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The Nigerian Dwarf goat is an American breed of goats that originates from the West African Dwarf group of Western African goats. They have been listed on the heritage breeds of Livestock Conservancy.

These magnificent goats have the same origin as the American Pygmy. In the 20th century, these dwarf goats visited the US for the first time from West Africa.

To be displayed at the zoo, it was imported from Africa to the USA. Several households have a few goats for milk and meat in rural African areas.

It is similar in appearance to larger dairy goats, but it's not higher than 17-19 in and the bucks are only 19-20 in tall. It has a straight nose, upright ears, and a curly, short coat. The color and pattern of the coat can vary significantly.

Its average weight is approximately 75 lb. Their milk is high in butterfat and is sweet to taste.

These dwarf goats are perfect cattle for little and big farmhouses. In a suburban house, the small size of this breed can be kept as well.

They make wonderful pets as they are loveable and quite social. If you liked reading the fact file of the Nigerian dwarf goats, we suggest you keep going as it's about to get even more interesting!

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Nigerian Dwarf Goat Interesting Facts

What type of animal is a Nigerian Dwarf Goat?

Nigerian Dwarf Goats are an American variety of dairy goats whose origin is in West Africa. These herbivorous goats are kept as cattle for meat and milk production. Along with producing high-quality meat and dairy, they're very advantageous and low-maintenance goats that remove a lot of brush.

What class of animal does a Nigerian Dwarf Goat belong to?

The Nigerian Dwarf goats belong to the class Mammalia. They're goats of West African origin whose butterfat in milk is higher than most breeds of goats.

How many Nigerian Dwarf Goats are there in the world?

The estimated population of Nigerian dwarf goats is 3500 (registered in the United States and the AGS).

Where does a Nigerian Dwarf Goat live?

These goats descended from wild goats, but unlike them, they are not found in the wild. They're bred by humans and are kept in captivity. They're an excellent livestock choice for big and small farmhouses.

What is a Nigerian Dwarf Goat's habitat?

These Dwarf Goats are excellent pets and can live in dog houses in the owner's backyard. They can live in the same habitat as the other dairy goat breeds. They can flourish in all kinds of climates.

Who do Nigerian Dwarf Goats live with?

These goats are herd animals and cannot survive alone. They require the company of at least one animal. This breed also makes excellent companion animals for elderly animals and children. Dwarves and their cousins, the Pygmy goats, are frequently housed with donkeys, as companion animals and as a protector from predators.

How long does a Nigerian Dwarf Goat live?

The Nigerian dwarf goat's life span is 8-15 years.

How do they reproduce?

Nigerian dwarf nanny goats can breed all year round and have a 145-154 days gestation period. The dwarfs make excellent mothers who provide excellent nourishment to their kids. The kids do not attain adulthood until they're 24 months old.

In two years, several breeders breed their doe three times. Some breeders prefer to wait for their doe to be older than one year to breed but are capable of breeding seven to eight months after birth. Breeders often choose the hand breeding method.

What is their conservation status?

The American Livestock Breeds Conservancy considers them rare. As they are frequently cross-bred to make ultimate multi-purpose meat and dairy goats, finding full-blooded goats of this breed can be challenging.

Nigerian Dwarf Goat Fun Facts

What do Nigerian Dwarf Goats look like?

The Nigerian dwarf's conformation is similar to a dairy goat with upright ears and a straight nose. Its coat is short in length and quite fine. It can be multicolored or of a solid color.

These dairy goats have a wide range of color combinations in their coats. The Nigerian dwarf goat colors include black, gold, chocolate, and sometimes white patterns, which are typical types. The silver agouti (roan) is deemed a moderate defect.

The black and gold hair color combination is the most popular. Nigerian dwarf goat horns may be present or absent. Dwarves can easily blend in with the herd of other species of goats.

A Nigerian dwarf goat on a field.

How cute are they?

These dwarfs are very cute, especially the kids, because of their coat color and funny expressions. But what's more admirable is their loving and friendly nature.

How do they communicate?

They communicate through loud noises. They are very noisy and sound like shrieking girls.

How big is a Nigerian Dwarf Goat?

A Nigerian dwarf goat's size is quite small and can be in the range of 17-23.5 in (43-60 cm) with a height ranging between 1.6-3.2 ft (0.5-1m). They are almost the same size as Pygmy goats.

How fast can a Nigerian Dwarf Goat move?

Their speed is unknown but they are energetic goats that spring rapidly.

How much does a Nigerian Dwarf Goat weigh?

An adult Nigerian dwarf goat's weight can be anywhere in the range of 65-85 lb (29‑39 kg), with a slight difference in weight between the billy and the doe. The butcher weight of this species is typically between 25-40 lb.

What are the male and female names of the species?

A female can be called a nanny or a doe whereas a male can be called a billy or buck.

What would you call a baby Nigerian Dwarf Goat?

The babies of dwarf goats can be called kids.

What do they eat?

They require the same food as other dairy goat breeds. They feed on grains, water, roughage, and mineral supplements.

Are they dangerous?

No, they are the complete opposite! These small goats are well known for their sweet demeanor and calm nature. Although, a bored dairy goat will rapidly become aggressive.

Would they make a good pet?

Yes, a Nigerian dwarf goat pet would be an outstanding and energetic pet. Children love to play with these goats and their babies. These pets love attention. They have been listed as a certified livestock dairy goat breed and can be adopted as pets.

Did you know...

Nannies yield delicious milk that can be digested by those who are intolerant to cow's milk.

In terms of Pygmy goat vs Nigerian dwarf, the African Pygmy goats and the Nigerian dwarf breeds have the same origins. Pygmies are bred to be broad and sturdy whereas dwarves grow in accordance to a dairy goat's length and form.

Does are used by children for their livestock projects.

The Nigerian dwarf body parts are in a balanced proportion.

Nigerian Dwarf Goat milk

Despite their small size and little weight, the dwarf Nigerian goat can produce around a half-gallon of milk every day. Their lactation goes on for 305 days.

They are quite famous for their dairy production. The milk produced by these dwarf nanny goats is considerably richer in protein than the one produced by other goats. The butterfat level of the milk produced is greater than that of other dairy goat breeds too.

How much does a Nigerian Dwarf Goat cost?

Their price is determined by a variety of factors. It depends upon your region and the quality of the breed.

Because the high quality of this dairy goat breed is not easily available, the breeder may demand a premium price, which may include transportation costs. A nanny who has given birth and supplied milk for one season typically costs between $85-$200, while a doe costs between $ 100-175.

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