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colorful Peacock Facts For bird lovers
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We all are well familiar with the Peacock, a bird that can dance, with extremely long and colorful feathers. As a child, we all must have admired the beauty of this bird.

Peacocks are extremely beautiful birds with long colorful feathers. Peacocks have a lot of interesting, fun facts related to them, and today we will learn all about these exciting Peacock facts.

There are three sub-species of wild Peacock, Indian Peacock, green Peacock, and Congo peacock.

The Albino Peacock is a genetic variant of Indian Peacock but is of white color due to missing color pigment. A female Peacock is popularly known as Peahen even though in common parlance, the term Peacock is used to represent both the sexes.

This majestic animal is the national bird of India and is one of the national symbols of the country. The grey Peacock is the national symbol of Burma.

After reading this article, you’ll be know more about these beautiful birds and their habitat, and how the males and females actually reproduce. After going through these interesting facts about peacock including Peacock feathers facts, you may also look at tawny owl facts and tawny eagle facts.

Peacock Interesting Facts

What type of animal is a Peacock?

A Peacock is a representative bird species of the Pavo cristatus, the Indian Peacock, and the Pavo muticus genera. Both peacocks, males and females, are known for their feathers which have unique markings on them.

What class of animal does a Peacock belong to?

A Peacock is also known as Peafowl, and belongs to the Aves class of animals. Peacocks dance during the rainy season and it is one of the defining features of this wild bird species.

Peafowl are of national importance to many countries and feature on many national symbols such as the national bird of India and national symbol of Burma.

How many Peacocks are there in the world?

Peacock birds are quite a rare species of birds, and their estimated population is 1,00,000. The white Peacock and the green Peacock are some of the rarest Peafowl species.

Where does a Peacock live?

The blue Peacock is found in India and Sri Lanka. Other species like the green Peacock live in Myanmar and Java, and the Congo Peacock is found in the rain forests of Africa. Peacocks live in a group called bevy or muster.

What is a Peacock's habitat?

Peacocks can easily reside in an area with green vegetation and a forest-like environment. Peacocks usually spend the majority of their daytime roaming on the grounds. Only during the night time do Peacocks make a home on high trees.

Who do Peacocks live with?

The Peafowl species can be found living in groups known as flocks. During the daytime, Peacocks can be seen roaming alone as well, but as soon as the night hits, Peacocks gather in a group and reside on high trees.

How long does a Peacock live?

A Peacock is said to have an average lifespan of 40-50 years. As a matter of fact, the lifespan usually ranges depending on the type of habitat the Peafowl lives in.

How do they reproduce?

Peacocks are polygymous, which means that a dominant male Peacock can mate with multiple Peahens in a single breeding season. Although in captivity, their mating behavior becomes monogamous.

The male Peafowl has a cloaca, and this cloaca is the male sexual organ, and in order to mate with the female Peafowl, males use their cloacas.

The male Peafowl reaches sexual maturity at the age of three years while the female Peafowl attains sexual maturity at the age of two years.

After the mating process is completed during the breeding season, the Peahens lay around 6-12 eggs. The Peahens will sit on the eggs and incubate them for a period of around 28 days after which the eggs hatch and the Peachicks are born.

What is their conservation status?

The conservation status of most Peacock species is of Least Concern. However, some species, like the green Peacock, are endangered and in fact require serious conservation efforts.

Peacock Fun Facts

What do Peacocks look like?

Peacocks are huge colorful birds famous for their beautiful feathers in their tail. These long tails comprise almost 60 percent of their body length.

The tail feathers have unique markings on them of blue, gold, red, dark brown, or black color. On its head, Peacock crowns feature beautiful plumages, which give this bird a royal and proud look. During the rainy season, Peafowl are known to spread their feathers and dance, much to the joy of viewers.

Fun Peacock Facts For Kids

How cute are they?

Peacocks are the most beautiful and fascinating bird species living on this earth. Peacocks have a confident walking style which makes this bird look a lot more attractive and worth watching.

How do they communicate?

Peacocks are said to produce a sound which humans can't hear. Apart from this sound, the Peacock possesses a beautiful squawk voice. Their distinct squawk can easily be heard from a reasonable distance.

How big is a Peacock?

The Peacock is known to be the largest flying bird. Green Peacocks can be 1.8-3 m long which means they are the largest flying bird in the world.

How fast can a Peacock fly?

Peacocks can't fly very fast. Peacocks usually fly at lesser heights, and their average flying speed is 10 miles per hour.

How much does a Peacock weigh?

Peacock's average weight ranges between 8.8-13.2 lb.

What are their male and female names of the species?

Male Peafowls are called Peacocks, and a female Peafowls are called Peahens.

What would you call a baby Peacock?

A baby Peafowl will be known by the name of Peachick. These animals are known as Peachicks till the age of one, after which a Peafowl is known as either a Peacock or a Peahen.

What do they eat?

Peacocks prey on small insects and other small creatures. Apart from eating insects, these wild birds can also eat some plants, grains, and fruits such as berries.

Are they dangerous?

Both male and female Peacocks are usually not very dangerous but if someone threatens them and tries to cause any harm to their eggs then these wild birds can behave violently and attack the person doing so.

Would they make a good pet?

Peacocks can be good pets. But unlike dogs, a Peafowl can't be your companion. Both  males and females are quite calm and can easily reside in areas with humans. Utmost care has to be given to this bird as it has special requirements in terms of diet and grooming.

Did you know...

It is a myth that male and female Peacocks mate with each other using their tears. Their mating style is similar to the other birds wherein males use their sexual organ during the mating season to mate with the females.

What are Peacocks famous for?

Peacocks are well known for their beautiful appearance and sweet voice. The Peacock can spread its feathers in a beautiful semicircle, and when it does so, it is said to be dancing. Peacocks have a graceful walking style which makes them look like royal creatures.

How to draw a Peacock

Drawing a Peacock is super easy. If you wish to draw a dancing Peacock, that is a Peacock with its feather opened, then follow the steps mentioned below.

First, make a semicircle, and mark the center of this semicircle. This semi-circle will be turned into open feathers.

After that, at the point of center, you have to draw the body of your Peacock. Drawing the body is really easy. You just have to draw a very small circle for the face and a two times bigger circle for the belly area.

Between these two circles, there should be a reasonable gap, so as to give it a long-necked shape. Now, join these two circles in such a way that the gap between the two circles gets the shape of the neck.

The basic body structure of your Peacock is ready, now all you have to do is add some detailing to finish your Peacock. Now, in the semicircle, make multiple rays so that the semicircle gets divided into various parts.

These parts will be the feathers of your Peacock. After that, make eye-like markings on the feathers. Now, make the eyes, plumages, and legs of your Peacock.

Now, color your Peacock with the different shades of blue, green, and other required colors. And with this, your Peacock is ready.

Here at Kidadl, we have carefully created lots of interesting family-friendly animal facts for everyone to discover! Learn more about some other birds including Stork, or Hornbill.

You can even occupy yourself at home by drawing one on our Peacock coloring pages.

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