No Peace From Your Pup: Why Do Dogs Follow You To The Bathroom?

Joan Agie
Oct 06, 2023 By Joan Agie
Originally Published on Oct 11, 2021
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Your fluffy friends love to be by your side at all times…literally, even when you go to the bathroom! 

You have probably heard your pet tapping on the bathroom door with their toenails. Whether it is you brushing your teeth or showering, dogs don’t quite have an idea as to what boundaries or personal space mean. 

For dog owners, this behavior is understandable. Their dog is like a part of their family.

Dogs love being around their humans, even in the bathroom! There’s a scientific explanation that dogs when they were puppies, imprint on the person that takes care of them.

They see them as a parent figure and someone they can trust which explains why they always want to be around their owner. However, this doesn’t mean they aren’t loyal if they haven’t imprinted themselves on a particular person.

Dogs enjoy the company of their humans and feel extremely related to them. If you find anything wrong with your dog, you must get in touch with a veterinary doctor or a professional trainer, before doing anything else.

Even if you adopt an adolescent, senior, or a dog of any age, as long as they see you as someone they can trust, your dog will stick to you 24/7, even in the toilet.

There are a hundred other reasons why dogs follow you to the bathroom, let us find out in the rest of the article! Then you might also like to read about why dogs bark in their sleep and why dogs bark at nothing.

Do all dogs do it?

While all dogs love to be near their humans all day, a certain breed of them follow their caregivers everywhere, including the bathroom. Some dog breeds like Velcro dogs are inclined to follow their owner everywhere.

So owners that have dog breeds of the shepherd, cattle dog, Border collie must be prepared for their dogs to follow them everywhere, including the toilet.

Labrador or pointer dogs will follow their owners into the bathroom for their pure pleasure. Working breeds such as Doberman pinscher or a boxer tend to be closer to their humans to protect them from any unknown danger that may occur.

Dogs are known for their strong pack mentality and animal instincts. They usually follow you in the washroom to protect you as you are a part of their ‘pack’.

They may feel vulnerable if you aren’t around them. Also, in a dog's pack, the concept of privacy does not exist between them so they exclude any type of privacy from you as well.

While most dog owners find it adorable when their pet follows them around, it can also be a sign that something is going on.

Your dog is most likely to follow you everywhere for positive reinforcement like a reward in the form of a treat or a toy or affection they get by being near you. They usually get attached to the ones that are the primary caregiver for them.

There is also the chance of your dog having separation anxiety. While Velcro dogs like to be near their owners, dogs with separation anxiety start to panic when their owners aren’t with them.

Should you let them?

While it is completely normal for a dog to follow you in the bathroom for various reasons like being curious, a pack mentality, and your protection, it can be a hassle for some people as the bathroom is the one moment of privacy.

Many people usually don’t mind their dog following them in the bathroom as their intentions are only pure.

However, some people would want to train their dogs to understand the concept of boundaries. Before going about this, you should consider a few things.

Is there something specific in the bathroom that they like to play with?

Have you spent enough time with your dog and given attention, exercise, and food?

Have any changes taken place in the house that is making them feel insecure?

Could your dog be in pain? They usually follow their owner around when they don’t feel like themselves or are in pain. Take your pet for a checkup at the vet to ease your mind from this. 

The simplest way to start training your dog not to enter the bathroom when you are in it is to close the door. Make it a habit to avoid leaving the door open to reduce the chance of your pet intruding.

You can also give them assurance by telling them you will be back and patting their head or giving them a treat after you come out of the bathroom.

This will help in making them patient and not enter the bathroom while you are sitting and doing your business. Reward your dog with a toy or treat to turn this behavior into a habit.

Cute Beagle puppy at home.

Do dogs pick a favorite person?

Dogs usually choose to follow the human that they consider as their favorite, everywhere. They go about choosing their favorite person by seeing if they are compatible in terms of personality and energy.

They also choose whom to shamelessly follow everywhere based on the positive association of the person.

If you give your dog cuddles, treats and play with them throughout the day they will obviously have a stronger attachment and bond towards you. They will walk with you, they will sit with you, play with their toys when with you, and also take care of your safety.

Which person a dog follows everywhere, including the bathroom, has a lot to do with whom the dog has bonded with the most in the house.

When a dog is in their key socialization years, which is from the time they were born till six months, they bond the strongest with the one who takes care of them the most during that time. You should ensure that during this time, your dog has interactions with other people, places, and things that are positive in nature.

They even look for their favourite person while they pee.

This is because they feel vulnerable when they relieve themselves and they expect us to stand guard for them. This is because their early experiences play a major role in influencing them for the rest of their lives.

Be it whatever age your dog, is when you adopt it, they can still pick their favorite person who is usually the one who takes care of them the most.

Which other animals follow their owners around?

There are various animals out there that form bonded relationships with humans. One can develop a close mutual relationship with wild animals as well.

These animals are just as lovable as dogs and get very attached to their humans, to the point where they follow them around everywhere. Let's have a look at which other animals follow their owners around.

Cats: this is one of the most ancient relationships we have had which has led to quite a close bond between a cat and a human. Though they seem distant and aloof, cats are lovable and love getting affection from their humans.  

Chickens: these may seem out of the box, but chickens are very smart creatures with deep emotions. They are great animal companions and have been kept by many urban households.

Chickens like interacting with others and are social and easy to train, making them great pets for the house. They also develop a close connection with their owners and follow them everywhere.

Pigs: pigs are said to have unique personalities and strong emotions, making them connect with humans and getting close to them. They are smart and a great addition as a pet in the house.  

Horses: there have been various studies conducted that points out that horses have a strong sense in understanding the emotions of a human and understand positive/negative facial expressions. People have had long-lasting special relationships with their horses and they also make great pets. Once they form a deeper connection with their caregiver, they start following them around as well. 

Rabbits: while it may take a little bit more time to form a bond and connection with your rabbit pet, remember that it is a process. Once they are comfortable around you, they will never leave being by your side and follow you everywhere you go.  

Rats: this may seem strange, but domestic rats are a great companion to have around if you handle them with care. This animal species is extremely intelligent and social, allowing it to connect with a human and making for a good companion. 

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of interesting family-friendly facts for everyone to enjoy! If you liked our suggestions for why do dogs follow you to the bathroom, then why not about why dogs get hiccups or Croatian Sheepdog facts?

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