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King shepherd facts about the extremely cute dog breed
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The king shepherds are often confused with a German shepherd due to their similar appearance. However, a king shepherd is a crossbreed that originated in the United States back in the 1990s.

This dog breed was a result of the breeding between a German shepherd and a Shiloh shepherd. A king shepherd is a rare breed among American families and is still a new breed on the block. That’s why the king shepherds are not listed in the American Kennel Club.

A king shepherd breed is known for its friendly behavior, loyalty, and easy to train nature making them similar to the German shepherds. These characteristics make a king shepherd a good family pet as it develops an instant connection with strangers and develops a quick bond with its family members.

Let’s have a look at interesting facts regarding king shepherds and the many reasons why these adorable dogs must be your next family pet. After knowing more about king German shepherd facts, you may also look at the information on Pitbull mastiff mix and miniature husky.

King Shepherd Interesting Facts

What type of animal is a king shepherd?

A king shepherd is a dog that came into existence as a result of a crossbreeding between a German shepherd and a Shiloh shepherd. This dog breed is known to possess much of the German shepherd’s qualities making it friendly, affectionate, and loyal among people and children.

The king shepherds are highly intelligent as they are able to learn any task efficiently and quickly. Besides this, a king shepherd’s high energy and large size make it appear as a gentle giant of the canine world.

A king shepherd’s temperament is gentle, loyal, and affectionate, and always eager to please the people around it.

As these king shepherds are highly active and love to play around, they need constant training and exercise to keep their blood running. A lack of training and exercise will make them aggressive and destructive and they will start displaying rude behavior as they become bored quickly.

A king shepherd’s coat can vary in colors that come in red, brown, black, fawn. It is known to inherit a coat from the German shepherd.

What class of animal does a king shepherd belong to?

A king shepherd breed belongs from the mammalian class. These dog breeds are a mix of a German shepherd and a Shiloh shepherd and most often regarded as a designer breed.

A king shepherd was mainly bred to form a mix of German shepherd dogs to minimize health problems that were common in a purebred German shepherd.

Shelley Watts-Cross and David Turkheimer were the first ones to breed a German shepherd and a Shiloh shepherd. This new breed isn’t recognized by the kennel club as it is a relatively new dog in the field.

How many king shepherds are there in the world?

King shepherds are the largest category of dogs mainly found in the United States. Their population is currently unknown but, the number of up to 100,000 dogs is estimated in the United States. Due to their growing numbers around the world, it is hard to estimate its total population.

Where does a king shepherd live?

A king shepherd is commonly found living in a house as a pet for its friendly and loyal behavior. The king shepherds are considered good security dogs owing to their size and high energy.

They are well-mannered and are hardworking dogs as they like to protect their people and are always eager to please their owners. A king shepherd’s faithful behavior makes it a good house pet, as this breed is highly trainable and intelligent.

What is a king shepherd's habitat?

A king shepherd’s ideal habitat is an environment where they are exposed to regular exercise and training. A king shepherd breed usually requires an hour of regular exercise as it is a highly active and a playful dog.

This breed of dog needs proper grooming and care as it is very friendly and dependent on its humans. They absolutely love exercise and mental stimulation.

Who do king shepherds live with?

These large-sized dogs are considered to be very gentle towards their owners and are incredibly sweet and calm. They also get along very well with small children and other dogs or pets.

Due to their adorable behavior, they are mostly adopted or purchased by family members. They don’t display aggressive behavior at all if they are looked after properly, making them the go-to family pet.

How long does a King Shepherd live?

As a king shepherd is a large-sized dog and a mix of German and Shiloh shepherd, its life expectancy is around 11-12 years. Its life span depends on various factors like grooming, training, and medical care. If the king shepherd breed is provided with proper care, regular grooming, and exercise, they can live a longer and a healthier life.

How do they reproduce?

Reproduction takes place between a female dog and a male dog when they have properly matured. A full-grown adult dog with its large size is able to mount the female dog from the rear leading to the process of reproduction.

However, in order to lead to this position, the dogs should be well-acquainted and comfortable together. This is possible when they live together and play around.

The process of reproduction between them usually takes 20-25 minutes. A female dog gives birth after two or three months and produces around 6-10 puppies.

What is their conservation status?

The total number of these dog breeds across the world is in the hundreds of thousands. Their mixed breed nature is quite healthy and are prone to fewer diseases. These factors will lead to growing numbers in their population and they don’t face any threat of extinction as of now.

King Shepherd Fun facts

What do king shepherds look like?

The king shepherds are usually large and strong in contrast to their parent breeds. They have a strong set of bones, a muscular body, and a deep chest. Their body is a bit longer with their square muzzle and a strong underjaw.

A king shepherd breed possesses similar qualities to that of a German shepherd as it is a mix of a German and a Shiloh shepherd. The coat of a king shepherd is similar to its parent breeds with common colors.

Their coat colors vary with a combination of multiple colors like red, fawn, black, and brown.

A king shepherd has normal length coats not that preferable to live among allergy sufferers. However, its coat is not that difficult to handle as minimal brushing it for three times a week is enough for the grooming and bathing.

King Shepherd puppy can suffer from some health issues.

How cute are they?

A king shepherd is extremely adorable owing to its parent breeds that give this dog breed similar and cute characteristics and features. This makes them the most preferred breed by families. Due to its extremely friendly and social behavior, they are very good among humans with their innocent looks. Regular grooming improves their cuteness immensely.

How do they communicate?

As a king shepherd is considered a family dog, it is highly intelligent and tends to learn and adapt to things quickly. This breed of dog is exceptional at communicating and understanding different levels of human commands and emotions. If they are left alone, they display fear and aggressive behavior and tend to howl, bark, or whimper.

How big is a king shepherd?

The size and appearance of a king shepherd make it one of the reasons why it is the most sought-after breed. A king shepherd usually possesses the same stature and build just like the German shepherds.

However, a king shepherd is a bit large in size. A king shepherd’s height varies between 26-31 in as its size depends on the type of German shepherd it is mixed with.

How fast can a king shepherd run?

This American rare breed is known for its high level of stamina and speed. It can run at a speed of 30-35 mph and can cover long distances quickly.

How much does a king shepherd weigh?

On an average scale, a full-grown king shepherd weighs around 70-130 lb. Its weight depends on factors like how much exercise and training is provided, eating habits, and the type of environment in it resides.

What are their male and female names of the species?

This breed of dog comes under the species of Canine lupus. A male breed is known as a dog while a female breed is known as a female dog.

What would you call a baby King Shepherd?

A king shepherd’s babies are simply referred to as king shepherd puppies.

What do they eat?

As king shepherds are highly energetic dogs, they require a diet that is protein-rich consisting of 22 percent protein and 8% fat. This type of diet helps in maintaining their bone and joint health while also conserving energy levels.

Whole grains or sweet potatoes are considered good for their carbohydrate requirements. A daily intake of 1800-2500 calories is required by these dogs. Their rich diet makes them look like shepherd the king as they can eat 4-7 cups of healthy dog food.

Are they slobbery?

This dog breed is considered to be an average 'drooler' making it one of the most preferred types of pet amongst pet owners.

Would they make a good pet?

A king shepherd would make an adorable and loving pet as it displays affectionate and loyal behavior to the people. These dogs may get triggered by seeing a cat, rabbit, or other animals around them.

Make sure a king shepherd is far from such animals. Also, this dog breed is known for its friendly behavior and is comfortable around children as well.

A king shepherd usually costs around $1500-$2000 and can be found in local pet stores in the United States. It is important to note that king shepherds require constant care as they are susceptible to various health problems.

Did you know...

German shepherds were mainly used as police dogs, service dogs, and security dogs and were highly trained. This is why a king shepherd is strong and muscular mainly because of the German shepherds.

Health Issues And Characteristics

As with the case of any other breed of dog, a king shepherd is also vulnerable to certain health problems. King shepherds are considered a hybrid breed that helps and protects them from various diseases and genetic disorders. Below are some common health problems that may be found in a king shepherd dog.

Hip dysplasia: this disease makes a dog feel lameness around its legs causing weakness, instability, and pain in the elbows or hips.

Von Willebrand’s disease: this is a genetic disorder in a dog that causes disruption in the blood to clot after a certain injury.

Hypothyroidism: this is a disease in the endocrine causing a dog to lose its metabolism rate that results in obesity, heart disease, or canine diabetes.

To contain such diseases, it is recommended to train your dog with full intensity as they are high-energy dogs with high exercise requirements. A king shepherd should be exposed to daily exercise regimen where it has a spacious place to explore, walk, and run.

These dogs are highly intelligent and can learn any playful techniques taught by their owners. You can play fetch, hide and see, and other related games with them. They easily become bored so keep them engaged as much as you can.

King shepherd VS. German shepherd

King shepherds dominate the king German shepherd as they are comparatively larger than them. German shepherds come in between 22-26 in while a king shepherd stands at 27-31 in tall. A king shepherd is also stronger and muscular than German shepherds.

A king shepherd and a German shepherd share similar behavior and temperaments but a German shepherd may get a little nervous when left alone. It might get frustrated living alone and start barking. Still, a German shepherd is also a good choice when it comes to selecting between the two due to their loyal and watchful behavior.

In short, both of these dogs would make a good pet and it is really up to the owner to decide which one to go after.

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King Shepherd Facts

What Did They Prey On?

Insects and cats

What Type of Animal were they?


Average Litter Size?


How Much Did They Weigh?

90-150 lb

What habitat Do they Live In?


Where Do They Live?

united states

How Long Were They?


How Tall Were They?

26-29 in







Scientific Name

Cacnis lupus familiaris

What Do They Look Like?

A mix of a German shepherd and a Shiloh shepherd

Skin Type

Weather-resistant long-haired fur

What Are Their Main Threats?

diseases like hip dysplasia

What is their Conservation Status?

Least Concern
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