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Northern Stargazer facts about the fish species found between North Carolina and New York.

Have you ever heard of the name Northern Stargazer (Astroscopus guttatus)? A Northern Stargazer is a fish that is strange looking and has got some special abilities. Do you know why they are called the monsters of the sea? Because the mouth and eyes are located on the top of these medium-sized fishes and face upwards!

Stargazers are extremely poisonous and can be dangerous in some cases. Their habitat is in sandy bottoms and coastal waters. Northern Stargazers eat small fishes and crustaceans.

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Northern Stargazer Interesting Facts

What type of animal is a Northern Stargazer?

The Northern Stargazer (Astroscopus guttatus) is a fish that belongs to the Uranoscopidae family. They are strange-looking dangerous fishes. They are blackish-brown in color and usually are seen buried under the sands waiting for their prey. They live on the Atlantic shores of the United States. They prefer to live in deep, open waters.

What class of animal does a Northern Stargazer belong to?

The Northern Stargazer fish belongs to the Actinopterygii class in the Uranoscopidae family. It comes under the Trachiniformes order and its scientific name is Astroscopus guttatus. They are fishes that have a special ability to produce current. They are also known as the monsters of the sea.

How many Northern Stargazers are there in the world?

There are no accurate estimates of the total number of Northern Stargazer fish in the world.  The number is comparatively high and is under Least Concern status.

Where does a Northern Stargazer live?

Northern Stargazers are medium-sized fishes that usually live in deep, open waters and are usually seen on the Atlantic shores in the United States, between the states of New York and Northern Carolina. They prefer to live in deep places.

What is a Northern Stargazer's habitat?

Northern Stargazers live in the deep, open waters. This fish species prefer to live in a deep or bottom place. They are spotted on the Atlantic shores in the United States and the bottom of Chesapeake Bay.

Who do Northern Stargazers live with?

A Northern Stargazer is a strange-looking fish that has certain properties to defend itself from its attackers. So they prefer to live solitary lives.

How long does a Northern Stargazer live?

Northern Stargazers are medium-sized fish and usually live around four to five years on an average scale.

How do they reproduce?

Northern Stargazers are benthic. Their eggs are laid usually at the bottom. The transparent eggs are small and float to the surface and hatch slowly. Larvae grow very fast and feed on the yolk sac until the yolk is completely absorbed. After becoming adults, electric organs are formed.

What is their conservation status?

Northern Stargazers are under the Least Concern status category. There are significant numbers in their population across the world. Hence, they do not face any extinction.

Northern Stargazer Fun Facts

What do Northern Stargazers look like?

The Northern Stargazer is a fish that is in blackish brown color with white spots equally spread on its head as well as its neck. It belongs to the Uranoscopidae family. There are three dark horizontal stripes on its tail which are white.

Its eyes and mouth are located on its head, facing upwards. Its body is flattened. Its pectoral fins are adapted for digging and burying.

The northern stargazer has a dark body with white spots.

How cute are they?

Northern Stargazers are medium-sized fish that appear to be a little scary. They are a little dangerous and are not cute and look ugly with eyes and mouths located on top of their head. They are called strange-looking fish and also the monsters of the sea.

How do they communicate?

Even though fishes are in the water, they also communicate like other animals. A fish communicates through certain motions, gestures, and sometimes sounds. Some species use electric signals to communicate.

How big is a Northern Stargazer?

The Northern Stargazer has an average length of 8-18 in (20.3-45.7 cm) and may reach up to 22 in (55.9 cm). It is 10 times bigger than a goldfish.

How fast can a Northern Stargazer swim?

Northern Stargazers usually bury themselves in the sand most of the time waiting for their prey. They do not swim quickly.

How much does a Northern Stargazer weigh?

On an average scale, an adult Northern Stargazer weighs around 6-13 lb  (2.7-5.9 kg). It is a medium-sized fish.

What are the male and female names of the species?

As Northern Stargazer is a fish, its species is A. guttatus. Both the male and female Northern Stargazers are called males and females respectively.

What would you call a baby Northern Stargazer?

A baby Northern Stargazer is called a juvenile Stargazer.

What do they eat?

Northern Stargazers prey and feed on small fish that cannot swim properly like crabs and also other crustaceans. They usually hunt their prey by burying under the sand and attacking it with the mouth which is located at the top of the head.

They are the monsters of the sea and it is difficult for them to be attacked by others.

Do they bite?

Yes, Northern Stargazers do bite. Its sting is poisonous. It contains two poisonous spines that are located on pectoral fins that are very dangerous.

Would they make a good pet?

Northern Stargazers usually live under the sea and are one of the most dangerous fishes in the sea. The Stargazer is not suitable for keeping as a pet.

Did you know...

A Northern Stargazer fish is known for its unique properties and ability to adapt. It can produce a current of 50 volts from its electric organs which can deeply harm its prey like small fish and give a deep shock to the person who attacks them. A Northern Stargazer will not attack humans until it is disturbed by them.

The Northern Stargazer gets the name Stargazer because its eyes are located on top of the head. They bury themselves in sandy bottoms while waiting for prey like small fish to pass from nearby. While waiting for prey, they keep their eyes, mouth, and head exposed.

Can you eat Northern Stargazer?

The answer is yes. In some cultures, people do eat Stargazers. They remove the electrical organ before having it. When cooked and consumed, the poison is not poisonous. They are really tasty as food and are available in some fish markets.

Can Northern Stargazers kill humans?

No, it cannot kill humans but the poison is very dangerous and powerful. The poison comes from two large spines and can be very painful. It can cause swelling in the area where it has been bitten.

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