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Read these pitta bird facts to learn more about the small pitta bird
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Pitta birds (Pittidae pittas) belong to the family of pittidae.

They are always referred to, when in groups, as pittas and are small-sized songbirds often are found in the tropical rainforests and woodlands of Asia, Africa, Australia, and other surrounding islands.

These birds have really small bodies with comparatively long legs and small curved beaks. There are around 40 to 42 different species of pitta birds that can be distinguished from one another based on specific differences and colors.

Some of the famous mutations are the hooded pitta (Pitta sordida), fairy pitta (Pitta nympha), blue winged pitta (Pitta moluccensis), Javan banded pitta (Hydrornis guajana), rainbow pitta (Pitta iris), Gurney's pitta (Hydrornis gurneyi), green breasted pitta (Pitta reichenowi), azure breasted pitta (Pitta steerii), mangrove pitta (Pitta megarhyncha), black faced pitta (Pitta anerythra), ivory breasted pitta (Pitta maxima), elegant pitta (Pitta elegans), superb pitta (Pitta superba) and several others.

Birds in the pitta family can be easily identified as they have really long legs in comparison to their small bodies, which are almost twice the size of other songbirds. If you enjoyed reading these facts about pitta birds, check out our articles on yellow warbler and scarlet macaw.

Pitta Bird Interesting Facts

What type of animal is a pitta bird?

Pitta birds are known to have around 42 subspecies.

Some of the known and examined species of pitta birds are blue-winged pitta bird, banded pitta bird, brown pitta bird, slate and rufous pitta bird, Indian pitta bird, bornian pitta bird, green breasted pitta bird, mangrove pitta, rainbow pitta bird, fairy pitta bird, Pala pitta bird, hooded pitta, banded pitta, Bornean pitta bird and blue pitta bird.

What class of animal does a pitta bird belong to?

Pitta birds belong to the class of birds that are really active during day time. They try to find their food in the light. These birds construct a spherical nest where the females lay between four to six eggs at a time.

How many pitta birds are there in the world?

Pitta birds are wild birds that are known to have adapted to a variety of habitats in areas of Asia, Australia and Africa. However, they are also known to have many different species all around the world which makes it almost impossible to calculate their exact population.

It is also very difficult to study these birds as they are really shy and like to hide in the dense forest.

Where does a pitta bird live?

Indian pitta birds (Pitta brachyura) are generally found in tropical rainforests and woodlands of Asia, Africa, and Australia. These birds are also found in forests and scrublands.

Around 40 to 42 species of pittas are found all over the world in different areas. Most of the known species of pittas are thought to reside in forests that offer rich understory, and are also a source of vegetation. Pitta birds are also known to form their nests near water sources in forests to aid themselves.

What is a pitta bird's habitat?

Although there are around 40 to 42 different species of pitta birds, all of them are known to prefer varied habitats. The pitta species are most generally spotted in Asia, Africa, Australia, and other surrounding islands. Different habitats of these pitta birds include tropical rainforest, scrub forests, mangroves, bamboo forests, swamps, and even agricultural areas.

Who do pitta birds live with?

Indian pitta birds are solitary creatures that rarely interact with one another other than when reproducing. But, they are also known to mingle in small groups while migrating for the sake of travelling in the same direction.

How long does a pitta bird live?

There is almost no information available regarding the lifespan of African pitta birds (Pitta angolensis) as they are really difficult to study due to their shy nature and behavior.

How do they reproduce?

Pitta birds have a number of different species that have varied mating rituals and patterns during their respective breeding seasons. Some of these species are known to be monogamous, while others are known to mate with different partners.

Indian pitta birds also have really elaborate mating rituals, including different dances and feather arrangements. These birds lay an average of three to five eggs.

What is their conservation status?

Some of the species of pitta birds are very common, while others are very rare. Different species of pittas have varied IUCN listings in which some are Endangered, others are Vulnerable, while the remaining are of Least Concern.

Pitta Bird Fun Facts

What do pitta birds look like?

Asian pitta birds are brightly colored small-sized birds that have stout-shaped bodies with long lower leg bones. They also have large temporal fossae, unlike other perching birds.

Indian pitta birds (Pitta brachyura) have really bright and colorful plumage with a short tail that has twelve feathers. They have a white throat and green upperparts. All the different species of pitta birds are known to have different colors with really long legs and a small curved beak.

Pitta birds are an extremely beautiful brightly coloured bird.

How cute are they?

Pittas are known to have almost no interaction with humans, but this species of birds are really colorful and have not shown any sign of aggression towards humans. They are really small sized birds that are very cute and shy in nature which makes it even more difficult to study them.

How do they communicate?

African pitta birds (Pitta angolensis) are solitary creatures that like to reside individually. They are only known to interact or communicate with one another while mating, for which they perform a variety of dances and feather arrangements as part of their mating rituals.

How big is a pitta bird?

African pitta birds (Pitta angolensis) grow up to a size of 5.9-10 in (14-25 cm).

How fast can a pitta bird fly?

African pitta birds are known to migrate to different places, and are believed to have an average speed of 10-20 mph (16-32 kmph).

How much does a pitta bird weigh?

Pitta birds have an average weight of 0.09-0.4 lb (1.5-7.5 oz), but they can weight more based on the different species.

What are the male and female names of the species?

Like many other members of the animal kingdom, the male and female species of pitta birds have no specific names. They are regarded as male pitta bird and female pitta bird.

What would you call a baby pitta bird?

Baby pitta birds are called hatchlings.

What do they eat?

All different species of pittas are known to have food habits based on their habitat or surroundings. But they are also known to consume the same types of food, including small invertebrates such as beetles, termites, spiders, ants, grubs, earthworms and many other creatures that can be found around them.

Adult pittas are also known to prey on small-sized vertebrates, including small snakes, frogs, and lizards. Some African pitta birds also find their food in the leaf litter that is found on the forest floor.

Are they aggressive?

Pitta birds are not generally aggressive towards other species of birds, but they are examined to be much more aggressive and violent during the mating season.

Would they make a good pet?

There is no record of humans domesticating pitta birds. These birds are not very suitable as pets because they are wild birds that play an important role in maintaining the cycle of forests.

Most of the species have also been put under the category of Endangered and Vulnerable which is another reason why they are not allowed to be kept as pets.

Did you know...

African pittas are known to dance and bounce on dead logs to attract their mate. The most common form of pitta birds that can be easily seen are mangrove pittas.

They live in mangrove forests, hence their name. Fairy pittas have been named this due to their striking seven-colored feathers. Indian pitta birds (Pitta brachyura) are known for their globe-shaped nest-building skills.

How long are a pitta bird's legs?

Pitta birds are really colorful and different species are known to have their own identifying features. Pitta birds can easily be identified as they have long, thin legs which are twice the size of other songbirds legs.

They have really long legs in comparison to their body, and this is one of the most unique features of them. However, no accurate measurement can be given.

Why is the fairy pitta bird listed as vulnerable?

Fairy pitta birds have decreased in population over the years due to a variety of factors such as deforestation, hunting, habitat destruction and illegal exotic pet trade.

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You can even occupy yourself at home by drawing one of our pitta bird coloring pages.

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