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Long-tailed parakeet (Psittacula longicauda) facts such as feeding on wild fruit
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The charismatic parakeet has the scientific name Psittacula longicauda derived from Latin words meaning parrot and long tail. The male parakeets have a long blue tail which looks like a majestic trail of a princess's gown. Unfortunately, there is no particular name for long-tailed parrots, and thus they are referred to with the same name.

The parakeet birds are very noisy and fidgety as they are seen hopping from one branch to another, making screeching sounds. Sometimes the high-pitched noisy sounds make also turn into melodious music.

Parrots are very intelligent birds, and they can imitate all sounds.

If you desire a peaceful companion, think again as the Burung Bayan Nuri can make a noisy partner. In their natural environment, the female parakeet bird lays two to four eggs in the clutch of their nest, and you can see juvenile parakeets fledging within a short period.

The Burung Bayan Nuri description is elaborate, with some of the brightest hues of green, red, blue-black, gray, and yellow. But the juvenile bird has a dull green color, and the adult plumage is attained after 30 days of birth. Therefore, the juvenile bird may show little sexual dimorphism.

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Long-Tailed Parakeet Interesting Facts

What type of animal is a long-tailed parakeet?

The long-tailed parakeet (Psittacula longicauda) is a colorful green bird. This Malayan long-tailed parakeet brightens up your photos with its vibrant hues.

What class of animal does a long-tailed parakeet belong to?

The green long-tailed parakeet bird belongs to the class Aves.

How many long-tailed parakeets are there in the world?

The total number of long-tailed parakeets (Psittacula longicauda) in this world is unknown. However, today the population number of long-tailed parakeets is decreasing.

Where does a long-tailed parakeet live?

Tailed parakeet (Psittacula longicauda) green bird is found at an altitude length of 984 ft (299.9 m). The Australian long-tailed parakeet inhabits lowland evergreen forest habitat, cultivated land, parks, and gardens.

What is a long-tailed parakeet's habitat?

Long-tailed parakeet green birds inhabit rainforests, mangroves, coconut groves, the swamp forest habitat, and oil palm plantations. Their location range stretches from Andaman and Nicobar Islands to the Thai Malay Peninsula, Borneo, and Sumatra.

Who do long-tailed parakeets live with?

According to the long-tailed parakeet range map, flocks of thousands of tailed parakeet (Psittacula longicauda) species green parrot birds distribution have been reported in Borneo and Nicobar during breeding. Usually, these species of parrot birds are found in 20 birds, and they follow the colonial breeding method in Peninsular Malaysia.

How long does a long-tailed parakeet live?

The lifespan of the green long-tailed parakeet (Psittacula longicauda) parrot is 6-12 years. But with expert care, some parakeets may live up to 20 years.

How do they reproduce?

From February to May, the male and female long-tailed parakeets display a unique courtship breeding behavior during the breeding season. However, Malaysian birds breed from December to February. The male long-tailed parakeet bows to the female making circular head movements accompanied by regurgitating sounds and gentle contact with the female long-tailed parakeet bill.

Sometimes you may see the male and female birds feeding together. Mostly you may also see the female bird may squabbling over their diet of berries with the male.

The female bird lays two to four eggs in the clutch of its hornbill nest. A.t around seven weeks time length the chicks are seen fledging. At 30 months, the chicks develop adult plumage.

What is their conservation status?

According to the IUCN Red List, the conservation status of distribution of the long-tailed parakeet Psittacula has been listed as Near Threatened. The threats include illegal captivity and pet trading have led to the mortality of the species. And this, combined with deforestation, has led to the destruction of red-breasted parakeet bird's natural habitat and declining conservation status.

Long-Tailed Parakeet Fun Facts

What do long-tailed parakeets look like?

Long-tailed parakeet is a Near Threatened species.

At first impression, the long-tailed parakeet appears to be a green-colored bird with a long blue tail with central tail feathers tipped yellow or green. But a closer look reveals that this green bird has a greenish-yellow shade on its breast, throat, and abdomen.

The red-cheeked parakeet has rosy red-colored cheeks on the sides of its dark green head to the nape. The region between the eyes and the head, referred to as the lore, is bluish-black.

The area in between its eyes and billon the head is bluish-black. The upper back is bluish-gray with a yellow undertone. The wingspan is 6.5 - 7 in (165.1 - 177.8 mm) in length, and the central tail feathers are blue.

The beak is brownish-black and red. Gray feet and whitish-yellow eyes make it a lovely and desirable pet.

The male birds have a black stripe on the cheeks, while the females have dark green or dull orange-red stripes. Also, the female red-cheeked parakeet has a green shade in the central range area of its nape region.

How cute are they?

Cute is a synonym for the long-tailed parakeet birds with a dark green crown and rose-red cheeks with a long blue tail.

These birds look amazing in photos in the evergreen forests of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. The stunning red-cheeked parakeets in Singapore have green plumage, blue tails and a red upper beak bill, and green plumage on the head.

These exotic birds of Nicobar are so cute that, unfortunately, they are very much sought after for illegal pet trading, which is a threat to the conservation of its species.

How do they communicate?

Long-tailed Australian parakeet communicates with musical notes that are high pitched. Sometimes their calls resemble those of the goose, quavering, nasal sounds like P. l. Nicobarica. However, while in flight, the red-cheeked parakeet makes loud discordant calls.

How big is a long-tailed parakeet?

The parakeet birds are big and similar to the red-breasted parakeet or the rose-ringed parakeet.

How fast can a long-tailed parakeet fly?

Adult long-tailed parakeets can fly faster than parrots and are restless birds. They are constantly moving from one branch to another.

How much does a long-tailed parakeet weigh?

The long-tailed parakeet weighs around 4.4 oz (124.7 g).

What are the male and female names of the species?

There are no sex-specific names for long-tailed parakeets.

What would you call a baby long-tailed parakeet?

The long-tailed baby parakeet is called a chick.

What do they eat?

These birds are herbivores and eat various types of food like wild fruit, grains, seeds, areca nuts, papayas, and berries.

Are they poisonous?

Parakeets are not poisonous, and they eat food like berries, seeds, wild fruits, and nuts which is a herbivore's diet.

Would they make a good pet?

 They are wild animals therefore are not suitable to be a pet

Did you know...

Do you know that parakeets kiss each other for almost as long as three seconds? So, it is more or less of a blink and miss kiss.

So, if you want to click photos of the male and female birds kissing in breeding time, and when you see the male turning its head around very fast around four to eight rounds, know very well that it is making up its mind to kiss the hen.

If you already have a long-tailed parakeet from Peninsular Malaysia or the Nicobar Islands for a pet and want to know if your pet is happy, make sure you fill their world with a lot of love and give them something that they enjoy.

For example, most parakeets enjoy chewing, so vegetable-tanned leather toys, wooden toys, or other bird-safe pine cones would be an ideal gift to cheer your prized pet parakeet.

What is unique about a long-tailed parakeet?

The male parakeet has a long blue tail that contrasts with its green plumage. Sometimes, the parrot from the Nicobar Islands appears to have been painted perfectly, right from the bill to the tail with the choicest colors.

Although the bird does not enjoy bathing, you may catch it taking a quick shower in warm rain or overhead misters while drinking water from its bill.

What is the difference between long-tailed parakeets and regular parakeets?

A long-tailed parakeet of Peninsular Malaysia is a small or medium-sized parrot, while a parrot is also known as Psittacines, is of order Psittaciformes of birds. The parakeet has a long tail, while the parrot may or may not have a long tail, and they have a characteristic curved beak and zygodactyl claws.

Parrots are brightly colored and able to mimic sounds. In other words, the Parrots can mimic sounds very well. You can also see the long-tailed parakeets or Carolina parakeets are herbivores while parrots are omnivores.

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You can even occupy yourself at home by coloring in one of our free printable Parakeet coloring pages.

Long-Tailed Parakeet Facts

What Did They Prey On?

Papaya, berries, corn, areca nuts

What Type of Animal were they?


Average Litter Size?


How Much Did They Weigh?

4.4 oz (124.7 g)

What habitat Do they Live In?

forest edges, forests, gardens

Where Do They Live?

thai-malay peninsula to andaman and nicobar islands, borneo and sumatra

How Long Were They?

16.4 in (41.6 cm)

How Tall Were They?








Scientific Name

Psittacula longicauda

What Do They Look Like?


Skin Type


What Are Their Main Threats?


What is their Conservation Status?

Near Threatened
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