coat of the dog.

Would they make a good pet?

Yes, a Jackshund or Jackshund puppy can be a great dog to be kept as a pet as they are great with children and with other family members, they just require love from the owner.

They themselves are very energetic but are not social and cannot be left all by themselves, since they start feeling depressed.

So if you are a very outgoing person then maybe this breed is not good for you, otherwise, this dog breed is the best for beginners as they do not require so much grooming you just need to check their teeth and nails which are very important in a dog as they are so much involved in playing, doing exercise so their nails may get dirty and teeth should be cleaned once in two days.

This much is enough for these dogs.

Did you know...

Black Jackshunds are rare in cases where both the parents have the same gene. Because of this solid black color feature, they are common in some countries and look very adorable. The Jackshund price for sale is about $800-$1500 USD.

Health and characteristics

The Jackshund temperament is very fun-loving, always happy, full of energy, and sometimes stubborn, they are not so social animals but when they get attached to their owner they feel free and happy and are great with children. They can not be left alone for long periods of interval.

They are of great personality and that's what makes them a great family pet.

These Jackshund dogs have a high prey drive and can therefore chase small animals. They are suitable for those dog owners who are adopting a dog for the first time.

They do not require regular grooming and can survive in an apartment-like space with a small amount of exercise daily as they are easy to train.

The owner should spend time with the dog, take them for long walks, and should not be left alone in the house. If they are good listeners then the owner should provide them obedience training.

This designer breed dog suffers from some common health issues like intervertebral disc disease, patellar luxation, hip dysplasia, Cushing's disease, ear infections, and the disease gastric dilation volvulus. As they are not social dogs if they are mistakenly left alone then they may feel separation anxiety which may also affect their health.

Having your own Jackshund

Having your own Jackshund breeds is always a good idea. This dog is very adorable and has a loving personality.

They do not require a lot of grooming and are very energetic like the Airedale terrier.

The Jackshund's needs are not so much and there is a plus point to keep one as they are full of energy and needs at least 30 minutes of exercise per day with training, which will keep them fit and even more energetic and by doing this you are also being engaged in something useful.

They have the capacity to jump quite high when excited.

Jackshund costs around $800 dollars and the Jackshund puppy costs around $250-$600 USD. The AKC (American Kennel Club) has set a market price for the Jacksunds at nearly $1500 USD, but the normal price for a dachshund is $400-$1100 USD.

These mixed breed dogs are not difficult to take care of, and they have good temperaments.

If no one is around them for a long time they start feeling lonely and distressed, they are eager to learn and when proper training is provided with basic exercises they learn at a good pace which will also help them to control their barking.

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