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Let us dive into the world of amazing king weakfish facts.
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Planning for a good holiday to the lands of South America? You might be surprised to spot this fish species in most places!

The king weakfish is a commonly found demersal fish, mainly spotted in the coastal waters of South America. The range of the Macrodon ancylodon extends from the Gulf of Paria, Venezuela all the way to the Baia Blanca of Argentina and Guyana. The main range of the king weakfish is found from Venezuela to Argentina

Commercial fisheries see the king weakfish (Macrodon Ancylodon) as an important species as it is widely accepted by customers, and is a commonly available fish in restaurants. These Atlantic fish are an important species caught by Guyana fisheries as well. The king weakfish price is also not that high.

Shrimp is this favorite meal. The king weakfish taste has often been described as mild and soft to chew if cooked properly. You must be wondering the origin of the name of this fish. Keep reading more and you may know about the origin!

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King Weakfish Interesting Facts

What type of animal is a king weakfish?

The king weakfish is a type of weakfish.

What class of animal does a king weakfish belong to?

The  king weakfish belongs to the class of fishes.

How many king weakfishes are there in the world?

We are not aware of the total population of this weakfish (Macrodon ancylodon).

Where does a king weakfish live?

This fish is a common species in the South American Atlantic waters. Their range extends from Venezuela, Brazil, Guyana to Argentina.

What is a king weakfish's habitat?

This fish is a demersal species. You may find it lurking in the mud or sandy bottoms of the Atlantic coastal waters. They do not go too deep but stay within 196.85 ft (60 m) depth. Juvenile fishes are found in abundance in tidal mudflats, bays, and even in estuaries.

Who do king weakfishes live with?

Macrodon ancylodon fish are known to live in large shoals.

How long does a king weakfish live?

Unfortunately, we do not this important information related to Macrodon ancylodon fish.

How do they reproduce?

There is not much information related to their reproduction. These fishes are said to be batch spawners and have pelagic larvae.

What is their conservation status?

The conservation status of this weakfish (Macrodon Ancylodon) in the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species is Least Concern.

King Weakfish Fun Facts

What do king weakfishes look like?

This fish has a medium body size, which would easily fit in a pan. They have an elongated body which is moderately compressed. The first feature you will notice on this weakfish (Macrodon ancylodon) is its large mouth which is completely oblique.

Their lower jaws are projecting slightly, and the maxilla extends beyond the eye. Their eyes are moderately large. This fish has really sharp teeth, arranged in narrow ridges on both the upper and lower jaws.

The upper jaw also has large teeth at the tip, similar to canines and sharp outer-row teeth. The lower jaw has multiple canine-like sharp teeth. The snout of this fish has two marginal pores.

The body has a gray-silver hue on the back which becomes slightly pale or yellowish on the underside. The pectoral fins are slightly dusky, and the lower fins are pale as well. The dorsal fin has 10 spines.

The posterior end of this medium-size fish has only one spine and about 27-29 soft rays. The caudal fin stands pointed and the anal fin has two spines, complemented with eight to nine soft rays. The edge of the tail fin is in an ‘S’ shape.

The body has multiple small scales. The juvenile fishes have their backs punctuated slightly. Both the male and female fishes of this species have similar body sizes.

Brightly colored Croaker Virginiana

* Please note that the main image and this image are of Croker Virginia and not King Weakfish. If you have an image of a King Weakfish, please let us know at

‍How cute are they?

We would like to call this weakfish species cute.

How do they communicate?

All fish are known to communicate via motion and gestures.

How big is a king weakfish?

The Macrodon ancylodon can grow up to a length of 7-18.1 in (18-46 cm). The usual size of this species is about 13.78 in (35 cm).

This makes the fish almost nine times the size of the black neon tetra.

How fast can a king weakfish swim?

We do not know the speed of the Macrodon ancylodon.

How much does a king weakfish weigh?

Usually, the king weakfish (Macrodon ancylodon) is said to weigh about 1 lb (454 g).

What are the male and female names of the species?

There are no names for the male and female fishes of the king weakfish (Macrodon ancylodon) species.

What would you call a baby king weakfish?

There is no particular name for the baby king weakfish. Generally, a baby fish is called a fry.

What do they eat?

Common food of the Macrodon ancylodon includes different shrimp species, small crabs, zooplankton,  small cephalopods, and small fishes like tetra and anchovies.

Are they dangerous?

Absolutely not! These fish are not dangerous to humans.

Would they make a good pet?

This fish requires brackish waters for survival, so meeting this requirement in a home aquarium might be a problem!

Did you know...

This Atlantic fish is a commonly caught species in the fisheries of Guyana.

Reports claim that this fish may experience geographical isolation.

You would be surprised to know this but there have been instances of cannibalism between the fishes of this species.

Why are they called weakfish?

Ever wondered about the origin of the name, weakfish? Well, this Atlantic species got its name from the weakness of the various parts of its mouth. Fishing hooks are said to tear loose easily and the fish escapes before it is caught.

Do people eat weakfish?

Yes, in fact, there are many whole king weakfish recipes available online which will tell you how to prepare king weakfish. The king weakfish cost is also not much and the texture profile has been described as delicate.

This fish has a pretty decent taste. The flesh of Macrodon ancylodon has an off-white color and the flavor is also good. However, it can give a dry-mouth feeling. They are meaty fish and have small thread-like bones. The skin shrinks as it is cooked.

The best way for cooking king weakfish is to fry the fillets on the pan, either with the skin on or off. The flesh of the fish stays firm enough even after cooking, so it can be added to soups.

Alternate ways to cook this fish can be by baking or steaming. Fitting the entire fish on the pan is difficult, and so it is suggested to cut out the head to make the king weakfish 'pan ready'.

The scales are also easy to remove, but they might jump around a bit! The gills have proven to be slightly difficult to pull out, and so you need to be careful while pulling them out.

Probably the best way to eat the fish is to eat the filet. Finding this fish in Asian markets of America might not be that common.

From the remaining parts of the fish, the head, bones, and fins, you can cook fish stock. This stock has a medium-strong flavor.

The king weakfish pack cost is also not much. Additionally, the king weakfish nutrition value also states that it has good protein.

We now hope you know how to cook king weakfish and make tasty stock out of it as well! The most important question now arises - how are you planning on eating it? Baked, grilled, broiled, steamed, or pan-fried?

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You can even keep yourselves occupied at home by coloring on one of our free printable king weakfish coloring pages.

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