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There are so many lesser spotted eagle facts to know and learn. Make sure you read all of them.

The lesser spotted eagle is definitely one you should not miss! It is a type of eagle in which most of the population is found in the Palearctic and Ethiopian regions.

In fact, they are one of the few birds built to suit the requirements of the area. The flight feathers on the wings, the patch and more, can be prominently visible if one sees the lesser spotted eagle in flight.

This majestic bird is known well for its graceful flight and size. They are usually found living in grasslands and savanna areas.

Tough monogamous in nature, they have been seen taking multiple mates.

There is so much to know about these interesting birds! Not only are they well-loved by the population of their native regions, but scientists have also taken great interest in them, to the degree that a lesser spotted eagle nest livecam has been set up to track their breeding, eggs, and other nesting habits.

Want to know more about these birds, then read on! If you enjoy reading about birds like these, make sure to take a look at the swallow-tailed kite and the common nighthawk too!

Lesser Spotted Eagle Interesting Facts

What type of animal is a lesser spotted eagle?

The lesser-spotted eagle (Clanga) is a type of eagle.

What class of animal does a lesser spotted eagle belong to?

The lesser-spotted eagle belongs to class Aves.

How many lesser spotted eagles are there in the world?

The estimated data for the population trend of Spotted Eagle (Aquila pomarina), according to BirdLife International is 40,000-60,000 birds.

Where does a lesser spotted eagle live?

The lesser-spotted eagle (Aquila pomarina) lives in the woods.

What is a lesser spotted eagle's habitat?

Lesser-spotted eagles (Clanga) prefer patchy woodlands, fields, natural grasslands, and meadows, which are often humid. While forests are not being used as a prime habitat, they always build nests nearby wooded areas. Through their winter movement, these species have been spotted in grassland savanna habitats and African dry mountains.

Who do lesser spotted eagles live with?

These species are highly territorial and mostly solitary birds. Male birds are more aggressive in comparison to females. Spotted eagles usually fly solo or with partners.

How long does a lesser spotted eagle live?

The average lifespan of a lesser spotted eagle (Clanga) is about 8-10 years in their natural habitats. They are frequently seen in breeding pairs comprising of a male and a female during the mating season.

Other species that get too close to the nest will be attacked. During the winter season, they frequently reside with the other eagles, mostly greater spotted eagles. Lesser-spotted eagles (Aquila) hunt with the other birds of a similar genus on occasion.

How do they reproduce?

Lesser-spotted eagles are monogamous birds, with the majority of them returning to the very same nests year after year. The lesser-spotted eagle (Clanga) only has one breeding season a year.

In most cases, the pair constructs a platform nest (tree nest) in a tall tree. Just after the nest is completed in late April or early May, the egg-laying starts.

Males are thought to be in charge of protecting the immediate area around the nests. These birds normally lay one to two eggs, with only one surviving. The older or more powerful sibling is more likely to target the younger or weaker sibling.

In the second half of April and in between the month of May, eggs are laid. The incubation period for eggs varies between 36-41 days.

What is their conservation status?

The conservation status of the lesser-spotted eagle is considered of Least Concern by the IUCN Red List. The population of these species is high, and their range is extensive.

Lesser Spotted Eagle Fun Facts

What do lesser spotted eagles look like?

Lesser Spotted Eagle

Lesser-spotted eagles (Aquila pomarina) are medium-sized birds. Juveniles of this species have brown eyes while adults have yellow eyes.

These species have a light brown head and wings relative to the rest of their body. Generally, a white patch befalls on the upper wings and the beak and head of these species are tiny. Lesser-spotted eagles, and other eagles in the genus Aquila, have a white V symbol on their rump.

These species tend to have a longer tail due to the shape of their wings and the size of the wingspan of these species is shorter. Juvenile species have a rufous neck patch, the wing coverts, pursuing tip of the wings, and the tail is tilted with white.

How cute are they?

The lesser-spotted eagle (Clanga Pomarina) has a pale brown head and wing coverts that contrast with its dark plumage. The main wings have a tiny white patch, and the color of flight feathers is dark brown to black which makes the lesser-spotted eagles (Clanga Pomarina) cute birds.

How do they communicate?

Calls of these species are small and high-pitched piping whistles. When communicating with partners and their young, these species use vocal calls and listening (acoustic senses) as their primary communication methods. Lesser-spotted eagles (Clanga Pomarina), like many of the species, experience their surroundings by tactile, visual, auditory, and chemical stimulation.

How big is a lesser spotted eagle?

The length of the lesser-spotted eagle (Aquila pomerina) species is about 22-26 in (54-65 cm) while the body length of the greater-spotted eagle is 22.8-26.7 in (58-68 cm).

How fast can a lesser spotted eagle fly?

Due to a lack of research into this species, there is no fixed speed of this bird.

How much does a lesser spotted eagle weigh?

The body weight range of lesser spotted eagle (Clanga) is about 3-5 lb (1.2-2.2 kg) while greater spotted eagle weighs 3-5 lb (1.5–2.4 kg) in its natural habitats.

What are the male and female names of the species?

There are no sex-specific names for lesser-spotted eagles.

What would you call a baby lesser spotted eagle?

The baby lesser-spotted eagle doesn't have a particular name.

What do they eat?

Small mammals including rats, ground squirrels, voles, and mice, as well as, frogs, birds, lizards, insects, and snakes, are eaten in the northern region of their range. They consume frogs, small birds and nestlings, reptiles, larvae, and termites in the southern wintering grounds.

Are they poisonous?

They are not a poisonous species.

Would they make a good pet?

Lesser-spotted eagles (Clanga Pomarina) are a wild species that should not be kept in a cage. So it is not advisable to keep these hawks as a pet.

Did you know...

When perched, adults have a two-toned appearance: dark flight feathers contrast with a paler body. For a mature eagle, the head and bill are very short. Lesser-spotted eagle juveniles have distinct white lines on the backside of the body, with pale upper tails and wings. The spotted eagle is paler and smaller than the greater spotted eagle.

The Indian spotted eagle (Clanga hastata), which was previously thought to be a subspecies of the native Indian subspecies (A. Pomarina), is now considered a significant species with behavioral, morphological, and ecological evidence.

Do lesser spotted eagles migrate?

There is less detail about the flying lesser spotted eagle (Clanga Pomarina), however, it is a long-distance traveler that spends more than half of the year outside its own nesting region.

What is the difference between a lesser spotted eagle and a greater spotted eagle?

Lesser species are quite a bit smaller than greater eafles. Lesser eagles have a narrower wingspan as compare to the wingspan of the greater eagle. The wings and heads of lesser eagles are lighter brown than the remaining body color. The entire body of greater eagles has a dark tint of brown.

The length of the tail of the lesser species is more than the greater species. Wing markings are missing in the greater eagle. Juveniles bird of each genus varies significantly from adults.

Greater spotted eagles (which are the biggest eagles in all of India) mostly share the same food with their lesser counterparts and can be seen eating animal flesh like snakes, rats, and mice.

However, unlike the lesser spotted eagles, the greater spotted eagles are endangered due to excessive hunting and loss of habitat. Though they both might be dark in color, it does not mean that all eagles are black.

There are more than 100 species of eagles alone, with varied colors ranging from grey, brown, gold, tawny, and more.

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You can even occupy yourself at home by coloring in one of our free printable Lesser spotted eagle coloring pages.

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